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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Vision for the first time managed to recover with the help of stem cells

Stem cells derived from skin cells, has allowed biologists to restore partial vision 70-year-old patient, who suffered from dystrophy of the retina. As time has shown, the operation carried out in 2014, was a success.

photo: morguefile.com

Retinal dystrophy is the most common cause of visual impairment in older people, and the way to solve such problems, experts are seeking for a long time.

For the operation, researchers took a small piece of leather about four millimeters in diameter with hands of the patient and with the help of previously developed technologies have modified them, turning them into stem. This method, first, allows to obtain stem cells that are perfectly suitable to a specific adult, and secondly, helps to avoid the ethical issues that arise when talking about using stem cells embryos

Having induced pluripotent stem cells, experts subsequently turned them into the tissue of the retina and was transplanted to the patient. New fabric caught on, and after a while the vision of women has improved somewhat. No signs of rejection in the retina, or any other deviations within one and a half years after surgery were found.

On the results, the researchers said during the annual meeting of the Association for the study of vision and ophthalmology in Seattle.

Earlier, experts from the United States and China for the first time successfully cured with stem cells cataracts and restore sight to a child. Even then, the researchers noted that the development of such technology could help to help the tens of millions suffering from cataracts for older people, but acknowledged that not all the methods are successfully applied to children, have proved equally effective in relation to older people. In this respect, the new success is a fairly significant breakthrough.

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