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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Detained on Bolotnaya square condemn the reading of the law on police

On Friday at the Swamp area held a rally in memory of the events of 6 may 2012. Then “March of millions” on the eve of the presidential inauguration ended in clashes with police and resulted in the “Bolotnaya case”. And again the Swamp proved fatal for the opposition. On this, the police detained 8 people. We talked to one of them and learned the details of the incident.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“When I saw that my good friend Maxim Chekanova stopped by the Riot police, who didn’t introduce himself, as required by law, I walked over and began to read them the law “on police”, – said Victor Kapitonov (According to paragraph 1 part 4 article 5 of the Law “On police” when referring to the citizen the police officer has to give their position, rank, surname, to show on request of the citizen the business card, then to inform the reason and purpose of the treatment – ed.). – A comb I picked up in the paddy wagon”. According to the activist, during the detention he tore the t-shirt, and Basil Nedopekin dragged her by her hair and hit his head, guilty, it was only that he joined the reading of the law. Night both activists spent in OVD “Hamovniki”, now they were being taken to Zamoskvoretskiy court. Kapitonova on the Protocol of repeated violation at a public event (part 8 of article 20.2 of the administrative code), one of the possible penalties for this offense – administrative detention, and up to 30 days. On Nedopekin — on disobedience to the lawful demands of police officers (article 19.3 of the administrative code), which also does not exclude administrative arrest.

All the protesters who were detained by police, according to their pages on Facebook, opposition activists – they regularly vykladyvayut pictures of pickets at the Manege square.

The other detainees Ryabikova Maria, Pavel Kuznetsov, Maxim Chekanova, Valentine Nikitchenko and Anton Drozdov was released from the police station on Friday with the protocols on violation of order of carrying out of public events (part 5, article 20.2 of the administrative code). The punishment for this offence involves a penalty of 10 to 20 thousand roubles or obligatory works for the term up to 40 hours. Polina Bogdanova was released without a Protocol.

According to Viktor Kapitonov, all the activists were carrying placards, “which was nothing more”, were only slogans in support of political prisoners. For example, one of the posters was written “freedom to the heroes of may 6.”

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