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Friday, July 21, 2017

Expert: the new commander of NATO in Europe – a talking mechanical head

Loud statements of a new commander of NATO in Europe, Curtis, Scaparrotti, called the Alliance for the suppression of “resurgent Russia” is not a joke stirred the Russians. His assessment of the statements of Scaparotti already hastened to give the Russian foreign Ministry, questioning the competence of the military to make loud political statements. Do not stay aside and the Kremlin. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has designated: Russia does not threaten anyone, but will safeguard its own interests. With the question of what is behind the words, Scaparotti in terms of military threat, “MK” decided to consult a professional expert opinion.

photo: youtube.com

Recall, the US army General Curtis, turns over command for regional (formerly commander of U.S. forces in Korea) on may 4, was replaced as commander of allied forces in Europe, General, U.S. air force Philip Breedlove. And the first thing, of course, spoke about Russia. He called our country a “resurgent,” but from his lips it sounded as if it is not about revival, but rather a rebirth. According to Scaparrotti, Russia now seeks to project itself as a world power” and therefore, for NATO, it should represent one of their main threats. In line with this “werewolf”, Scapperotti safely put terrorism and the immigration crisis.

“To respond to these challenges, we must continue to maintain and improve our level of preparedness and mobility in the spirit to be able to fight today, if deterrence does not work”, — said Scaparotti.

It is interesting that Breedlove, also famous for his typically sharp statements to address of Russia, on the eve of his departure from the post of commander of NATO, gave a completely unexpected appreciation of our army. In the interview, which gave Breedlove Estonian television, he talked about “Putin’s army”, and about the President of the Russian Federation, quite respectful. He noted that a successful reform of the armed forces in the last 5 years, mentioned sharply increased the quality of our land and air and space troops, the progress in the defense industry… basically, Breedlove wanted to warn Europeans that Russian military power should be treated much more seriously than is customary. But the military, he is a war — at some point, Breedlove apparently, he didn’t notice how “playing soldiers”. “He [Putin] has created a good army. Did you see his air force to Syria, where they are tested. He has also made a powerful missile potential long-range missiles launched from ships and submarines., – enthusiastically narrated Breedlove. – He created an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and showed what we have achieved in the Crimea and the Donbas…”

And then suddenly stopped himself: “We certainly can’t portray it (the Russian army) growth of three meters, if we overestimate, then just lose the confidence. However, two meters in it just is…”

It is not surprising that the first words of Scaparotti about Russia as if it were intended to smooth the unwitting mistake of its predecessor.

But as the comments on “MK” statements NATO commander specialist in geopolitics, conflict studies, international relations and military history, the President of Academy of geopolitical problems Leonid Ivashov.

“Seriously this statement is not necessary, because to some extent the position which was occupied by Scaparotti, mechanical, says Ivashov. – He is the conductor of the American policy and American attitudes, that implements this policy within the armed forces of NATO in Europe. Moreover, when they retire, Breedlove suddenly began to say quite different than stated earlier. We can say that, Caprotti is a sort of mechanical talking heads, and focus on the war with Russia, laid down in the basic American documents – the military doctrine and national security strategy of the United States. In them, Russia is a main object both politicians and military. It is presented as a major threat to humanity, democracy and other fundamental values. Naturally, the General replaced another General, will pursue that line and to broadcast it to the entire structure of NATO. There is nothing unexpected in the fact that such Russophobic attitude manifested at the time of his new appointment”.

But by itself, this polystrate United States is extremely dangerous, – the expert believes:

The Americans target the Europeans and the whole world into a major war. In the national security strategy of the USA there are two very dangerous moment. First, it claims that there can be alternatives to a unipolar world. And second, that the United States will defend its leadership in the world from a position of strength. This entire strategy rests on military force — and they say: we will to conduct military operations anywhere in the world, we will act unilaterally to defend their interests. This focus on the war. During the cold war like militaristic documents I have not seen. There was a declared intention to protect democracy. But to forbid to build a multipolar world – this was not. And focus to protect its interests from a position of strength unilaterally, worldwide, including on the contested territories — this, too, was not.

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