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Sunday, March 11, 2018

In Moscow found an Arsenal of potential terrorists

In the capital of the liquidated criminal group yzhotavlyvaly and distributing improvised explosive devices. In its caches found bombs, 15 bombs, 8 kg of TNT, 10 thousand ammunition – and this is not a complete list. The attackers made bombs artisanal way, but this did not prevent them to produce high-quality and very deadly product.

Caches and workshops in garages

“Experts-bomb experts, it was deemed unstable and destroyed on the spot”

On liquidation of criminal group announced on Friday the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Elena Alekseeva.

“The Bureau of criminal investigation of MIA of Russia together with UFSB Russia across Moscow and Moscow region and Moscow operatives carried out extensive investigative work, which suppressed the activity of an interregional organized group involved in illegal trafficking of weapons and explosives”, – quotes the words Alekseeva website of the MIA of Russia.

The operation took place in two stages. In the first stage, searches were conducted in areas inhabited by gang members, presumably related to the manufacture and sale of explosive devices in the Moscow, Smolensk and Tver regions.

At the second stage in the framework of testing the available operative information, law enforcers conducted a survey of residential premises for the residence addresses of three suspects.

“During the inspection of the garage of one of the attackers, equipped with a workshop for making explosive substances and devices, it was discovered improvised explosive device. Experts-bomb experts, it was deemed unstable and destroyed on the spot”, – said Alekseeva.

Equipped in the caches and the caches found bombs, 15 high-explosive shells of various caliber, about 8 kg of TNT, 4 kg of gunpowder, several mortar and anti-personnel mines, about 10 thousand of ammunition of various calibre, 30 hand grenades, 40 electric detonators, 55 units of the main parts of the weapon, three rifles, a machine gun, a pistol, two revolvers, a hunting rifle, three knives and a bayonet. In addition, the intruders had discovered 17 tubes of potent psychotropic substance “Taren”.

Malefactors are detained. Initiated three criminal cases. At the same time is solved a question on excitation of four cases.

In addition, the Ministry of interior has urged people to be vigilant and regardless of what was found during the latest raids.

“Recently in the Moscow region, the cases of suicide bombing by careless handling of ammunition during the second world war, entailing grave consequences for life and health of citizens. Often injuries and injuries incompatible with life, get a minor. Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia recommends citizens to be vigilant and, upon detection of ammunition to apply to law enforcement bodies”, – said the representative of the Ministry of interior.

“Our intelligence agencies are working”

As told the newspaper LOOK expert in the field of security Alexander Perendzhiev, the news about the discovery of the Arsenal it was.

“But we all, I mean experts, and the thinking of Russian citizens, understand, what time we live in. Now our country is terrorist war. And not just from ISIS, but also by a variety of forces. Besides the fact that the terrorists are trying to annoy us abroad, blow up airplanes our tourists or trying to “get” our pilots during the operations of Russia’s air strikes in Syria, the aim is to organize terrorist attacks on our country. And the biggest risk here, as I see it, is to Moscow – the capital of our Motherland,” he said.

Perendzhiev praised the police and the FSB for the elimination of workshops for the production of bombs, however, urged not to relax. “What they found is good. But, on the other hand, the news can talk about that inside our country there is a serious system directly for the preparation of terrorist acts, and that was eliminated, is even important, but only one link of this chain. The nearest threat can be closed, but the whole question of security of our citizens, of course, is not closed,” he said.

The expert suggested that the attacks using explosive devices found could be prepared by extremists on the eve of big holidays, in areas with large concentrations of people. Among the nearest events like Constitution Day on 12 December and, of course, New year.

“And then I’m a little unclear. If detected such a large “cache”, was the real danger, whether the intelligence agencies are going to warn us about vigilance, about the impending danger? Note that in our legislation prescribed several colors, several levels of threats. However, we do not hear. It turns out that the security services are hoping to remove all the issues and tell us: work quietly on,” he said.

Commenting on the same “samodelnoe” explosive devices found in caches, Perendzhiev noted that “improvised, makeshift, does not necessarily mean that there device is made of poor quality”. “Not at all. And in such conditions it is possible to make a complete working device, would claim many lives and cause serious damage. With the necessary knowledge, of course, with the supply of components. And these workshops can really work under the guise of a garage workshop on manufacturing of keys, garages, etc.,” he concluded.

Let’s add, that on 12 October this year, security officials in Moscow have prevented a major terrorist attack. On suspicion of involvement in the crime were detained about 10 people. And among them were three citizens of Syria. In the apartment where the bandits were hiding, were found and defused an improvised explosive device.

Composition discovered the explosive device was similar to those that were used to commit the recent terrorist attack in Ankara.

And the current caches with explosives are not the first, found in Moscow, even this year. On 22 June it was reported that in the area of the Khimki water reservoir discovered and defused a cache of 3 kg of explosives.

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