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Friday, March 23, 2018

Secret complexes of Donald trump: overbearing father, “broke” it in my youth

So, Donald trump — with a probability of 99% the candidate in US presidents from Republicans. While analysts discuss its prospects in the upcoming competition with Hillary Clinton (presidential elections will take place on November 8 this year), it’s time to think about the last trump. We publish an excerpt of prepared for printing books by Vladimir Solovyov and Elena Klepikova “Donald trump. The battle for the White house”.

To seek a real, genuine, human being of a certain Donald trump began a long time ago. Do you remember how in the beginning of the presidential race, when trump, to the dismay of the party leadership, took state by state, decided to stop his winning style a series of promotional negativschikam. It took a bright, efficient up dirt on him. Understanding zones Tramp vulnerability. If you want to tweak harder, you have to know someone pinching.

Suddenly and who’s this tramp?

The winner turned out to be a phantom. In the best case Fantômas. The ubiquitous and elusive. Wears different masks, and that beneath the mask — unknown. The Phenomenon Of Trump.

Now, when trump wins victory after victory in the primary elections, it is obvious that this is seriously, and perhaps permanently. That is why it is tempting to trace where this incredible twisty, who had a similar personality. Outline stipple of extraordinary destiny, luck, singularity, team warehouse. In short, event-driven timeline with psychology and commentary.

photo: AP

Donald in the family

Let’s start with the fact that the generic, paternal, surname current presidential candidate was not a trump, and TRUMPF. Over freak frolic plenty of enemies billionaire — say, Gramphu would never become a world-renowned brand. Well, the grandfather of Donald, a German immigrant (like grandma), not knowing about future difficulties grandchild with such a clumsy name, I guessed her to be replaced by more sonorous.

Family Trumps (Granpaw) living in the United States since 1885. After the usual emigrant ordeal, Pribluda in search of work “from sea to sea” and taking a course to the East, the first generation of Trumps safely settled in new York Queens, laying there the Foundation of the family construction business.

Donald trump’s father

Father, Fred Christ trump was a successful and major developer of residential buildings in Queens and Brooklyn. Patiently, efficiently, but without compromising the quality of the building, daily work of attrition (no holidays and weekends) Fred gradually expanded his business until he became the owner of your own billingovoy Empire. At the time of birth of Donald June 14, 1946, Fred was a millionaire.

Mother, Mary Ann Macleod, a native of Scotland. Eighteen-year-old young lady went on holidays to new York, where he met with a local Builder, and stayed. They got married in 1936.

Mary Ann, being in a non-romantic provincial Queens, very homesick, often visited island town, where she was born in 1912, and a few times took Donald, his two brothers and two sisters. Mother knew Gaelic, and taught the children to this mysterious language. The trip to Scotland, thence relatives, scraps of Gaelic songs and legends that are still remembered mother – all this picturesque location has had on not very susceptible Donald a noticeable effect, somehow shaping his identity Most of his life trump was surrounded by immigrant women — from plaid-mother to two wives: ex-wife Ivana and current Melanya were born outside the United States. With them, the Tramp was more comfortable than with the independent, swinging their feminist rights by American women.

Donald was the fourth in a family of five children. The family was exemplary, nurturing, strict, demanding. Children knew their responsibilities and the expectations of ambitious parents. Implemented a system of incentives, of rewards and punishments. Cultivated thrift, respect for the dollar.

The father denied the teenager Donald coveted baseball glove — pricey, podzarabotat on it myself. Not allowed to practice on private Golf venues: “What’s wrong with public parks?” His father’s miserliness, stinginess is simply Yes, since childhood he was deeply impressed with Donald. He just loved potselovala on the subject of family wealth, showing off to the neighbors, traveling with her father in a gorgeous Cadillac.

Adult Donald trump remembers himself the darling of the family, favorite son of a formidable father. In fact, the overall favourite was the first-born is a charming loving Freddie over Donald for eight years. It was on Freddy pinned all hope of the family, but he resisted his father’s imperious dictatorship, disregarded his father’s destiny, for which he was severely punished. It was only later, after the fall of Freddy, Donald will deserve the title of “favorite son” will become the heir to his father’s business.

And while thirteen-year-old Donald is not only a pet, he is a malicious violator of the statutory family decency. He is going through, but somehow too heavy and ugly to others, he’s got a prolonged stage of adolescent rebellion against all authority, laws and regulations. Disgusting student in school, rude, disrespectful, even spitting. Completely out of control. While haughty, proud and arrogant without measure.

