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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For the title of king of nature people paid with their tendency to obesity

A group of scientists from Loyola University in Chicago found that a fast metabolism enabled man to become smarter than other primates and other animals. The discovery not only allows you to discover some of the secrets of the human brain and intellect, but also opens new perspectives in the fight against obesity, researchers say.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts conducted the most thorough to date comparison of your daily calorie intake by humans and various monkeys. The study involved 141 people and 56 animals from the zoo, including 27 chimpanzees, bonobos 8, 10 and 11 gorillas orangutans.

As it turned out, the person is able to burn calories by up to 27 percent faster than chimpanzees and other primates in terms of pounds mass. It is, as scientists assume, allows a person to provide a sufficient amount of energy of brain cells and, therefore, “afford” a big brain.

One of the “side effects” such evolutionary trump scientists have named large in comparison with the animals body fat and the tendency to gain weight — the ability to store nutrients in the past allowed such demanding of him the body to survive hard times. Thus, part of the reason for the unprecedented intelligence of mankind pays such problems as obesity and diabetes. Experts expect that the information obtained may help in the search for new ways of struggle against excess weight.

The results of their research experts presented on the pages of the journal Nature.

Previously, other scientists, representing Harvard University, came to the conclusion that to develop the intelligence of man has allowed the meat diet and the ability to grind food with the help of tools. The fact that the mashed vegetables and chopped meat required much less effort to chew, allowed the ancient people to save a surprisingly large amount of time and energy, and these forces have been spent on the development of skills in the future, made man as he is.

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