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Monday, February 19, 2018

In the army with a pedicure

Director Sergei Soloviev finished work on the film “Ke-dy”. It even showed in one of the clubs at the initiative of Basta, to the picture having the most direct relation. But it turned out that things were not fair copy. Solovyov picture rewired and invited observer “MK” working on the show.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Nikolay Suslov on the film

The master did not take from the state a dime. Could not imagine how come in the Ministry of culture and said that he made the film about anything. And denied the ingrained opinion that to remove today can only be for big money. Konchalovsky has long been said that the future of low-budget pictures. Solovyov his own example confirmed his thought. In the country, focused on blockbusters, it is hard to imagine how the fate taken a penny “Cud”. How to be good, if they get to the festival class of Venice or Locarno, where you can appreciate real art films.

It all started with the fact that Sergey Solovyev read the story of Andrew Gelasimov “Paradise found” written in the style of the blog, and saw in it all the salt of our life. The usual story has grown to a whole world of Russian autism. Solovyov space. All the good people for him to have autism. For him and that’s that autistic.

All this could not take place, if not for Stas Namin. He took it and introduced Solovyov intelligent man Anton Treushnikov and his wife Natalie. Their organization is responsible for the mental health of citizens. So the movie these fine people still had no relationship. All tried to dissuade them, arguing that it was madness to invest in the film, from which no financial return will not. Asked after the screening Anton, with whom he consulted in those fateful two days, which decided the fate of the painting. It turned out, with yourself. And it has paid off. Sergei Solovyov have not rented this movie.

At first the picture didn’t arouse enthusiasm. Some guy buys shoes, and he was soon to go into the army. The Burr prevents them to wear. And on the advice of the seller, which plays the Executive producer Sergey Hannochka, the rookie goes to the pedicure room, where he meets a girl with the exotic name of Amir. She involuntarily sucked him into trouble with teenagers. Sneakers rookie Sasha buys with one purpose, to in the army was something to remember. They do it just wait. Wait for it at home no one. Solovyov asked the observer “MK”, “have You seen such recruits who would go to pedicure salon before going into the army? That’s what it is”. Ridiculous and embarrassing inductee played newcomer — freshman Ashley Nikolay Suslov. Once Soloviev took him to his course. Suslov, though, the future actor, but I think that came from the street, like to play and can not. Perhaps this effect was achieved by the Director. Now he says he took it solely because of the name. Solovyov as always: it’s all in the nuances.

One professional actress Aglaia Shilovskaya, from which Solovyov created the goddess, we have a host of Amateurs: two, an autistic boy from Bakhchisaray boarding school, 26-year-old mechanic from Sebastopol Ilya Nagirnyak, of which there name is Red (for the role it adopted without casting, seeing the depot where he works). Yes, and rap artist Busta not the actor. Work on display at “Mosfilm”, he did not come for the weather, in shorts — especially for all to see that he is in sneakers. It seems that titles filled with red color, upsize, when you mention his name. Basta has played a Commissar, being the son and grandson of officers, was the author of the soundtrack along with the daughter of Sergei Solovyov — composer Anna Drubich.

Amir sneaks through the crowd, as did Tatiana Samoilova in the film “the cranes are Flying” kalatozova — the music of a military orchestra. The film, though noted “the Gold palm branch” Cannes film festival, but to the foreign public still need to be clarified in the credits that actually happening. And minute appearance on the screen of the main muses Soloveva Tatyana Drubich reads only the dedicated.

Nine-year-old son of Amira — autistic. He plays the pupil of Bakhchisarai boarding Daniel able to hear imaginary sounds, living in the world that we are not given to understand. He is closer to God than all of us combined. When all this motley company is racing in exotic cars, the heart. What to do with a strange child, Amir doesn’t know, parked it in a sinister institution in a vast wasteland. And then I’ll pick. To see her son leave his new friend — a lonely boy with autism. Andrew Gelasimov this scene made a strong impression. Solovyov as if his thoughts were read, the feelings that Andrew himself felt, not being able to communicate with his son, came to him in part. Only from a distance looked at each other and parted. Nightingales a lot of things around imagining the laconic words of author and ranked Gelasimov to the category of great Russian writers, who, it appears, is not extinct. This is (not counting the two TV series) the second film adaptation of his prose. In 2013 the festival “MK”, “Moscow premiere” of his “Thirst” in the interpretation of the young Director Dmitry Tyurin was awarded the Grand Prix for the best film. Gelasimov in “Ke-dy” did not climb. All farmed out to Solovyov, knowing with whom he was dealing.

Still from the walls of the Cabinet Mosfilmovskaya Solovyov look at us portraits of the great Paul Lebeshev and Vadim Yusov. He worked with the great operators. Now the student Yusov Timothy Lobov had fulfilled his wildest dreams. Well everything was removed, did not protest when the nightingales decided to “push the button” and remove color, leaving black and white image.

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