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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In Palmyra “broke the back of ISIS”

The Syrian military reported successful operations against militants of the “Islamic state” on the outskirts of Palmyra. According to the military, just a few days before the complete liberation of the historic city, where are the monuments of culture of world value. The capture of the Palmyra will be a great symbolic victory for Assad’s army.

The historical part of the Palmyra will be taken in the near future the government army of Syria. The main line of resistance fighters broken. Says Syrian journalist Abbas Juma, according to the latest information he possesses, active and fierce fighting is now underway in the historic part of the city.

“ISIS now shoot. They run in a panic”

“They already broke the backbone of the IG. Syrian troops backed by Hizbollah, the Iranian specialists occupy the territory. It is small. Themselves commanders of the Syrian Arab army say that even a day or two max and the historic part of the city would be taken. And then there will be deep to move,” Juma told the newspaper VIEW.

He added that now receives pictures from the city of Deir ez-Zor. They show a car whose body filled with the corpses of ISIS 10-12. “Now they shoot. They run in a panic. Now the Syrian army is very strong. Plus, even the Kurds help Syrian democratic forces. Now the main force of the Syrian army thrown at Palmyra. This is the second after the Raqqa region, which is fortified and is under the control of the IG. If he falls, in a Syrian scale, it remains for small,” – said Juma.

“We managed to take the hills near the junction of the road Damascus – Palmyra – said earlier on Wednesday of RIA “news” the assistant to the commander of the militia “desert Falcons” Jafaar. Now the falcons control the intersection. However, the terrorists (the Islamic state” – approx. OPINION) mined the road on to Palmyra. Even at the intersection on either side of the asphalt mines and improvised explosive devices. A mine blew up and killed one of our soldiers.”

According to assistant commander of the Pro-government militia, sappers managed to defuse at the intersection of nearly 90 explosive devices.

Before journalists at the scene reported that the government of the Syrian Arab army with the support of “desert falcons” waging fierce battles with the militants less than 1 kilometer from the town of Tadmor (better known as the historic, known since ancient times by the name of Palmyra). Battles were fought at the strategic crossroads of the highway linking Damascus, Palmyra and Islamists blocked by the major provincial centre of Deir ez-Zor.

“With small arms”

A decisive offensive against Palmyra took place after the attack of the Syrian air force on the headquarters of ISIS and the group “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” in the provinces of HOMS and Hama in the center of Palmyra. The command of the Syrian Arab army reported that on Tuesday, the military and the Hawks of the desert took control of the mountain range, while four kilometers East of Palmyra, killing per day, about 70 militants of the IG.

Government forces and loyal militia occupied the commanding heights, destroying command posts, ammunition depots and firing positions of the IG on the outskirts of Tadmor.

The fact that the army of Bashar al-Assad came close to Palmyra, and recognized representatives of the moderate opposition. “The government forces approached the city two kilometers to the South and five kilometers from the West”, – said the representative of the London-based human rights groups, “the Syrian Observatory of human rights Rami Abdel Rahman, quoted by Agence France-Presse.

Later on Wednesday one of the commanders of the government army reported a successful intervention in historic Palmyra. This area is exempt “with small arms” – the Syrian military stressed that the takeover was not required airstrikes.

As noted by the newspaper VIEW, a successful offensive to liberate a world heritage site – Palmyra – would have been impossible without the assistance provided during the operation of the Russian HQs. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, speaking about the important achievements of the Syrian troops while they were Russian support, mentioned the siege of the militants near Palmyra along with restoration of communications with Aleppo and the displacement of the Islamists from the province of Latakia.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic)President Vladimir Putin, speaking on Thursday before returning from Syria by Russian soldiers (whose work he praised for “excellent”), said: “we are currently intense fighting around Palmyra, on the outskirts of the city. I hope that this pearl of the world civilization, or at least what was left of it after they hosted the bandits will be returned to the Syrian people and the entire world.” “I am confident that in the near future we will see new serious successes in the struggle of the Patriotic forces against terrorism,” he said.

“Created conditions for the encirclement and final defeat of the armed groups ISIS in Palmyra,” – stated the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Lieutenant-General Sergey rudskoy.

Under the rule of the vandals

Since may of last year, the Palmyra (whose monuments included in the world heritage list of UNESCO) is held by is militants. The ancient town, 240 km from Damascus, which archaeologists and historians refer to the best examples of Roman architecture in the East, was seized by the ISIS offensive in Central Syria.

According to the Daily Mail, from the end of may 2015 the ancient theatre of Palmyra was the scene of executions – IG published a video of the killing of 20 prisoners, and the executioners were the gunmen-teenagers. For violence observed several hundred senior colleagues. On 22 may, the Islamists staged a show of destroying “Assad supporters” in the streets of the city, victims of the militants began, according to various estimates, from 150 to 280 persons.

In August last year, the Islamists brutally murdered 82-year-old archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad, who from the 1960s years was superintendent of the Palmyra archaeological complex: the terrorists accused of the scientist in the study of idols” and in “cooperation with the infidel” (by which igilovtsy understand participation in international conferences). The body of al-Asaad was decapitated and abandoned in the Central square of Palmyra.

In the summer of 2015, the Islamists in the framework of its “cultural policy” started to what, according to them, they captured Palmyra: to destroy “profane” statues and the remnants of pagan temples. So were destroyed the statue of the “lion of Allat”, Balsamina and the temples of Bel, in September it became known about destruction of the three best-preserved funerary towers, and in October was blown triumphal arch of Roman times is one of the symbols of ancient Syria, known to many Russians by its cover Soviet history textbook for the 5th class.

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