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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The head of the Transcarpathian region announced the resignation because of corruption in Ukraine

The head of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal, who less than a year ago was transferred from the Luhansk region “extinguish the fire”, wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman – Moskal has asked to resign and called for help, to convey it to the President Poroshenko. The reason was corruption at customs and the unprecedented scale of the activities of smugglers.

photo: youtube.com

The reason the election Groisman not adopted in the bureaucracy such a high-profile way of communication is simple: the official Kiev in such cases, prefers not to wash dirty linen in public”. In other words, to make it look as if the boundless corruption at the state Border of Ukraine is only an invention of home-grown media.

11 Jul 2015, reminds Gennady Gennadievich, in Mukachevo and the surrounding area there was an armed attack, the cause of which was the redistribution of the market of cigarette smuggling from Ukraine to EU member States. “MK” wrote in detail about the firefight with the militants is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation “the Right sector”. Some of the robbers surrendered, someone had to “clean up”.

Immediately after this, President Poroshenko held personnel changes in the regional state administration, SBU, interior Ministry and border service. The scale of illegal trafficking after the “coalition” with the European border guards was decreased, but then the “cigarette mafia”, not wanting to put up with the loss of windfall profits, began to restore the system smuggling of tobacco products. For this, their emissaries “went to the right people”: an influential Ukrainian politicians and heads of separate departments.

In a letter Groisman Moskal recalled that now the capital of Ukraine and near Kiev has accumulated two hundred trucks with cigarettes, which are produced in Grodno, Donetsk oblast, Russia, Moldova and even the United Arab Emirates — they were brought to Ukraine smuggling. Despite the fact that cigarettes were to be destroyed, sell them on the secondary market.

That truck with the cigarette still caught in the European Union, a senior Kiev politicians have decided to replace the head of the Transcarpathian customs on “need leader” who will work in a particular schema. With the aim of “pushing” personnel issue was used the situation with the detention of public activists in chop 22 wagons of wood, classified by customs code 440110000 as fuel (relative to the length which has no established limits).

Moskal in the letter suggests that it was necessary to understand why such a scale is the export of timber — despite the fact that a war in Ukraine bring firewood volunteers.

Some cars detained activists at the border station (where close to Slovakia and Hungary), were loaded with state forestries of Lviv region and only two cars – the state forestries of the Transcarpathian region. All these companies are in direct subordination of State forest resources Agency of Ukraine. Regional state administration has no direct effect on the forest industry, which was monopolized during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.

Because of the “forest scandal”, the President Государстве6нной fiscal service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov did not wait for the results of the internal investigation. He just fired the head of customs and immediately appointed a new.

Such haste, according to Gennady Moskal, due to the fact that from may 1, entered into force the Law of Ukraine “On state service”, according to which appointments to all positions are made on a competitive basis. The staff of Management of internal security of the State fiscal service forced the head of the Transcarpathian customs Vladimir Kolesnikov, who was in the hospital, to go to work – to dismiss and to appoint a new head of customs.

April 30, in the order of transfer of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the post of Deputy head of the customs office-the chief of Department on struggle against smuggling has appointed Andrew Crimean, who worked as an assistant-the consultant people’s Deputy of Ukraine Valery Packan. Gennady Moskal more than a year that conflicts with this puppet Petro Poroshenko, considering Pacana “kryshevatel cigarette mafia.

According to the Governor’s information, Roman Nasirov has already appointed acting head of the Transcarpathian customs; with the Transcarpathian regional state administration this appointment was not consistent.

Moskal admitted that he has tried unsuccessfully to interfere with the “tobacco mafia”, which help the authorities from Kiev and suggested that Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman to make a presentation to the President of Ukraine on dismissal from the post of head of Transcarpathia.

Information about the cargo of contraband cigarettes, which is spread by the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal, check the General Prosecutor of Ukraine. “If it (the information) is confirmed, then we will find out at the customs office, why they do not accept the response”, – said the acting Prosecutor General Yuriy Sevruk. According to him, the Prosecutor’s office will react in the event of illegality of action for the present situation in Transcarpathia, described Gennady Moskal

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