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Thursday, January 18, 2018

“Divorce” with Kim Jong-UN: Russia has supported sanctions against North Korea

Russia has supported international sanctions against North Korea imposed on this country the UN over its nuclear program and threats against its neighbor — South Korea. Such political moves were predictable and expected, since the last time the DPRK has repeatedly and defiantly violated the UN resolution, having conducted the underground test explosion of a hydrogen bomb and unsafe for neighbors ballistic missiles. How will the decision of Russia on communications with North Korea?

photo: AP

As explained in the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs, the sanctions, in particular, suggest that Russia throughout its territory will be forced to close offices, branches and representative offices of DPRK banks, stopping any financial transactions with this country in the next 90 days. But this is, as economists say, will not have any appreciable effects on the economy of our country. But from a political point of view will affect the us support of sanctions, “MK” said lead researcher, Center for Korean studies, Institute of Far Eastern studies Konstantin Asmolov:

Now actively there are discussions about how our side was the right step to support sanctions, how — no.

A number of our experts believe that we gave the initiative to the Chinese, with the result that these sanctions are still a little hit on our economic interests.

On the other hand, Russia has always been in the Korean question was on a bad fork prongs: on the one hand we have no right to condemn North Korea because as a member of the standing Committee of the UN security Council, we can’t leave without reaction the call that the North gets in disregard of the UN resolutions, on the other hand, we, of course, well aware that behind these resolutions is. In any case, we really much better than the West know the internal situation in the North.

Therefore our statements on the introduction of sanctions always introduces some delay, and we always encourage the solution of problems by politico-diplomatic means.

Now, for example, began to talk about the resumption of six-party talks. We have blocked in the UN security Council attempt to put pressure on North Korea after two failed rocket launch, South Korea and the United States tried to use as pretext for tougher sanctions.

So in General we cannot say that from the point of view of the political we are just too inactive. But further steps of our country in this direction, I think, will depend on the international situation.

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