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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Why the allies staged a shooting incident near Gibraltar

The ship Royal Navy opened warning fire on a Spanish ship who tried to prevent the passage of American nuclear submarine in Gibraltar.

photo: morguefile.com

According to British tabloid the Sun, armed incident, involving the ships of the three countries that are members of NATO, occurred in April during the visit of the American submarine USS Florida in Gibraltar, belonging to great Britain.

According to the British newspaper, the patrol boat of the Spanish Civil guard Rio Cedeña twice tried to cut a path to the American submarine. It opened a warning fire of the British ship HMS Sabre.

“It is not only very dangerous game on the part of the Spaniards, – said a senior source. – Unacceptable ally for NATO to Express such contempt for the naval forces of the United States… the United States Navy ensures safety in the Mediterranean sea for all NATO members and have the right to pay visits to just about any port I want, whether Gibraltar is or not.”

By the way, the American submarine, the movement which tried to prevent the Spanish boat in the operation “Odyssey. Dawn” against Libya in 2011, fired more than 90 rockets “the Tomahawk”.

According to a senior representative of the British Royal Navy, “is a powerful nuclear submarine, and attempted to block her path is in grave danger.”

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the Spanish court in the past more than once made a “game”, trying to break povsednevno life around Gibraltar, having the status of a British overseas territory. “But this is the first incident of its kind in two years, in a special way angered British officials, who are forced to claim their Spanish counterparts”.

“They will not weaken and will not undermine the legitimate basis of international law for British sovereignty over Gibraltar, including British Gibraltar territorial waters,” – said the official representative of the office of the Governor of the territory claimed by Spain.

This British overseas territory is located in the South of the Iberian Peninsula and includes the rock of Gibraltar and the sandy isthmus that connects the rock with the Iberian Peninsula. The area of Gibraltar is 6.5 sq km and a population of 30 thousand people.

Gibraltar once belonged to Spain, but in 1704 it was captured by the British and the Dutch, and in 1713 by the peace Treaty of Utrecht it was ceded to great Britain. Several attempts of the Spanish to recapture Gibraltar in the eighteenth century were unsuccessful. In 1830, Gibraltar was formally declared a British colony.

Spain does not recognize British sovereignty over Gibraltar and Gibraltar isthmus considers illegally occupied.

Last year British media reported that the Spanish military fired at the Gibraltar fishermen.

Note that the incident over Gibraltar is not the only example of how non-NATO countries bring it to armed incidents between them. This is especially true of Turkey and Greece. You may recall that in 1996, the incident regarding the territorial jurisdiction of the island of IMIA killed three officers of the army of Greece, which almost caused a military conflict between the two countries. And in 2006 in the sky over the Aegean sea has faced Greek and Turkish F-16 fighter jets. It happened after the Turkish military aircraft violated the airspace of Greece near the island of Karpathos.

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