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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The political crisis in Turkey: what has quarreled Erdogan and Davutoglu

“Coup d’etat” – the Turkish opposition clearly outlined the gap loomed between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. In the media and social networks zaroulis rumors about the inevitable and the imminent resignation of the Prime Minister.

photo: morguefile.com

On the outcome of the Wednesday meeting between Erdogan and Davutoglu, it was reported that soon the ruling justice and development will hold an extraordinary Congress. And apparently, Ahmet davutoğlu as the candidate for the post of leader of the party is not considered.

What was the “black cat” which ran between seeming so close political allies of Erdogan and Davutoglu?

“The root of the discrepancies in tandem Erdogan-Davutoglu essentially one, – considers the political scientist, expert on Turkey Ivan STARODUBTSEV. – It lies in the fundamentally different views of the President and the Prime Minister on how the weight is distributed on the two ends of the tandem. Despite the fact that Turkey is a parliamentary Republic, where the President only serves a ritual function, after the first in the country’s history of direct presidential elections had a unique situation when formally non-partisan President Erdogan retained the levers of control over all branches of government. But Davutoglu, after receiving formal post of leader of ruling party of justice and development did not become Prime Minister with all provisions to him by the Constitution rights and powers. Everything else, in particular, that recently was leaked to the press from Twitter user “Pelican” (dossier “Pelican”) – a practice fundamental design contradiction: the persistence of Erdogan in maintaining the status quo and the no less persistent attempts Davutoglu change it in their favor. How did the efforts of the head office? In the sluggish implementation of plans of Erdogan to adopt a new “civil” Constitution with a transition to a presidential form of government, in an attempt to establish control over the highest party organ of the AKP, in a restrained relation to the arrest of the “professors” who disagree with the power solution of the Kurdish question, etc. Protagonista commentators directly accuse Davutoglu of flirting with the West, which the President formed in recent years turbulent relationship. Not to mention the failure of the foreign policy of the country, which was largely formed under the influence of Professor Davutoglu is the author of “Strategic depth”. Particularly painful for Turkey, the failure of the policy of Turkey on the Syrian track. And no the “Brussels agreements” and the exemption from visas to the EU for Turkish citizens (for which country – members of the EU still needs to vote individually) these failures to neutralize”.

“And in both, internal and external policy between President and Prime Minister, there are strong differences, – commented from Istanbul, the political scientist Orkhan, gafarly. – As you know, is now preparing a reform of the Constitution that is moving Turkey to presidential form of government. Differences arose, in particular, on this issue. Davutoglu was not completely agree with what Erdogan wanted. On other domestic issues were also differences. For example, on the question of the immunity of deputies. There were disagreements and on foreign policy issues – Syria, for European integration. All of this gathered together. And with Davutoglu as Chairman of the ruling party were removed the authority to appoint regional representatives martinich. After that, it became clear that the AKP supporters, Erdogan proved to be stronger than those who support full equality. Thus, the Prime Minister gave the signal that he was gone. In the near future, before the start of the month of Ramadan will be a new party Congress, which will select the new head of the party. And this means that Davutoglu will resign and the new leader of the party will form a government”.

According to the expert, the place Davutoglu may qualify some candidates. The names of transport Minister binalı Yildirim (he is considered a favorite), the Minister of energy of Berat Albayrak and Deputy Prime Minister Noman Kurtulmus.

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