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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Loskutov was fined and detained for re-Monstration

Ideologist of Monstration Artem Loskutov, the court in Novosibirsk was found guilty under part 1 of article 20.2 of the administrative code, a fine of 20,000 rubles

photo: youtube.com

We will remind that this year Loskutov failed to agree on Monstration with the city authorities, who eventually replaced her own event — youth “Selectweek”, to which joined in the monstrance. In the end, the last, according to the police, the columns were in the majority: the action was attended by about three thousand people, and demonstrators were roughly two thousand.

Because grafts supposedly “commanded” the monstrance, urging them to go, to stay, and today he was fined.

We will remind that earlier the partyYabloko” monstrance offered to help and tried to register your own action, through which could pass Monstration, but did not receive consent from the city authorities. The latter, however, after the action stated that they do not have to Loskutov no complaints.

After the court decision, the artist was immediately On exiting the court, I was accepted and taken to the 6th police Department with lights flashing to issue another Protocol under part 2 of article 20.2, there is also the arrest

Meanwhile he rags on Twitter does not give up and writes “the Glory of Siberia, bears the glory,” “Freedom to may 6 prisoners” and other similar slogans.

Recall that for Monstration — March with deliberately absurd slogans — in 2011 he received the award “Innovation”, recently, however, approval of the action was increasingly difficult, despite the fact that in other cities and countries, the action is easy: in particular, it was held in Odessa on 30 April, despite the expected second may riots.

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