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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Concert in Palmyra confirmed the status of Russia as the defender of civilization

The concert at the moment, released with the participation of our HQs confirmed the reputation of Russia as the protector of the world’s cultural heritage from the absolute evil. So experts estimated unique “cultural invasion” of the Mariinsky theatre in the ancient city. President Putin, speaking via video to the participants of the concert, encouraged to perceive any success in the fight against terrorism as a shared victory.

The state Hermitage intends to help in the restoration of Palmyra, said in the evening on Thursday the Director of the Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky. “We are ready as a Museum with lots of experience, to participate in all the actions that are required in order to Palmyra to revive in all respects, and we are ready to cooperate, we have already asked the Syrian side a list of today’s immediate needs where we can help”, – Piotrovsky, quoted by “Interfax”.

“The liberation of Palmyra particularly clearly demonstrated that Russia in this war acts as the representative of human civilization”

The Director of the main Museum of the Russian Northern Palmira gave a comment to journalists after the concert Symphony orchestra of the Mariinsky theatre under Valery Gergiev, which was held in the Roman amphitheatre of the Syrian Palmyra, released with the direct participation of the Russian HQs.

The artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre, people’s artist of Russia Valery Gergiev at the end of a unique concert, told TASS: “I am very grateful to the musicians of the Mariinsky orchestra, who without hesitation agreed to take part in the presentation in Palmyra). We the day before yesterday-yesterday talking about the fact that there is a real opportunity to speak here in this country, which is shaken by the death of people” – quoted by TASS Gergiev.

Artistic Director of the Mariinsky theater said that the musicians considered the concert “an act of human compassion and solidarity with those who can be called brothers and sisters.”

The concert titled “a prayer for Palmyra. Music enlivens the ancient walls was dedicated to including killed during a combat mission in Syria to Alexander Prokhorenko. 25-the summer senior Lieutenant Prokhorenko was killed near the town of Tadmor near ancient Palmyra. The officer was carrying out a combat mission during the week, identifying the most important objects of ISIS and giving exact coordinates for strikes by Russian aircraft. Prokhorenko has caused the fire on himself, when he found himself surrounded by fighters, sacrificing life for the sake of the destruction of the enemy. On 11 April the President of Russia Vladimir Putin awarded the deceased officer the title of Hero of Russia. The dead body of a hero of a Russian officer on Thursday was sent home – in the Orenburg oblast, where on may 6, will be held his funeral.

The event also dedicated to the memory of the custodian of the Palmyra, a Syrian archaeologist famous Khaled Asaad, who was killed by militants and all the victims in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

In the Russian delegation in the historical-architectural complex of Palmyra arrived the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky and Deputy foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov.

A sign of hope on getting rid of absolute evil

Before the beginning of that special concert on video with the participants and the spectators came out by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is necessary that any success in combating terrorism was perceived by everyone as a total victory, and any victim of the terror was perceived always and everywhere as a personal loss and personal pain, stressed the head of state.


“Only such an attitude to this absolute evil will finally help us to defeat him”, – said Putin. The Russian President called today’s concert of Russian musicians in Palmyra memory of the victims of terror and a symbol of hope for getting rid of international terrorism, reports TASS. Putin also thanked the organizers for “an amazing humanitarian action”.

“Consider it a token of gratitude, memory and hope – thank you to anyone who is fighting terrorism, not sparing even his life; the memory of all the victims of terror, regardless of the place and time of crimes against humanity; and, of course, hopes not only for the revival of Palmyra as the heritage of all mankind, but to the deliverance of modern civilization from this terrible contagion of international terrorism”, – said the head of state.

A symbolic gesture of Russia did not remain without attention and the ocean. USA positively estimate the fact of performance of the Russian orchestra in the Syrian city of Palmyra, released some time ago by the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. “That’s great. That’s good,” said state Department spokesman mark Toner at a briefing. At the same time, he reiterated the position that on the one hand, States “I am happy that the IG has managed to knock out of Palmyra,” and the other “replacement (IG) the Assad regime is not the best way”.

Civilization against barbarism

Research fellow, Institute of Oriental studies, candidate of historical Sciences Grigory Melamed said that the basic symbolism of the concert, the desire to show that “Russia in this war acts as the representative of human civilization against barbarians.” “The liberation of Palmyra particularly demonstrated this,” said Melamed the newspaper VIEW.

In turn, the President of Institute of religion and policy Alexander Ignatenko added that Russia came to Syria on a humanitarian mission, which began from the moment of transfer to the SAR the Russian space forces. “The first action laid the groundwork, created the opportunity to ensure that in the future Russia has carried out demining Palmyra. And this concert is an expression of the humanitarian, peaceful, civilization, the cultural mission of Russia in Syria,” – said Ignatenko newspaper VIEW.

It’s the performance of musicians called Alexander Ignatenko delight and joy at the fact that it “implements Russia in the person of its best representatives, as musicians, headed by Gergiev and the military, who was sitting in the amphitheatre.

How, in turn, the political scientist Alexander Topalov, “literally happened: in 2015, the monument of civilization was invaded by the barbarians, in 2016 Palmyra again returned to the bosom of humanity, including the price of the feat of Russian officer Alexander Prokhorenko, caused during the operation in the Palmyra fire. The analyst believes that the return of Palmyra was the “peak propaganda” to counter-attack the army of Bashar al-Assad, which would be impossible without a “given Russia impetus”.

