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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vladimir Bortko: “Putin is not a friend to me, he’s a gentleman”

He Is A Master? Of course. Idiot? In the best, the Dostoevsky sense. Sharikov from “heart of a Dog”? Well, Yes, “all to take and divide” — that his the slogan of the day. One in many faces — Vladimir Bortko, distinguished Russian Director. But he withdrew more and “Blonde around the corner”, “Afghan breakdown”, “Once lied”, the best of the series “Gangster Petersburg”. Only recently, all these labors of Hercules somehow forgotten. Only talk about the MP and his Stalinism. This Terry and mossy.

7 may Vladimir Bortko is 70 years old.

photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

“I thought, if you remove the “heart of a Dog”, my country will be better”

— Vladimir Vladimirovich, what happened to you? You, the famous Director, who directed the iconic film “heart of a Dog” may be one of the best in the history of Russian cinema, who directed “the Idiot”, “Master and Margarita”, suddenly become such an avid Stalinist.

— I have become an avid statesman, which was always. I’m not changing anything, my dear, it’s always been my belief. I’ll try to explain. Quite a while ago I started to think: why Russia is what it is? Why is it not France, not Germany?.. Not because there are mysterious Russian soul and the writer Dostoevsky. But because in the territory of the Russian Federation includes the national territory of other States: Tatarstan, Yakutia, Dagestan, etc., which neither in France, nor in Germany. Even a large number of Turks in Germany and Arabs in France do not change anything in this sense. Russia can exist only under strict centralization. In addition, the country should attach the idea that cements all of its numerous lands and peoples into a unified whole. Stalin understood this well. But when liberals talk about Stalin, they only talk about repression. And do not like to remember that under his leadership the country began to occupy the second position on the economy in the world. I’m absolutely not a fan of repression. But there is an idea that is dear to me. This is the idea of socialism. This idea holds much better country than the monarchy, and much better than that now, when nothing binds us. And certainly better than when 10% of people own 90% of national wealth. And this is now. That’s how I became an avid Stalinist.

Is the only such a unique country?

— There is China, arranged about the same. And who is it headed? The Communist party. Get her — and China will collapse.

— But you yourself as “the heart of a Dog” nearly drove the final nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union. And now repent?

— Absolutely no remorse. I hammered nails into the coffin of the Soviet Union. I wanted to fix it. How, in fact, the author of the story. Otherwise, as you know, Bulgakov hardly lived to a natural death. Nowhere in his books Bulgakov did not say anything against the Soviet government. Remember, in the “heart of a Dog” Professor Preobrazhensky: “…Is somewhere in Karl Marx, 2nd entrance end for Kalabukhov house on Prechistenka street should be boarded up and walk around through the back door? Who needs it? Why can’t the proletarians leave their galoshes downstairs instead of dirtying the marble?..” Here is the fatal question and I was interested in. Moreover, it is me and still interested. But from the version of “the Master and Margarita — Voland about Stalin: “…his manly face, it is properly doing its job, and everything’s over here. We got to go!” Another thing is that Bulgakov was never a supporter of the Soviet regime. He was more of an observer. Watched her from the side. Out of the basement. As A Master Of. And if you ekraniziruet book, you must split the views of the writer, otherwise nothing good will happen.

“The master and Margarita”.

— I would have compared you may not be very appropriate, with Andrei Sakharov, who created the hydrogen bomb, and then was horrified by the work of his hands and became the most important dissident. You, too, was horrified by what he did in his film, and steel… not a dissident, and a devout Stalinist.

— I was horrified. I’m disappointed that the film used to attack socialism. But I thought that if you remove the “heart of a Dog”, my country will be better.

— What kind of country is this, if you hated Gorbachev, only slightly opened the window, called glasnost, began to leave such wonderful movies as your like “Repentance”, and everything collapsed, fell apart?

— Here only I am afraid that the list of these remarkable films will be difficult to continue. Whereas during the much-hated Soviet regime there were many more. As for that everything was fake, everything collapsed… Hitler also thought that everything will collapse, however, something different happened…

— You know, the Great Patriotic is not discussed. Of course, this unprecedented feat of the people and the Communist party, which led the country.

