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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The resignation of the Prime Minister of Turkey: the will replace Davutoglu Erdogan’s son-in-law

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced on Thursday, may 5, of its intention to resign. This step is associated with disagreement on a number of domestic and foreign policy issues between Davutoglu and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Who will be the new head of the Turkish government? In the media and expert community call a few names of possible candidates.

photo: morguefile.com

In particular, as reported by “MK” on the phone from Istanbul, the political scientist Orkhan, gafarly, as likely candidates for the post of head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkey heard the names of the transport Minister binalı Yildirim, the Minister of energy of Berat Albayrak and Deputy Prime Minister Noman Kurtulmus.

In this list you should pay attention to the head of the Ministry of energy and natural resources, which are “concurrently” and son-in-law of Turkish President Erdogan. 38-year-old Berat Albayrak, who previously held the post of head of the holding Çalık Holding (and before that the American branch of the company), Turkish Ministry of energy headed in November last year. The son of a friend of Erdogan, Turkish journalist and politician of Sadik Albayrak, he in 2004, married Esra Erdogan. The couple had three children.

After last year’s election Berat Albayrak became a member of the Turkish Parliament from the ruling Party of justice and development, a few months later became a government Minister Davutoglu. Some experts believe that Erdogan raising of his son-in-law of a man, designed for high posts.

– Albayrak, according to rumors, it is highly probable candidate for Premiership, says “MK” on the phone from Turkey orientalist Gumer Isaev. – On the one hand, it is very important post of Minister of energy, on the other – it has close family ties with President Erdogan. All this leads to such thoughts about his future. But while a wholly-owned candidate is not proposed, are only speculation, but Erdogan and his party can prepare a surprise. It is clear that the man who will come, should be Erdogan.

– But if the choice is still really falls on the Berat Albayrak, Erdogan will not be confused by the fact that it is a relative? People may not like it…

– There is such a phenomenon – nepotism. Or speaking in Russian, nepotism. In fact, in Turkey, there is a lot of strange stories, which could lead to public concern, but they are perceived by society in peace. Therefore, the fact that the place premiere is a person directly connected with the current President, I think, already made the majority, which is the electorate Erdogan and trusts him. The disturbance will not be here. Recently were stuffing about the secular or religious nature of the Constitution, the society was tested on his attitude to certain subjects, which could disturb the secular part of the population. And the electorate, which supported the AKP (Turkey’s ruling Party justice and development – “MK”) and trusts Erdogan personally, can perceive this appointment as further evidence of the fact that the tandem President–Prime Minister” will act in the same direction, there is no internal schisms, when the President says one thing and the Prime Minister then acts in a different context. For the electorate of the AKP (which is the middle class, the people of Central Anatolia) it will be natural. In any case, while we cannot be completely sure who will become the head of the government. But if the Minister of energy would be suitable for this position like no other.

– Among the press called names no one can match the degree of charisma of the same Davutoglu. Perhaps Erdogan and need a charismatic figure in the Premiership?

– Of course. Moreover, Davutoglu in terms of charisma not particularly able to Express themselves. When the time was discussed, who will become Prime Minister, suggested that they will be Abdullah Gul said that Davutoglu does not compare to the Gul’s level of charisma, authority and experience. Nevertheless, in itself the post of Prime Minister, a man who (at least legally) is the main politician in the country has already been made Davutoglu the person who could not be a purely technical figure. Therefore, Davutoglu has gained functions and features, which were already threatening to Erdogan. But if you talk about the whole party and the whole system that has evolved now, it has a single edge in the form of Erdogan. And he would not tolerate alternative in terms of charisma. If Davutoglu called not a very charismatic person, comparing with potential candidates for his post, the intent of the main puppet master here is obvious: to make the political space was only one star.

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