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Friday, March 16, 2018

Washington has a commercial reason to oppose Nord stream – 2″

USA with a new persistence interfere in the energy policy of Europe. Washington demands to stop the construction of the Nord stream – 2″ under the pretext of “threats to energy and national security of the EU”. The same thing he did back in the days when the USSR was built now the Ukrainian gas transportation system. But now the United States pursue not only political but also commercial interest.

USA more aktiviziruyutsya in an attempt to stop the construction of the Nord stream – 2″. On the eve of Secretary of state John Kerry opposed the “Nord stream – 2” which, he said, will negatively affect Ukraine, Slovakia and Eastern Europe. And on Friday the special envoy of the US state Department on energy Amos Hochstein proposed the EU to take a pause in the construction of the pipe and assess its impact on the energy and national security of the EU.

“If Kiev enacts laws on de-Sovietization, then together with the demolition of monuments to Lenin disassemble the GTS, vikorchovivat the memory of the Soviet Union”

While Washington stated that he does not believe the pipeline is a commercial project. This is a clear response to the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, who said earlier that the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” is purely commercial and any attempts to block it are political in nature. Lavrov stated bluntly that the United States through its friends in NATO are trying to create difficulties in the construction of the pipeline.

Nord stream – 2″ provides for the construction of two offshore strings with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from Russia to Germany across the Baltic sea in addition to the existing two. Technical concept for the Nord stream – 2 will be the same as the Nord stream – 1″. Gazprom has obtained the written support of Western European companies. Already established a joint project company. In 2017, Gazprom expects to attract project financing for this pipe. This will be done after the shareholders will receive the necessary permits for the construction of the offshore part of the pipeline.

Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland really serious for losing their small economies money that you receive for the transit of Russian gas. Ukraine will lose $ 2 billion profit, Slovakia – 800 million dollars, Poland – $ 400 million-were counted in Kiev. However, on the other hand, the winner is Germany, which replaces the Ukraine and becoming a gas hub in Europe. Also get your piece of the pie Austria and the Czech Republic.

But the main point of the “Nord stream – 2” is not that transit fees will move from one country to another, and reliable fuel supplies to Europe.

“If you leave Ukraine in transit, you are sure in the reliability and warranty of this transit? Don’t you remember the story of 2009? When there is a direct relationship with the supplier that provides the “Nord stream”, it guarantees delivery, and you can always ask him. And when there is a mediator – Ukraine, there are always risks, especially in the context of complex political relations between us,” – said the General Director of the national energy security Fund Konstantin Simonov.

The important thing is that in 2019, ending the transit agreement with Ukraine and the signing of a new Treaty in the current political environment looks extremely doubtful. Then not only Ukraine, but Europe may be without gas.

“The paradox is that the exclusion of Ukraine from gas transit fits perfectly into the ideology of a complete rupture of relations with Russia, which declares the Ukrainian leadership. It itself says, he did not want to have any joint business with Russia. Then what’s the problem?” – says Simonov.

“If Kiev enacts laws on de-Sovietization, then together with the demolition of monuments to Lenin disassemble the GTS, vikorchovivat the memory of the Soviet Union. This pipe – like Lenin, is a symbol of Sovietization, the same terrible monument to the Soviet Union, the successor of which is Russia,” – ironically the head of the NESF.

But Ukraine is afraid of losing not only $ 2 billion for gas transit. She fears to lose a clever scheme that allows Kiev to heat Ukrainian homes and to heat water in fact the Russian gas, but under the guise of European fuel. Talking about reverse gas supplies from EU – Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Plan USA

This is not the first statement of the United States against the “Nord stream – 2”. For the first time Washington has openly spoken on this subject in November 2015.

Now he is the Secretary General raised this issue. Simonov recalls how recently was at a conference in Serbia. “For the Minister of energy of Serbia were not even U.S. Ambassador and attaché, a girl of 30 years, who said: “We are dissatisfied with Serbia, which does not reduce the consumption of Russian gas, not diversifitsirovat sources. We make a remark. You have to take another gas to build LNG terminal in Croatia. And the Minister of energy of Serbia outlined her words. And it’s in Serbia, in the country, the U.S. has recently bombed,” says the expert.

But what the United States can have to the issues of European energy, so what right have you to command? “The U.S. has traditionally played against Russia. It is their deliberate policy to drive a wedge between the EU and Russia. Here is no conspiracy. This, alas, is the bitter reality. Such statements U.S. underscore the lack of independence of Brussels in the choice of their energy course”, – says Konstantin Simonov.

Moreover, Washington uses already tried and tested during the cold war methods of struggle. If you remember the story, then under Ronald Reagan the U.S. had a goal not only to lower oil prices and prevent the entry of the USSR to the credits, but also to stop the construction of a gas pipeline from Siberia to Western Europe. This is the new currency revenues for the Soviet Union. In the end, Washington was able to hold for 2.5 years of the launch of the first pipe line.

Then in turn went to penalties. Thus, the United States imposed on European countries to rule to the share of Soviet gas was not more than 30% of the total consumption. Washington also imposed sanctions on European companies that supplied equipment for the construction of pipelines, plus forbade commercial banks to lend to the construction of pipes in the USSR. Finally, the U.S. is obliged to learn Norwegian field Troll and buy gas there, although it was more expensive than Soviet.

“We had contracts from the pipe fitters of America, but Reagan has banned the supply of this equipment. Everything was done that was not constructed gas pipeline system, one that is today called the Ukrainian gas transportation system. The US openly lobbied for the failure of the project. But the Soviet Union signed the contracts and were even unique cases. For example, France nationalized companies owned by the Americans, who supplied some of the equipment for gas pipelines,” – says Konstantin Simonov.

Thus, when Washington was against the construction of the pipeline, which is now, 35 years later, he’s trying to save, speaking against another gas project – Nord stream – 2″.

The piquancy of the current statements of Washington is that last week in Portugal arrived the first tanker of LNG from North America. “I think this is the beginning of an important era in the us LNG supplies to Europe, which will help, in particular, to diversify the supply chain to Eastern Europe. It is good for all stakeholders,” said Amos Hochstein.

“I personally believe competition from us LNG exaggerated, and for volumes and prices. But now it turns out that the U.S. stands not just as a senior political brother who supposedly is concerned about the health of their youngest. Actually they have a commercial interest to push supplies to Europe for its gas, which at a cost of seriously losing Russian pipeline. For this case and need to come up with a political motive. Why more expensive gas from the US need to buy? So he’s not Russian, it reduces the dependence on Russia. Take the right gas. Hence the idea of the appearance of LNG terminals throughout Europe”, – said Simonov.

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