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Saturday, February 17, 2018

May 9 in Ukraine banned the flag of Victory as “totalitarian”

Last year in Ukraine, two holidays dedicated to world war II is may 8 and 9. The first celebrates the Day of memory and reconciliation, which claims to be dedicated to all the victims from 1939 to 1945, including the Nazis and their accomplices. And the second is the victory Day, though not in the great Patriotic war, and over Nazism.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Judging by what activities are planned on this occasion in the Ukrainian cities, the locals don’t know which holiday is more important now and why there’s two instead of one. Meanwhile, the authorities are forbidden to wear St. George’s ribbon and go to the parade with a red flag… However, parades will not be too: red Army veterans refuse to go under the handle on Bandera, Kyiv can not afford the elderly the Communists to remind the Ukrainians, as they smashed the Nazi vermin.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian government reminded that during the celebrations of may 8 and 9, you cannot use the copy of the Victory flag displayed over the Reichstag in 1945. It turns out that it promotes the “totalitarian Soviet past” and the one who will put it to the street, risking up to 5 years in prison. The authorities also do not recommend to wear a St. George ribbon, because these colors “in the Ukraine was invaded by Russian army”. Their exhortations authorities have reinforced the action on may 2 in Odessa, when arrested the man only for what he has attached to his black and orange piece of cloth.

In his well-known anti-Russian views in Lviv region there is not a large number of people were upset. Besides all the celebration there will end may 8 and on the Day of victory no activities generally are not scheduled. Kiev also decided to do without the parade. Even the traditional field kitchen will not. Instead, in the Ukrainian capital organized festive concerts with the participation of military bands, the exhibition of flowers and children’s drawings. And on may 9, if you do without provocations in Kiev will take place the action “Immortal regiment”.

In Odessa, barely survived a memorable date 2 may without provocation, now expect riots on may 9. The Governor of the region Mikhail Saakashvili has already said that the regiment “Azov” from the city would come and his supporters from among local residents urge security forces to disperse “Colorado”, which will be collected on the Kulikovo field and the walk of Fame.

But Dnepropetrovsk decided to celebrate the holidays, not two, but three days — from 7 to 9 may. At this time people will lay flowers to the monuments of the great Patriotic and going to outdoor concerts, which will be called “memorial Day and the 71st anniversary of the victory over Nazism”.

The closer to the DNI and the LC, the more blows the celebration of may 9, which was adopted in Ukraine before the so-called “revolution of dignity”. For example, from 7 to may 9, in Kramatorsk, Lysychansk, Starobilsk, Luhansk and the Village will rally, stylized as a world war II period. At the headquarters of ATO claim that therefore Ukrainians will be educated about their role in the victory over the Nazi invaders. What form this may take, given Kyiv’s position regarding the nature of the fighting in the East of the country, remains a mystery.

And in the DNI and LC went even further. In Donetsk since the beginning of may conducted a rehearsal of the military parade, in which will participate the equipment of the last war with Nazi Germany. And in Lugansk in the celebration of the great victory will be involved a thousand people and 74 units of military equipment, including tanks and armored vehicles. As in the past year in the observation mission of the OSCE stated that the conduct of military parades in the breakaway republics violation of the Minsk agreements.

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