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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fedor Dobronravov and Lyudmila Chursina ready to be dumped on a children’s film

In the Network walks the movie “Killer kid’s movie”, which the authors, led by producer Vladimir Usynovim wonder: “What kids movies are out with the support of the Ministry of culture in recent years and which spent more than half a billion rubles allocated for children’s films? And sent a letter to the President of the country Vladimir Putin, to which is attached a DVD with this documentary. In it Vladimir Esin asked the President to take personal control of the funding of the production of the final part of the trilogy “the Private pioneer-3”, citing “the current corruption of the Ministry of culture”.

Working Karpilovsky Alexander trilogy – apprentice of Alexander Mitta, popular actor and Director. My first “private pioneer” a film he directed, the stories of the head of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications Mikhail Seslavinsky. Surprisingly, even this fact did not open the film “green street”, she did not go long in the car. Was a success at festivals, clip awards in Russia and abroad. And the Director at that time said that it would no longer make children’s films: the demand for it is not, as is interest from kinoyalta.

For the second film wrote the original script. The children acted the same. They have matured in two years, has reached the 14th birthday. From the city of Dzerzhinsk of the event has shifted to summer camp at sea.

We spoke with producer Vladimir Usynovim after showing the second film in the “Week of Russian cinema” In Osh in southern Kyrgyzstan. The audience – a full house. Someone had to look at the picture standing — of all places is not enough. And then the children didn’t disperse, took autographs, took pictures, asked questions, asked, will there be a sequel?

– Remove the “Private pioneer – 3″ we will be in August, ” says Mr Yoshino. But now totally free works crew. The script is written, the Director makes the Director’s script, select a place to shoot. The work goes on, but while on the enthusiasm. We passed the documents to the Fund a movie and may have to be solved a question on allocation of money to our project, or the absence thereof. (We now know that the project is not allowed even for the pitching — sh)

And how much are you asking?

Fifty million rubles.

– Already have two movies, why the third?

– This is a trilogy, spanning childhood, adolescence and youth of our characters. The project is unique because child actors grow with their characters. In the first film them for 12 years, second for 14, and the third will be 16. Adult and Timothy Tribunal became our mascot. In the first film he and the children lived in Dzerzhinsk. We thought, as it would be in summer camp we translate the second part. In the end, made it so that the hero Tribuntsev moved to the South.

In order to work quietly, I four times last year applied to the Ministry of culture and each time received a completely unjustified refusals. And in December last year appealed to the cinema Fund. Even five million of recurrent funds necessary for the construction of a script, couldn’t get. In the film Fund turned me down.

– With what formulation?

– No wording is not. I once asked to explain the reason for the refusal and the answer was: “We don’t have to explain”.

– What is valuable in your project “Honest pioneer-3”? Your trump card?

– The trump card – an unlimited love of children to this project. How many festivals were our films in Russia and abroad! You should have seen the eyes and faces of these children. And they ask to continue. We have formed a trilogy. I worry: will we be able to finish it. Such in Russia and the Soviet Union was not, when child actors grow with their characters. Moreover, not one person but three. Change their motivations, and views on life, experience other relationships. In the third part, our heroes go to College.

– The first two films is also not funded?

– In the first part we in the Ministry of culture gave 28 million rubles, the second – 25 million On the third – anything. In the first and second parts I’ve invested 50 percent of his own funds was found. And practice is this: 30 percent should be invested by a producer, 70 percent is state funding.

– Today you told the audience how you helped people, when you shot the second film.

– Yes, there are amazing people. One of them — Yury Ryazanov from Rostov-on-don. Because of his involvement, our group, and it is about a hundred people, was placed in a children’s camp in Gelendzhik, where we were shooting. We lived there a month. We provided not only accommodation but also food. When I had no money, and I applied to the Ministry of culture on completion of the second part of the project, the officials turned us down. But when our sound engineer was sick (and he was out of action for two weeks), and I’m a week later passed the project, the Ministry of culture have imposed on me a fine of 200 thousand rubles. If you watch the movie “Killer kids movie”, you’ll see that many projects go for years with prolongation. And no one penalizes them manufacturers.

All the time, and only say that there is no children’s movie. Actually, it turns out that it is not necessary to anybody?

Minister it is not necessary. But you saw what happened at our show in Osh. So need it or not? Everywhere we have a full house. I recently visited the festival in Samara, personally drove with a picture of the 8 districts and 5 cities. Watched the movie about 80 thousand children. Hire our Americanized. And the Russian films reach the audience mainly due to the festivals. Our task is to show the kids a good movie and in parallel to perform educational functions. Not that the film was started when the baby drowns mother.

– Whether at the time of filing the prizes that previous picture is marked?

-Take one – the company that submits the application. This also applies to the Ministry of culture and cinema Fund. One company may get a lot of money from year to year, and the firm, which makes a good movie, and there is as mine, for 25 years, endlessly something to prove. Because the system is built on other relations. In the film “Killer kids movie” about says it all.

And there are Directors who have taste for creation of a children’s movie?

– I also karpylivs’ka anyone can not name. He has the cash projects, the TV series, but he wants to finish the trilogy. When they began to allocate money for the scripts of children’s films, immediately formed a mass of people willing to receive them. And this husk rushed to a children’s movie. .

– And you, then why fight for a lost cause?

– If such fine actors Lyudmila Chursina, and Fedor Dobronravov, watching “Private pioneer-2” in Osh, offering me money on completion, it is already for this to work. Not to finish the trilogy — is to betray them.

– Here you all criticize officials, but, say, there will be others – worse than the current.

– Will not be worse. We have reached the bottom. Remember, as Armen Medvedev in stay on a post of the Minister has not given money to his friend Pavel Arsenov on “Green bird”, considering his bid weak. Arsenov soon died. But Medvedev later wrote in his book that still can not give the answer to the question: does the blame for that is not identified then the money. But it was a completely different era.

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