It seems to be — typical impulsive unconscious manifestation of personality, not yet conscious of its dimensions and limits. But if teenage rebellion is particularly resistant, it is here — say the psychologists — hatch an extraordinary person, large-scale.

But Fred Trump was not up to the psychological subtleties. The already perplexed by the arbitrariness of the eldest son, he is not going to tolerate the rebellion of Donald. Presumptuous boy was a disgrace exemplary, respected family. It was considered indomitable father, and whole family, except for soft-hearted Freddie, as hooliganism, subject to eradication.

The boy was taken from his home, from a liberal school, where it is pedagogically suffered, and transported to the North of the state, to military school — a distant branch of the new York military Academy — where he was imprisoned without a break for five years.

Without a family. The Punishment Of Donald Trump

Somewhere in the nineties, Steve Wynn, gambling Mogul and perennial friend-enemy-rival Donald trump, having seen how sadistic delight trump — verbal and preemptively — deals with an imaginary enemy, exclaimed, “How deeply he’s mentally disturbed! How crazy cool are injured! In childhood or when growing up — who did what with him?”.

Military school, where Fred trump identified the rebellious son, was in those years something of a corrective colony for minors. No sooner had the cheeky boy to accustom on a new place, as has been subjected to forced treatment. He was abused — verbally and disciplinary, he was insulted, humiliated, and morally trampled, and when you try to protest, indignation, complaint — beaten.

Cool the punishment of the arrogant newcomer was performed with a dashing variations, until, has not yet received the finished product: unquestioningly obedient, enthusiastic and discipline, zealous performer any orders — in short, revealing the ideal of a cadet. The system didn’t crash. This never happened — not one.

The first year in military school to Donald’s shock, a nightmare, a disaster. To official punitive measures were added and Amateur, behind the scenes Charter bullying of senior cadets over the newcomer. In English-“hazing” (hazing).

This Heitinga young trump was enough, it seems, over the edge. Wore someone else’s underwear in the Laundry, restoring the gloss on the boots, got the leftovers for lunch, meekly endured any abuse and incessant beatings.

Here is what Ronald trump about his is badly injured, adolescence, conducted by home instead, at the military school. The only place in his autobiography, not painted in a positive tone:

“Was called so: to knock you for that shitty arrogance, your fucking arrogance and without reserve. That was as good as new. Without there quirks. Cool, tough guys. Went at you with a battle cry and Bang! — a blow, another blow and — down. And you’re already crawling to him for mercy, crushed, agree on everything in advance — Yes, Sir!” If some guy did today what they did then would get a quarter in the Slammer!”

Yeah, I guess I’ll be our big Donald this school in the colony! He saw his distress as a father’s punishment is a curse, but the only thing is not deserved. Punishment without a crime. And when, five years later, he came out of this school, understood that he served his sentence in full.

At first, it is internally resisted violence. And even kept it in the Dorm, photo of brother Freddy, rebel and samochine who chose life and the profession of a pilot, here he is next to kick-ass plane.

But then Donald this picture removed. When I realized that self-preservation is not only fruitless, but also unprofitable.

And what to keep? He still is real filthy and brawler — not perceived, not remembered. The independent bold the kid was crushed and erased his father’s curse.

Triggered another powerful incentive of survival in the extreme. Nervous Freddie — getting in this mess — would be immediately broken. Donald was hard, assertive, thick-skinned enough to resist and to recreate.

He was an exemplary, exemplary cadet. Do not get down from the honor Board, received the Academy awards, set sports records, was promoted to senior cadets the rank of battalion Sergeant. So — a little kartinochka, virtual — already 18-year-old Donald trump not only soothed their aggrieved feelings, but — above all — trying to please the father, to live up to his expectations.

When the brilliant cadet uniform was dropped from the military school came a young man with a slightly skosobochennoy psyche. It lived in fear. Fear of punishment for some unknown reason. A painful feeling of imminent danger and constant hostility of the surrounding world. Awareness of the need for preventive self-defense: to be able to fight back and know their enemies.

Education Trump

After graduating from military school, 18-year-old Donald little gratify his ambition with the illusion of free choice of future profession. Have fun with the idea not to go in the building, and in show business, to go to California for screenwriting and directing courses, to join the Hollywood… and now he’s the star of Hollywood.

Dreams and dangerous. Father did not know about them and didn’t need to know. The choice of the field Donald was made by Frederick trump, as well once and for all, how to severe, traumatic ordeal youngsters Donald, forcibly removed from the family, military school.

