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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Britain’s foreign Minister called the concert in Palmyra bad taste

Concert in Palmyra Symphony orchestra of the Mariinsky theatre under Valery Gergiev has caused a strong reaction of the Western media and much more moderate rating among Western politicians. The exception was the British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond called the execution of classical music “a tawdry attempt to divert attention from the ongoing suffering of millions of Syrians”.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Philip Hammond said that the concert in Palmyra has become a “tasteless attempt to divert attention from the continuing suffering of millions of Syrians”, – quoted the policy of DW.

“Western governments are reluctant to approve military role of Russia in Syria”

The British foreign Secretary tried to explain that this is especially evident on the background of the strike on the refugee camp in the North of Syria, which has killed at least 28 people, including women and children. We will remind, the opposition and acceded to Hammond unfounded blame it on the RAID by government forces. “It shows that there is no depth to which you can not drop this mode. It’s time for all those with influence on Assad to say, “Enough’s enough”, the Minister added, apparently alluding to Russia.

The US state Department has preferred to refrain from an angry affectation and called the fact of performance of the Russian orchestra in Palmyra positive. “I will never condemn the fact that the orchestra performed in war-affected city. That’s great. That’s good,” said state Department spokesman mark Toner at a briefing. At the same time, he reiterated the official position States: on the one hand, the U.S. is “happy that the IG has managed to knock out of Palmyra,” and the other “replacement (IG) the Assad regime is not the best way”.

We will remind, on Thursday the concert in the amphitheater of Palmyra was called “prayer of Palmyra. Music enlivens the ancient walls”. He was dedicated to including killed during a combat mission in Syria to Alexander Prokhorenko. His body on Thursday was sent to the Orenburg region, where on may 6, will be held his funeral. Also the event was dedicated to the memory of the custodian of the Palmyra Khaled Asaad, who was killed by militants and all the victims in the fight against terrorism in Syria. In the Russian delegation in the historical-architectural complex of Palmyra arrived the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, Deputy foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov and the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky. Before the concert on the video call with the Syrian Palmyra came the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.


“Russia believes that its role is undervalued”

The New York Times tried to combine the usual criticism of the Russian presence in Syria and a compliment cultural events in Palmyra. “Russia has left its mark in Syria by the roar of bombs and artillery. On Thursday, the Russians have added to this sweet sounds: live classical music was heard echoing in the ancient stone theatre was filled with an eerie, lifeless desert”.

According to the authors of the publication, “the contrast was meant to emphasize that Russia considers undervalued its role in helping Syrian troops in the liberation of Palmyra from the militants and role in the struggle for civilization against barbarism.” A year ago at this point, the terrorists were executed in the ancient amphitheater of people, reminded the publication.

“Western governments are reluctant to approve military role of Russia in Syria, which they have repeatedly characterized as an attempt not just to eradicate terrorism, but to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to crush opposition, including rebel groups, supported by the West,” says The New York Times.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin in his address stated that “the hope for the revival of Palmyra as a heritage of all mankind, and hope that our modern civilization will be freed from terrible diseases such as international terrorism”, – quoted the Russian President’s NYT and added to that saying of Valery Gergiev, who stressed: “We are protesting against the barbarians who destroyed the great monuments of world culture. We protest against the execution of people here on this big stage”.

In this case the NYT did not forget to remind you that Gergiev is artistic and General Director of the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg, and previously principal conductor of the London Symphony orchestra and the Munich Philharmonic orchestra, has long been warmly supported the Russian policy under Putin. Mentioned edition and the cellist Sergei Roldugin, “whose name surfaced after the appearance of “Panama” and the charges against which Putin has characterized as an attempt “to weaken us from within.”

Participation in the concert of Sergei Roldugin, “against whom, despite the “Panamanian dossier, no investigation on suspicion of tax evasion were not carried out, angered and columnist for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Friedrich Schmidt. It says that “Putin is behind his friends. Shown on television pictures actually legitimized corruption”, he said. In General, “Putin’s message was addressed not to the audience, and the West”, says the German journalist.

Putin wanted to show that West can be a partner of Putin in the fight against ISIS and “however, his vassal in Damascus – because it is a lesser evil compared to the trampling the civilizational values the ISIL,” said the author. “. The prestigious orchestra” to Putin, “that in the West forgot how the Syrian dictator and his backers from Moscow kill civilians in Aleppo”, said Schmidt. He also recalled that on Thursday in an airstrike on a refugee camp in the town of Sarmad has killed at least 28 people.


“To give hope to the Syrians”

However, in fairness, the NYT cited the statement of the permanent representative of Serbia to UNESCO Darko Tanaskovic, which recalled the importance of the concert in Palmyra and stressed that it was necessary first of all “the international community” to give hope to the Syrians. “We have to solve the problem of migrants in Europe, but also we have to give them hope to live here,” he said.

“Russia has developed a tradition to use classical music to raise morale during the war. It was in August 1942, when during the Nazi siege of Leningrad was then called St. Petersburg, starving Russian musicians performed Symphony No. 7 by Dmitri Shostakovich, also known as the Leningrad Symphony” – recalled edition.

The Leningrad Symphony No. 7 Gergiev has performed and destroyed in Tskhinval in 2008, noted The Guardian. She admitted that it happened after “the awful attempts of the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili to reclaim the rebel territory that provoked the reaction of Russia”. Admiring “a triumphant concert in the theatre of Palmyra in Syria, after Syrian troops, backed by Russia, were able to recapture the city from militants,” the newspaper also took the opportunity to remind you that Gergiev is your conductor of the Kremlin.” While Deutsche Welle added that Gergiev came with the orchestra and in Beslan, and in affected by the earthquake and tsunami, Fukushima, and there is no political aims of Moscow were not pursued.

As a fly in the ointment is The Guardian added: “although the Kremlin says that none of Syrian civilians has not suffered as a result of Russian bombing, human rights organizations claim that over the past six months as a result of attack of Russian forces has killed hundreds of people,” – said the newspaper, however, what kind of human rights organization and what facts they appeal, she said.

In conclusion, The Guardian acknowledged that the Russian sappers have cleaned up more of the desert and defused mines using the most modern robotic devices.

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