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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Policy dummy

In a previous article on “philosophy of life” we discussed the economy of the gift and its box in the Russian experience (“MK” from 24.03). With all the exoticism the question here is not about external similarity to the rituals of primitive cultures: Russia in General characterized by the overlap of different layers, from ultra-modern to archaic. Sync is incompatible — our historical principle, although we feel people “of his time”.

photo: Alex geldings

One form of such a splice — intercept purely formal signs of civilization with the loss of the essence. Even Russian communism was a Western (maxoidsam) project, from which took a box, but emasculated remnants of humanity, in the end, having ultra-modern with the prehistoric filling.

In these games we are not alone and even not pioneers. In the XIX century, were discovered the awesome “cult”: the islanders took items brought in by foreigners or beaten by the waves from the sunken ships as the cargo of the divine bestowed upon them by gods, but cunningly intercepted by the white man. To attract the attention of the gods and return their own, they copied the behavior and the accessories of the aliens. Later copy was the aircraft and the entire airfield paraphernalia (hence the kind of cult — samoletostroenie).

White people, in turn, adopted these beliefs as a species of insanity, although the belief in the coming era of untold Kargo close all other religions of salvation, of social projects and other “ideologies of happiness” with a belief in the future.

First God Kargo, who opened the culture of the stone age world of useful coins and shiny things, sometimes think of captain James cook, and it was in 1774. But the most fashionable, branded cults arose during the Second world war. Getting closer to Japan after the pogrom in pearl Harbor, the Americans were thrown out of heaven to their bases on the Islands of Melanesia tons of “extraterrestrial” technology and food. Since all the observed “production” of goods was limited to opening boxes and cans, the natives and then wisely decided that it’s heavenly gifts. For some time they worked at the newcomers guides and “women”, but ended up with a humanitarian disaster. In the vocabulary of an untethered network of anthropology, the history looks like this: “niggers have ceased to bother to do anything themselves, but the Jedi of GI, breaking the samurai, piled in your radiant Pindostan, papiha bulldozed into the sea of excess jeeps and other ništâki. Without the usual patronizing nyamka niggers charged to contact with the spirits themselves: he built airplanes out of twigs and began marching in blue jeans, scaring the sky with bamboo guns drawn directly on the skin epaulets, medals, buttons, sacred emblems of the US, and signals landing and taxiing out of the airfield gestures. Because after the departure of the Pindos from the sky on parachutes sometimes down humanitarian aid, religion received visual confirmation”.

Over this sneer, but empirically this is miracle more convincing than a reflection of non-existent Breguet watches on the polished surface of the table head.

Gradually a picture began to turn in the mirror: the white people liked to see cargo in itself — in any simulation, from adult show-off and glamour to children’s pranks (the girl at my mom’s louboutins, the boy with Papa’s cigar). Physicist Richard Feynman wrote in Kargo whole pseudo-science: the simulation of strict research procedures in the emasculation of fact — for example, in psychology and psychiatry. Then it became fashionable to see cargo in the admission of neophytes to democracy and the market, in their Holy faith in the rituals of freedom that guarantee the arrival of gifts. A regular at the dawn of such reforms humanitarian assistance sometimes resembled parachutes for hungry islanders.

However, recent anthropology has seen in his attitude toward these beliefs still persisting traits of arrogance. Post-colonial (and poststructuralist) methodology (and ethics) required to treat any of the studied cultures without superiority and correlation with externally-imposed “norm”. Learned a lot and attempts to expose these myths, undertaken by the West of a sense of responsibility for the “madness” of the natives. Typical dialogue a missionary with the aborigines:

— John Frum (the hero of one of the cults. — A. R.) have long promised you Kargo, but you have still not received anything. And you still believe in him?

You, Christians, for more than two centuries of waiting, that Christ will return to Earth, and you’re not lost hope?..

Faith in Putin the great and the good are sometimes too close to the deification of… Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in one of the cults of Tanna island. Jedem das Seine, as it was written on the famous gate.

