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Friday, March 23, 2018

Bashmet remained in awe of the red Profintern

These days in Yaroslavl is in progress Eighth music festival of Yury Bashmet, — an event so closely included in Jaroslavl life that the image of Yuri Abramovich in a fashionable striped scarf looking at you, even from the back of a trolley, is perceived as a local landmark, a souvenir and heirloom. The festival is interesting, first of all, the fact that it would trial run on the viewer the extraordinary in the form of a program — whether it’s a solo harp (Xavier de master of Master!) or fragments of traditional Chinese Opera, interspersed in the familiar romantic Concerto…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— It would seem, why am I here? Why am I going on a holiday in Yaroslavl? Why am I not in Moscow, not in Paris? — Asks the great violist. — But the fact that over the years there has developed a great festival, amazing atmosphere, and now in Yaroslavl attracts the best musicians of the world

So, for the critic bahmetevsky the forum in Yaroslavl is good for two things: first, you watch the artist, and secondly, insanely interested by the audience and its reaction. In Moscow the reaction of the audience, if you take the classic rooms, always predictable. And then Bashmet (and for him, as organizer, should the Russian concert Agency) constantly keeps all of on the subtlest nerve improvisation… Yes, the festival is prepared, planned, painted, but Yuri Abramovich, by their nature, can not only be rolled on the tracks, it’s a no-no and brings the element of surprise and some kind of Holy freedom, even unwittingly; to take the same opening concert.

Instead of the conductor’s Desk — podium for the wonderful beauty of the harp. “Soloists of Moscow” are already sitting on the ground, ready to perform the C major Concerto, Baldie (very revered in Russia in the early nineteenth century Opera composer, favored by Alexander I, and it is the eve of the war of 1812!).

Declare Bashmet as a conductor, he goes along with a great harpist-soloist Xavier de Mestrom. And then bahmetevsky cellist Alexey Naydenov whispers Maestro: “it Seems the harp string broke”.

In fact, one of short, most popular strings in the “shoulder” of the harp hanging lifeless like a noodle. Xavier smiles and charming… removed for a new string.

And Bashmet, meanwhile, as if this is not force majeure, but it is a casual situation, measured sits at a high chair harpist and easily so, with the audience quietly starts the conversation:

— Somehow, our beloved General Secretary was read in the Congress report of the…

De of Master, too, without panic, for 5-6 minutes changed the string, laying next to him on the chair key for adjustment. The magic began — the harp Concerto, Baldie, of course, is a textbook for all harp, but here in Yaroslavl it was performed for the first time. And, of course, a man all in black, deftly fingering the strings — it was still a novelty. The audience calmed Bashmet, plunged into a trance from the virtuous Xavier de Mestre, which, however, was forced whenever the membership of the orchestra is to adjust the “crawling” a new string.

Brilliant “otmuchivshis”, the Harper after a ten-minute applause decided to go for an encore. And another five minutes standing ovation.

And in the final Bashmet and all stood for the remote control not only his orchestra, but the choral chapel “Yaroslavia”, brought a “Mass of Saint John” in g major Haydn.

The next day the local Philharmonic society was as full of curios: on the right of the stage is a violinist Nikita Borisoglebsky with Belgian pianist Yu Hairdryer Chan, on the left — the characters of Chinese Opera (flute Queen Jin and vocalist Yili Shen). Charismatic entertainer took ten minutes to paint to describe the specifics of an impending “performance”: the right side will play the familiar ear of sonatas by Bach, Beethoven, Franck, Schnittke, and left… Yili Shen, hiding behind a bright screen, has three times the bell and flutist Queen Jin immerses in meditation hall of the Chinese middle ages… then the STS — the audience sighed with relief — returns us to the European coordinate system.

Then from behind the screen comes with a red rose Yili Shen: in a kind of guttural manner, takes the fragments of the Opera “the Peony Pavilion” — “finding the dream”… it is clear that the viewer is accustomed to unusual art; someone during a concert got up and left and someone was on a lecture-meeting with the artists who spoke in detail about the nuances of the ancient tradition.

And that’s the power Bahmetevskogo festival — you are no replays, pop tricks, indulgences, discounts on “netolice”. That only is a special project of forum — invitation to Yaroslavl Sufi ensemble, Al-Al Conjunction-Gazoulia Ensemble (artistic Director of the Sheikh Salem al-Gazali); the team regularly participates in state and religious ceremonies long been well known outside of Egypt, so recently the Sufis traveled to the Salzburg festival. “Peace, understanding and tolerance there are three main tones in the divine melodies of Love”, is a postulate of the musicians was brilliantly demonstrated in Yaroslavl, performing improvisational prayer topics…

And, of course, the main feature of the forum is “hilling” the surrounding towns and settlements — from Rybinsk to Gavrilov Pit, from Myshkin to poselok Krasnyy Profintern (only restored castle merchant Ponizovkin, where Bashmet together with his daughter Xenia, she was in a difficult brusovskoi program)… it would Seem much easier to get rid of the concerts in Yaroslavl, than to be dragged somewhere by bus for three hours. But no, honestly Bashmet has toured the entire area, town after town, each of which is gradually becoming a mother for him…

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