— I love my country, whatever it was. Maybe it’s not the best country in the world, and some people got unsightly, there are people better. The Germans, for example: drink once a week, cross only on the green, and to work at seven in the morning… But I am a son of his people. I — it’s… they Know what the difference is between liberals and statists? The liberal idea is not bad, on the contrary, very beautiful: there is a single person, and we must make sure that the person was good. Great idea! But I want to not at all man, and my people were better. Not the individual, and most of the people.

— That’s fine, but all these ideas somehow end up basic for the extermination of millions of people. And you’re against repression.

— I am afraid that we here highly disperse in the figures. Not in this case, any repression is bad. But then again where you looking for all of them, repression? King to abdicate bowed to the Communists? No, the liberals. Empire to collapse was prepared by the Communists? Again — liberals. Exactly the same as it is today. Then read the newspaper Empire — and listen to today’s “Echo”… But this country only exists as exists, nothing else. And if it does not suit the best, in your opinion, part of the population — what to do? The rest of different can not live.

But in a television talk show, you said that you are willing to sacrifice their family just to live my own country. This is how to understand?

— “…Well, son, you have helped your poles? So to sell… … faith, to sell friends, sell the land. Well, get off the horse! Stop and don’t move!.. I gave birth to you, I’ll kill you…” That’s about and to understand. And it does not matter whether I will live after that.

Just like Civilian: son, father, brother against brother…

— I talk like a person who understands where he lives, what country, the son of the people he is. And exit another I have virtually no. Here we joined the WTO. The question is, why? After all, everything done here will cost more than that.

— Look, do not immerse me in your parliamentary showdown…

Is not the parliamentary showdown, it’s our life with you. Who did it? Those who trade in oil, metals. It is very profitable. And we are with you?

— Want more about the WTO. About your family… If you are so willing to donate, then do consider yourself to be a sliver?

— Not a sliver, but a part — a big difference.

— Remember the expression of your mustachioed idol: “chop wood — chips fly?

— He never said that. I know all of his statements. I’m trying to think and figure out what’s going on here, why am I here, what surrounds me. And find a way out of this situation. The output for all the people, for the country.

“Nikita is king, and I serve the idea”

Is that why you joined the Communist party?

— Yes, today this party is closest to my ideal. The other I do not see.

— Yes, you have hand party, which at the right moment will always substitute a shoulder “United Russia”. You would be better to go Bulk, that would be interesting.

— No, I can’t join Bulk: not all of his ideas suit me. In General, it hurts my country.

— And what to do with it in this case?

— Nothing. Not to pay attention.

— Just by your logic it’s bad for my country — he is an enemy of my country…

— That naval battle. And our ship got holes, grapple with the enemy ships. The captain skillfully maneuvering, the crew is protected from them. And at this time the hold is heard shouting: “Hey, captain, but corned beef is not enough!.. And first assistant of yours is a thief! And the gunner…” that’s Right cry from the hold? Maybe right, just not quite in time, to put it mildly.


And what have we? “Echo” works? “Rain” works? RBC? “Novaya Gazeta”?.. Rampant democracy! And if 90% would vote for Navalny, no amount of manipulation will not help. But the trouble is that you yourself can not come together. But in General… There are two things — the Constitution and the penal code. The Constitution — that it is possible, and the penal code — that is impossible. It is necessary to observe them all.

— Great words, they should be cast in granite, the words of our previous President Dmitry Medvedev. Too liberal, by the way.

— He recently have we addressed the Duma. With the report. I think it was the best and the most fantastic story that could be done within 40 minutes. Well, something like how “the next generation of Soviet people will live under communism”. So I am very skeptical about the activities of Mr Medvedev and his government.

— And I’m skeptical about our TV, which you are from time to time in different polatok show. This TV is “possible” is “impossible”. Now, you can blame Medvedev, all the deputies, even United Russia, the economic bloc of the government, but did not criticize comrade Putin.