Donald meekly obeyed the behest of his father, had chosen for his career as a Builder, was found — is separated from the birthright Freddie the heir to the family business, and has flashed in his cinematic imagination tempting prospects for their brilliant success, backed by her father’s millions.

He enrolled in Fordham University, but after two years, dissatisfied (“as if not educated at all”) tramp takes a giant leap in your education encroaches on the famous prestigious Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania. Where it is difficult to do, and even harder to finish.

Trump graduated from Wharton in 1968 with a bachelor of science in Economics and specialization in Finance. “Years of study have transformed me.” There have been prospects and ways of entering in large-scale “big” business. “After Wharton’s impossible to go back.”

But had to go back. In old-fashioned for the ambitious graduate of Wharton construction company of the father. For five long years.

Donald on the bottom of the well. The years of stagnation: 1968-1973

By the time Fred trump was a leader in the field among real estate developers in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten island. Specialized in complex construction of apartment buildings for the middle class. Fred built durable, strong, sturdy, extremely economical buildings (dominated by the model of estetiki), unremarkable, standard. But it was a pretty high standard and with a quality that meets the needs and whims of wealthy renters. Fred was a successful entrepreneur and investor, patient and prudent, Izbornik work and saving every penny was quietly created and increased his construction Empire.

In 1964, Fred undertook his most daring, huge and, moreover, proudly named the project: construction of Trump Village. This Brooklyn whopping (at the time and place) the building consisted of seven powerful buildings in 23 floors each and a private shopping center. Never before on such a scale and with a careful swing trump, barely completed high school, did not go into action! Never take such terrible obligations!

This family village is its creative force, its mobile enterprise dried up. Conglomerates it is no longer erected

When Donald, excited by progressive ideas of Wharton, returned to the paternal mansion in Queens and then went to the office of his father in Brooklyn — fisted Fred directed all their cumbersome business from a little room in one of their residential buildings, — so, 22-year-old Donald, scrolling in the head crazy plans of rapid enrichment, was shocked and distressed by the pettiness of his father’s endeavors at construction sites.

When Donald started to work in his father’s company, there has not been developed for large construction projects. Son managed under the guidance of his father to crank up the modernisation of large apartment complex “Swifton village” in Ohio, having spent $6 million and sold for $12 million and thus obtaining one hundred percent profit. It was the first project of Donald, implemented in his student years.

But mostly construction trump’s company has specialized in the building, and rent houses, sale or lease of finished apartments. Had to serve the whole sprawling in three districts-towns housing the trump Empire.

Inspecting their homes, and above all the enormous Trump Village, Fred and Donald knew how they look in the eyes of its many thousands of tenants — first and second generation, typical German builders. And since a significant contingent in their buildings were Jews, Trump showed a well-known delicacy and discretion, for many years assuring the media and the curious all that the family hails from Sweden and not Germany. Which led to later confusion and misunderstanding in determining the nationality of Donald — many considered him a Swede.

In the company of his father Donald worked, getting paid, five years. Year after year, each month he collected the rent in Brooklyn — from house to house, from door to door, often accompanied by thugs for protection from aggressive tenants. Dangle on asphalt around the construction sites, there was not a graduate of Wharton, and the imagination Donald immediately presented a life-saving option.

“Father intuitively figure out how to build, and I learned this business mostly from him. But if I had overtaken him, it was in the concept of the building. As well as the scale…” Rather — in the backswing, and swung Donald is still in the imagination — in Manhattan, anticipating that this area will become a gold mine.

Minimalism claims Fred, burebasaga eyes the construction site — where else to knock off, fighting the extra nail out of the earth: useful — insulted ambitious Donald. He wanted to sell the apartment billionaires who want to live on Fifth Avenue and not used to save.

Wanted to conquer Manhattan. Wanted to manyachestva. No clear plans, no business ties, no financial support. Depressed, markedly complex, confused, provincial indelible (the guy from Queens with an accent — will push you around it at the Zenith of riches and fame). In 27 years, boy, hair disheveled, identity uncertain, mentally, emotionally obviously immature (so it will remain for a long time, if not forever). Hard to believe, after five years, the boy (still a boy) will begin to galvanize a moribund recession in Manhattan.

And yet Donald trump, after leaving the construction site and gathering with the residents of Trump Village the rent, on the other side of the East river looking at Manhattan. Day-to-day…

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