The tipping point

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, speaking recently at the V Moscow conference on international security, noted: the liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra from the ISIS militants was the turning point of the armed conflict in Syria.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic)”Now it is necessary to create conditions for the restoration of this world heritage: your city, to ensure safety and normal conditions for work there experts of UNESCO”, – said the Minister. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated on 27 March Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad with the release of Palmyra, instructed the Russian sappers to take part in clearing the city.

The first two weeks after release safely walk through the city was impossible. Retreating terrorists, it was completely mined. Improvised explosive devices and mines were laid on the main streets every 50 meters.

To save the city from the deadly traps of the Syrian sappers helped by the specialists from Russia. 1 APR to Syria there arrived two groups of Russian engineers. It was noted that the Russian military has been using robotic systems “Uran-6” for clearance of Palmyra. On 12 April, the Minister of defense of Russia General of the army Sergei Shoigu said that the Russian sappers from 1 April cleared more than 180 hectares of its territory.

On Thursday, the chief of the engineering troops of the armed forces of Russia Yury Stavitskiy said: the task of demining Palmyra, which was set by Russian President Vladimir Putin made in full.

Despite the destruction and the lack of conditions for civilized existence – many houses looted and burned, in the town of big problems with water and electricity, – in Tadmor (Palmyra) it is possible to find civilians.

Barbaric occupation

Recall the ancient ruins of Palmyra – one of six world heritage sites of UNESCO in Syria – was under the control of is militants since mid-may 2015.

The ancient town, 240 km from Damascus, which archaeologists and historians refer to the best examples of Roman architecture in the East along with the modern heir to the Palmyra – a 50-thousand Arab city of Tadmor, was captured as a result of the offensive of ISIS in Central Syria.

According to the Daily Mail, from the end of may 2015 the ancient theatre of Palmyra was the scene of executions – the “Islamic state” has distributed a video of the killing of 20 prisoners, which was watched by hundreds of militants. On 22 may, the Islamists staged a demonstration the violence on the streets of the city, victims of the militants “Caliphate” were, according to various estimates, from 150 to 280 persons identified as supporters of the Assad regime”.

In August last year, the Islamists brutally murdered 82-year-old archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad, who from the 1960s years was superintendent of the Palmyra archaeological complex: the terrorists accused of the scientist in the study of idols” and in “cooperation with the infidel” (by which igilovtsy understand participation in international conferences). The body of al-Asaad was decapitated and abandoned in the Central square of Palmyra.

In the summer of 2015, the Islamists in the framework of its “cultural policy” started to what, according to them, they captured Palmyra: to destroy “profane” statues and the remnants of pagan temples. So were destroyed the statue of the “lion of Allat”, Balsamina and the temples of Bel, in September it became known about destruction of the three best-preserved funerary towers, and in October was blown triumphal arch of Roman times is one of the symbols of ancient Syria. As reported in the summer of 2015 National Geographic, samples of Greco-Roman sculptures, jewelry and other artifacts looted from the Museum of Palmyra was subsequently “floated” in the global art market.

“Destruction are catastrophic”

“According to video from the drone, we can say that some of the objects survived the destruction are not catastrophic,” – said March 28, the newspaper VIEW head of the Museum design lab of the Russian Institute of Culturology Alexey Lebedev. He was commenting on the first data on the preservation of monuments in liberated from ISIS Palmyra.

In the Internet appeared captured by drone video in Palmyra. It is possible to see the pattern of destruction of the famous temple of Bel. The destruction is significant, but the Temenos (sacred precinct) of integer and the portal of the temple stood. Noticeable is also quite large fragments, leaving hope for a Museum restoration.


At the same time completely destroyed the temple Balsamina and the arch. “It’s awful, but not as bad as could be”, says the user of the social network of Maxim Atayants.

Head of the Museum design lab of the Russian Institute of Culturology Alexey Lebedev notes that the French from the Institute of archaeology of the digital has already started to assemble a 3D digitized image of the Syrian antiquities. Create a website Syrian Heritage, where will be all photos of antiquities of Syria, adds hyperallergic.com.

According to experts, the ancient Palmyra survived 80%. The terrorists managed to destroy important ancient buildings such as the temple of Bel and the temple Balsamina, the arch and columns of tombs in the valley. Suffered at the hands of terrorists and buildings of the Citadel of Salah al-DIN and the national Museum.

Syrian experts believe that the destroyed part of the ancient city it is possible to recover not less than 70-80%. Working professionals may take three to five years, when this stone will be used from the quarry At-tar at Palmyra. Experts believe that it is there to produce building material for ancient temples.

The first visit of Syrian experts in Palmyra on March 31. Due to the large number of mines and roadside bombs, experts have not been able to come close to the temples and funerary columns, but there has been a large number of photographs that were included in the preliminary analysis.

“Additional evaluation is needed on the spot”

On 13 April the Russian experts have estimated the damage at ancient Palmyra and announced the intention to submit a report to the Secretariat of UNESCO. On April 26 the head of a group of experts from the organization of Michelin, Rosler said: the world heritage sites of UNESCO in Palmyra damage, but in General we can say about their safety. “I can tell you that significant damage to the Museum (Palmyra),” – quoted by RIA “Novosti” the statement of Resler. “The second part deals with the objects of UNESCO world heritage, archaeological sites. We all know that they are corrupted, but in General, these objects seem to be holistic and authentic. Of course, additional evaluation is needed on the spot”, – said Ruslan.

“We received a proposal from representatives of UNESCO’s full support, both financial and expert in the restoration of the great historical city, listed as cultural heritage”, – said the Minister of culture of Syria Issam al-Khalil, after meeting with members of the delegation of UNESCO following their visit to Palmyra.

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