— Why friend? He is a master.

— Well, Yes, he have not a friend. But you blame him I can’t.

— Why, that’s easy. For internal policies. External — we endorse.

— Well, tell me then about the Panama offshore, about his friend, the cellist. Don’t want to make a statement to the press?

— No, I do not. There Is A Flag, Anthem, President. Whether you like the color of this flag or don’t like; whether you like the music of Alexandrov or not like it, but nevertheless it is a Hymn.

— I agree.

— And this is the President. That bonds the country. Since the country hold together three things: the President, law enforcement agencies (now national guard) and a TV. Removing any of them, we get a crumbling country, and very quickly.

— Should seal the country not the TV, which I write every week, and political and civil institutions. And you talk like your colleague Nikita Mikhalkov, the servant of the king.

— We think in different ways. Nikita is king, and I serve the idea. And you say: “Bortko — hardened Stalinist, has gone mad, he’s senile…”

— I didn’t say that, Mr President, is not necessary.

— And yet, according to “echo of Moscow” Mr. Nevzorov, who I know well said that the “heart of a Dog” I stole from Italian Director Alberto Lattuada. Forgetting that the ultimate international prize for this film I got in Italy. Really there probably seen both films. But the elections are coming… And do not hear.

— All, I will not torment you more politically…

— Hurt, I get a lot of pleasure.

“Evstigneev played like a Stradivarius”

— Let’s talk about the artists. You know you love them, apparently.

— Yes, of course, very. This is for me the basic tools.

— But in the form of tool you had, for example, such a great artist like Evstigneev.

— A violin is a tool or not? Well, the actor is also a tool. He only plays for himself. In this case, however, one Stradivari, and the other one — fifth of the production of the furniture factory…

“Heart of a dog”.

— Well, how do you play on the violin called Evstigneev?

— Wonderful. We have become friends. My goal is to explain to the person what he needs to do. If he agrees with me that it turns out. If you do not agree, he just won’t come off. Evstigneev played like a Stradivarius.

— Evstigneev plays but there is such a liberal… you are now hated.

— I only did what I wrote Bulgakov.

Yes, you have been honest with Bulgakov, of course. As before Dostoevsky in “the idiot”, and before the same Bulgakov in “Master and Margarita”.

It is my profession. I’m trying to translate what the writer said, literary language into cinematic. Although it is absolutely impossible. But I have to be honest with the writer.

— A violin under the name of Andrei Mironov in the “Blonde around the corner”?

It was very difficult, especially at first. After all, Mironov — the idol of millions. Andrey Aleksandrovich one day and asked: “are You going to teach me how to play?” — “Well, what do I do? — answer. — I get paid for it”. So relations were initially strained. Then, by the end, somehow formed. I remember a conversation with one producer and script writer of “Blondes” Sasha Czerwinski in “Astoria”. Sat, deciding what to do, to make the censorship amendments that they requested. If you do not make the film immediately put on the shelf, and all. But I wanted to make the movie came out, so went for concessions. It was our common decision of all three.

And with Michele Placido have not met?

— Here’s how ended the last day of shooting “Afghan breakdown”, I said, “cut!”… — everything, never saw him again.

— Is there any difference in his school, the style of play in comparison with our artists?

— No, it’s the same everywhere. I was working with McDowell, Jacqueline Bonner — all the same everywhere. And if you are a professional, what I secretly hope, great difficulties will not be.

— And now you are shooting something or one MP in mind? Here your colleague Stanislav Govorukhin shoots all shoots and new movies in their free time Council.

— I recently shot a film called “Soul of a spy”, which became, to put it mildly, unique in my biography. At least because the producers had removed their names from the credits.

— Why?

— They so much liked. So this film no one saw. He is shown only in the plane that flies in America. But to remove I have the right because according to the regulations of our thoughts, so hateful to you, says that MPs can do two things — teaching and creative activities.

— Hateful — you’re wasting it. It’s more fun.

— Oh, I think that the new Duma, the 7-th convocation, you will not seem funny. I think everyone will treat it very seriously. We are waiting for change!

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