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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The earth comes closer to Mars may 22, but not seriously

On may 22, Mars will be at the nearest distance to earth for the last two years, namely, 75 million kilometers. This position, when the Red planet will line up with the Earth and the Sun and will be facing us is fully lit by the party is called the opposition.

As reported by “MK” at the Institute of applied astronomy of RAS, the usual confrontation between Earth and Mars occurs once in two years and 50 days. For example, in two weeks the Red planet will be from us within 0.5 astronomical units (a.(e.), that is 75 million miles away. However, it’s not as impressive as the distance in a period of Great and the Greatest confrontations that happen when Mars passes through the perihelion (the nearest point of its orbit to the Earth).

According to the Institute of astronomy of the RAS, the last time the Greatest opposition Earth and Mars were observed in 2003, when the spacing between the planets was reduced to 55 million kilometers. The next such confrontation is expected only after 79 years, in the year 2082.

Nevertheless, even at the moment of approach of Mars with the Earth on may 22 this year, the Amateur astronomers are preparing to observe the disc of the red planet through telescopes. It is possible to consider dust storms, water clouds in the upper layers of the planet. For reference, the farthest distance between the planets can reach 390 million kilometers. This discrepancy is expected next year.

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