With great enthusiasm expose cargo in domestic politics, for example, in imitation of parliamentarism. For all the heuristics such research here clearly show through the features of the cargo of the second degree” when the scheme itself is taken as cargo shell and is applied indiscriminately, Picasa Analytics to civilization. The adepts of the methodology Kargo often and have the most earnest samoletostroenie.

No more mind to liken our Parliament is the replica of the glider, can not only fly, but to crawl. But if so, why was Yeltsin shot from iron tanks bamboo plane? And after “the shooting of the Parliament” MPs spoiled and drank a lot of blood presidential team. A little too active in the model. But now the representative branch without firing a shot withered, becoming a product of the herbarium, if not the Taxidermist. Worse than “massacre,” only when there is nothing to shoot.

Has disappeared and the very idea of: the parliamentary system, once real, though clumsily worked, now technically freed from existing nodes, transforming into the likeness of the layout of the straw and manure. But even I continue to believe that we have this airplane, in principle, can take off, the scheme cargo myth is hardly applicable without reservations: with such faith in the wonders of freedom too many countries in the modern history really took off, leaving far behind the conservative realists.

On our own soil rather thriving “reverse cargo, open by Catherine Shulman. The essence of these beliefs that in the West too, supposedly with all the fake elections and there falsifiziert, budget cut, plug the pharynx, the roof of the crime. But this is not quite Kargo, even though “reverse”: we have such a mythology does not occur as a spontaneous faith of the natives, but skillfully implanted by people specially trained and knowledgeable about the situation in the West. It’s as if wizards Vanuatu contrary to the native observation discouraged countrymen to believe in the power of layouts, and since whites supposedly do not fly.

Another selling cargo in the art. This is when the vanguard is considered the “wild West wind, swept down on us from the side”, while worldwide it is “Russian”.

No less complex schemes of cargo can be traced in everyday life. In the cult of cars, albeit used, there is an element of the symbolic in understanding the “world of white people”, but there is also consumption of real advantages — aesthetics, comfort, dynamics, resource. More to the right Kargo include foreign football club, although Villa, your yacht or plane in addition to conspicuous consumption provide these real opportunities that the symbolism of the cult can depart on the second plan. When this try not to see, easily slips into the promotion of a special kind of downshifting — simplification just for the sake of you is not suspected in the cult of similarity. Choke in the subway out of pride — and have a special add-on: reverse cargo in the square.”

The gift economy is also booming in Russia, not in pure form, and how difficult it is woven into the system of the reduced market, and as equivalent exchange. To stick a label of “potlatch” (the ritual of gift-giving and destruction of values) can everyone, but useful to see in our reality is an unusual hybrid. The same with a special kind of “flickering Kargo” — this effect can appear and disappear, appearing in different combinations.

To correct Kargo we are more likely to include the latest methods of manufacturing control knowledge using bibliometry — statistics of publications, citation indices, etc. From the beginning of the “academic reform” these technologies are introduced into Russia as a powerful simulation machine, without understanding the fact. This is especially bad for the Humanities are already susceptible to a kind of cult — borrowing and uncritical transfer to its soil the paraphernalia of exact and natural disciplines.

But here have their own identity, given our cultural code. Papuans simulate a real working avionics — we can build models of the objects are missing… or even banned. So, in the civilized world, the use of bibliometry allowed only for a small number of areas, while others are prohibited, sometimes by law. Moreover, the models we build in conditions when the caste of priests (the actual scientists) is not pushing a myth, but rather trying to expose him. Finally, the administrative replica is with us is not fixed and bamboo, and very active, although concrete, overwhelming everything in its path alive. Australia in six years similar experiment with indexes nearly killed his own science — we’re going “his” way, you know where peeped. The first historical experience of Russia warned the world about what not to do. The new mission of the country to show the world what happens if in spite of repeated warnings stupid to repeat the mistakes of others.

The identity of our cargo experience consists precisely in the absence of net schemes — here, everything is hybrid and even monstrous. A group of Islands, which emerged and flourished a cult called the New Hebrides, but it could be a coincidence.

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