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Friday, March 23, 2018

Fcsd: “Putin majority” in the Duma may increase at the expense of single-mandate

Fcsd has published a report on the phenomenon of “Putin’s majority”. The level of approval of activity of Putin – 82%, the report said. This level of support allows you to carry out serious reforms in the economy and in politics, while maintaining national consensus, said at the presentation of the report of the head of Fargo Konstantin Kostin.

More than 60% of deputies of the state Duma of the next convocation will support Vladimir Putin. With such a forecast was made on Thursday the head of the Foundation for civil society development (Fargo) Konstantin Kostin, opening in the building Fund presentation of the report “Putin majority”: the structure, dynamics, political preferences”.

“Today, key areas of the claims is the social policy: there is a request to the President more engaged with issues in society”

“Putin majority:” the President likes defending the interests of Russia, diligence, energy, determination, experience and will power, the report said.

As already reported VZGLYAD, the report is based on research poll, commissioned by the Foundation in April. “Regardless of the party composition of the next Duma will be in any case the Pro-Putin… Putin’s Supporters will have representation at the level of 66%”, – said Kostin. He added that this figure could grow even more. “It was only on elections by party lists. There is still a single-seat districts, it can be a resource for increase,” – said Kostin.

The analyst noted that among the 14 supporters of non-parliamentary parties having representation in the regional legislative Assembly and are entitled to run for the state Duma without collecting signatures, also many of Putin’s supporters. With the exception of the PARNAS party, said the head of Fargo. “I think that the non-parliamentary parties can obtain representation in the Duma in single-mandate districts. It is a Patriotic party that are in the field of the Putin consensus,” – said Kostin.

The activities of Putin’s favor 82% of the respondents, the opportunity to vote for him in the presidential elections allow 84% of respondents. Among the respondents ready to vote in parliamentary elections for the “United Russia”, the President approve 96%, the same allow for the opportunity to vote for him in the election of the President.

Among supporters of the Communist party 76% approve of Putin’s presidency and 79% admit to themselves the opportunity to vote for him. In the ranks of the liberal democratic party of citizens 69% and 76%, respectively. Of the respondents who plan to vote in the elections to the state Duma for the just Russia, 77% approve of Putin and 87% do not exclude that will vote for him.

High support is “high liability”

“This level of support allows you to carry out serious structural reforms in the economy and in politics, while maintaining national consensus in relation to what is happening in the country”, – said the analyst, adding that it is extremely important for the stability in the state.

“When carried out in 1990-ies the necessary market reforms, the majority of citizens didn’t support them, as a result, this has led to serious destabilization,” – said Kostin. According to him, while low ratings of government institutions has led to the fact that “in the period 1994-1997 the country shakes”.

According to the head of research projects, VCIOM Mikhail Mamonov, Putin “was able to Express, support and embody the values that are important for Russians”, both in terms of state – independent and strong state, independent foreign policy, and in part of society a certain set of conservative values, said the expert.

“Thanks to this stability of performance is maintained, that is, we can say that this is not a situational phenomenon… We can predict that this stability will continue in the future. Not the fact that there will be downs, there will be fluctuations, we don’t talk about it. Oscillations – normal inevitable phenomenon, society reacts to different events,” said Mamonov on the presentation of the study.

As noted in the report, just below the level of support among specialists with higher education employed in the public sector, 71% approve of the President, however, 83% allowed the opportunity to vote for him. Among the skilled workers of Putin approves 79%, however, allow for the opportunity to vote for him in the elections 80%. Among specialists with higher education employed in the commercial sector, approve of the current President of the Federation of 77% and 80% admit the possibility to vote for him in the presidential election. Among entrepreneurs the approval of Putin’s Express 76%, the possibility of voting for him allowed 78%.

“First, values are high in all areas, and in these figures suggest a significant divergence is, you know, is a question of Cabinet discussions. But you are absolutely right that there are groups, where the rates slightly below – as in trust, and on functional assessment, – said Mikhail Mamonov, when asked by a reporter of the newspaper VIEW to tell about the mood in these social strata. – What about state employees? For today are two processes. It’s not always, not in all aspects of the successful reform of the public sector, and this raises many questions: “Why are we going in this direction? Why has not corrected those deficiencies, the correction which, in General, the reform was aimed?”. On the other hand, the noted sociologist, society is now dissatisfied with certain aspects of the situation in the social sphere, is two processes that are merged.

“Everything that concerns workers, it is the most difficult from the point of view of financial position of the group, so naturally, there is a personal projection of negativity on the situation in the country, on the work of managers of different level,” said Mamonov.

Crimea remains a source of “positive emotions”

Sociologists record “the rationality of perception by Russians of the President, his team and all his works”, he said. To talk about a simplified perception – completely unjustified, said the head of research projects, VCIOM.

“The Russians clearly see the flaws in those or other planes, directions, – quotes Mamonov, RIA “Novosti”. – For example, today the key areas of the claims is the social policy, there is a request to the President more engaged in the decision of issues within society, different social issues; today there are issues in parts of the economy – in terms of employment, in terms of revenues”.

According to him, “the General population rationally perceives the situation, but it clearly understands that the President is a key impetus for the development that he is able to provide the development of the country. “Other strong are so powerful factors capable of development, the population does not see”, – said Mamonov.

While the polls “blurring the boundaries” between the parties because on the key issues of Crimea, President, foreign policy, the necessity of a strong government – in a society there is a consensus. In their study, they also note that the reunification of Crimea and Russia remains a source of particular positive emotions”.

Speaking at the presentation of a guest from another institution, a member of the expert Council of the Fund ISSI Alexei Zudin said that on the eve of the “Crimean spring” sociologists recorded an increasingly positive assessment by citizens of the country in which they live, and in this regard the growth of collective self-esteem, improved perceptions about Russia as a country.

“The possibility of Russia was estimated all the more highly – it can be called invisible assets of the country. These intangible assets have reached a critical point, their performance began to exceed 50 percent. By the beginning of the Crimean events, the Russian society was already prepared to so declare themselves. This is due to the development of the “Putin majority,” said Zudin.

“In the first report a year ago, my colleagues recorded the birth of the “Putin majority” in the spring of 2000. Most important, at this point, determined the unique structure of the majority. It has the ability to overcome any walls that naturally exist in society, and to penetrate into the different demographic and social strata. It had already been presented in a variety of groups, and then was gradually extended until it finally acquired its present size,” – said the expert of the Fund’s ISSI and suggested a special formula of the majority – “the political centre plus Putin’s special style”, style, which is characterized by maximum openness.

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