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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Scientists have declared obesity contagious

A group of researchers from the UK, representing the Institute of Sanger, suggested that obesity may spread according to the same principles that some infectious diseases such as pseudomembranous enterocolitis. According to experts, their findings will help develop new methods of struggle with excess weight.

photo: morguefile.com

In the past, many experiments on laboratory mice showed that transplantation of organisms from the intestine of a rodent suffering from obesity, healthy individuals, leads to the fact that the latter also gaining weight. The first study, which confirmed that a pattern was held ten years ago, the Washington University in St. Louis, and the results obtained were repeatedly able to reproduce.

A new study, according to its authors, shows that the bacteria cause obesity, not necessarily to artificially transplanted them to fall from one organism to another — as scientists have found, the spores of some “encouraging” the emergence of excess weight microorganisms can exist outside the body and transferred to new media, suppressing their existing microflora.

According to experts, their research helps to explain why if someone from the family members, living together, suffering from excess weight, the same problem often faced by other members of the family. According to the researchers, it is not always possible to write off only on genetic similarity and even similar diet. Scientists mention that the risk of “inheriting” obesity is only 7-13 per cent, while the microflora living together like people very often, so that the fullness can be caused by a combination of several factors.

The researchers note that further study of the influence of specific bacteria on the figure in the long term will allow to find effective methods to restore the balance of intestinal microflora, and this, if obtained by specialists conclusions are correct, would allow to get rid of excess weight families.

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