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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Woman, have pity on Putin

Putin’s rating keeps on high values for the third year, and the study of this phenomenon has seriously studied by scientists. The phenomenon has coined the name — “Putin’s majority”, and now the study of this most devoted to the reports and “round tables”. The latest report called “Putin majority: structure, dynamics, political preference,” presented Thursday by Foundation for civil society development. But why go to the scientists, when there is the eternal formula: look for the woman.

Personally, I saw the origins of this phenomenon even 15 years ago during a casual political conversation with young people on the beach. Then Putin was elected President for the first term despite the fact that his country is still practically not known, and now forgotten question “who is Mr. Putin” seemed relevant. People do not understand how they chose it, following only a Testament unpopular first President of Russia. And here in this conversation a little girl from Strogino said, “he’s Just beautiful. So I voted for him”.

And here are the latest figures of sociology: 85% of Russian women would like to vote for a new presidential term of Putin in 2018. Transcendent figure, which is enough to ensure “Putin’s majority” for many summers. Because women also will bring to the polls their husbands and fathers.

Look, beautiful Russian ladies! You can stop a running horse and enter a burning house. But why are you so cruel? Vladimir Putin in 2018 will be 66 years old. It’s time for him to establish a personal life and prepare to spend the Prime years for themselves, for their own happiness and pleasure, and not for the sake of the homeland on the troubled work. He deserved it! Would regret it — but no. You force him to go to a new presidential term. In fact, you have practically forced.

However, some women are not to blame. There are still Communists, revolutionaries and other Zhirinovsky. Even in the “United Russia” there are those who have left the update request of the authorities, though they are few — for Putin not plan to vote 4% “bears”. But paradoxically, the overwhelming number of members of the other parliamentary parties want to vote for Putin, not for their leaders. According to sociology, its voice will give GDP 78% of supporters of the Communist party, 76% of supporters of Zhirinovsky and 87% of members “Fair Russia”.

The same situation, according to the Chairman of the Board of the development Fund civil society Konstantin Kostin, in all the parties having representation in the regional parliaments, with the exception of PARNASSUS.

Kostin sees anomalous consolidation around Putin a big plus: “This level of support for the President will allow him to make the necessary reforms, maintaining consensus and without the destabilization of the situation in society”. Konstantin Nikolaevich did not begin to specify that it’s for reform, but it is obvious that we are talking about raising the retirement age, the reduction of free education and health care.

So where did this love for Putin, except for a female thrust to the beauty of the alpha male?

photo: kremlin.ru

— Initially, the growth of Putin’s rating was associated with the Crimean consensus — said the “MK” head of research projects, VCIOM Mikhail MAMONOV. — This happens in all countries of the world after the great political victories, but in three or four months the rating of the head of state returned to normal values. We also thought that would happen, but we conduct measurements weekly. Confidence in Putin remains at the same level or growing.

— Maybe the respondents do not love Putin, just afraid to admit this feeling, fearing reprisals?

— Not at all! We asked each about the claims of Putin, and respondents almost always willingly talk about what the President is doing wrong. Criticize him at times mercilessly. But after all the criticisms of the President on the question of who they want to vote, the respondents answer is simple: “For Putin. I do not for one”.

Well, I’m sure women are to blame.

Konstantin Kostin has told us about the advantages of the “Putin majority”: stability, opportunity to implement reforms and other…

But who would dare to tell us about the disadvantages almost unanimous support of the leader? It dared sociologist Mamonov:

— The power was under the umbrella of love for Putin: it is associated with it. So don’t criticize her for poor performance even at the regional level. She relaxed, and it is a very bad phenomenon, especially in times of crisis.

One can only hope that people will cease to join in one respect for the infallible Putin and the parochial grabber.

And woman, lovely, well enough to flatter the GDP! You saw their husbands and even believe that it is to their advantage. So why not sometimes be treated critically and the most beautiful man in the country?

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