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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dislike women to the sport was due to evolution

Experts from the University of Grand valley in Allendale, suggested that the love of sport is inherent in men more than women by nature. According to researchers in the course of evolution men have developed a love for competition as a way to show his superiority, while women like the subconscious desire is not so close.

photo: morguefile.com

Experts note that many cultures simply represent women less of a chance to be part of this great sport. However, researchers are not inclined to consider this the only reason why women are represented in sport to a lesser extent than men. On this assumption the experts suggested, including the fact that even in countries where men and women are given overall equal opportunities to make a career in the sport, elected last her at least two times less.

Experts have considered several different hypotheses explaining the importance of sport for every individual, and came to the conclusion that some of them are universal, while others are in varying degrees suited to the sexes. The first category, scientists attributed assumption is that sport allows people to feel part of a group, as well as the version that the main thing in sport — an opportunity to learn new skills and improve your fitness. However, other hypotheses, as scientists believe, from an evolutionary point of view applies mainly to men — it is, in particular, about the sport as opportunities to improve their status and to impress people of the opposite sex. Scientists suggest that in these cases, the commitment to sport dates back to the evolution generated by ancient roles.

Summing up his study, experts have expressed the opinion that the difference between how the sport is presented to men and women, cannot be reduced exclusively to various sociological aspects, and therefore, even with the establishment of absolute equality between the sexes and identical education for boys and girls this difference, in all probability, will continue somewhat.

Their work, scientists reported in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.

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