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Saturday, July 22, 2017

“Fools or charlatans”: the economist Sonya explained the mistake of the supporters of import substitution

Professor at the Higher school of Economics and University of Chicago Konstantin Sonin in an interview to “Fontanka” talked about as that can quickly help the Russian economy. He also criticized the policy of import substitution, explaining that in 90-e years, without the participation of the state, was much more.

photo: youtube.com

In the photo: Konstantin Sonin

According to Sonin, the Russian economy has many problems, but not all of them can be solved simultaneously. However, there is one measure that could quickly help the citizens and businesses of the elimination of the counter-sanctions imposed by Russia in response to the economic restrictions imposed by other countries.

Sonin says that those who now talk about the benefits of counter-sanctions and the effectiveness of import substitution, are “or fools or crooks”, and in their position they can get money, “as the family of one of the Minister”.

Read the economist, why not destroy the “sanctions” food.

The Sonin reminiscent of that if a number of economic circumstances Russia can not influence in any way he could, then counter-sanctions, “worsened the lives of tens of millions of people were introduced deliberately, and that it was quite possible not to do that.

Economist rejects the argument that the closure of the Russian market for a number of imported goods supposedly contributes to the development of domestic production: according to him, such experience the world does not know, then how to become developed country from developing due to such measures it is possible: thus, in particular, occurred in Argentina.

Sonya recalls that in the 90-ies, despite the absence of prohibitions from the state in the sphere of import and, furthermore, the zeroing of tariffs on food imports, has grown today large Russian companies, which have now become “intellectual sponsors” of insulation of the economy. He is confident that the benefits of this model only to them, while the consumption of individuals is declining due to rising prices.

It is the abolition of the counter-sanctions and the forced abandonment of import substitution, I am sure Sonya can now help the Russian economy, and any special efforts to do not required, simply “toggle case”.

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