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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cable on the East turned out to be unimportant for start-up

The head of NPO Avtomatiki, Leonid Shalimov has decided not to wait to check in his company and resigned. Earlier made by his subordinates cable led to the postponement of the first launch from the cosmodrome East. Meanwhile, it appears that the success of the missile launch from the cable fault was independent, and the workers themselves demanded the government to leave the Director at the factory.

Will not return

The head of JSC “NPO automatics” from Ekaterinburg Leonid Shalimov indeed resigned due to the transfer of the launch at the Vostochny space centre and is unlikely to return. About it the newspaper LOOK told at the enterprise.

“The head of the company got a penalty and left because of specific defects”

“He (Shalimov) does not want to withdraw its decision and did not withdraw, – said the newspaper VIEW assistant General Director Igor Brusno. – Leonid Nikolaevich – professional, and knows what he’s doing”.

The assistant added that fully the reasons for the resignation could only articulate itself Shalimov. But on Thursday, the resigned CEO of the company was unavailable for comment. According to colleagues, before the end of the day he was on NGOs and solved various issues associated with the decision.

Commenting on the degree of fault of the company for the delayed first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome, Igor Brusnev noted that no one admits that the faulty cable came from here. “It was immediately clear, said the assistant Director General. – And Leonid Shalimov has reported on the state Commission who took the decision to start. He said: it is, but we will try to fix it. Leonid Nikolaevich has discussed it with his friends, they figured out the problem, and by Thursday morning everything was ready. Then I had a successful first start. And the fact that experts were able in less than a day to understand and fix the problem, is an indication that they know how to work”. Overall Brusnev believes delay start standard situation.

A more dramatic assessment of what happened leads “Kommersant”. “I did not wait for the Commission’s findings. Wrote that I beg to dismiss. Why to torture me. Unfortunately, love of country mutual does not happen”, – quotes the edition of words Shalimov.

In the end it turned out that the success of a missile launch from a cable fault and not dependent. “Indeed, the connectors of one of the cables of the control system of the launch vehicle were soldered incorrectly. But for the starting of the works for the booster it would have no value if the sequence diagram of the flight not made the interruption prelaunch improper connection of this cable,” – said the source TASS.

Good that he resigned

“The head of the company got a penalty and left because of specific defects – the discrepancies of the manufactured equipment (cable – approx. OPINION) the stated documentation. For this, and not for the postponement of the launch from the East, he immediately answers,” – said the newspaper VIEW the member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin. The expert noted that Shalimov left on their own initiative, and is a courageous and correct step on the part of the head of the NGO.

“I remember the phrase Zhvanetsky about what our leaders are given the worst sentence: “I have led you, and I will answer.” In fact, for all defects must not only answer the specific the performer, which is not the side of the hammer was struck, or constructor, which is then not checked, but the Director of the company. Need to get away from the practice when small are always looking for a scapegoat,” said Jonas.

Not everyone wants the resignation of

Note that NPO automatics ” on Thursday, staff began collecting signatures in support of the CEO and against his decision to leave. Were collected at least 300 signatures, and the campaign continues. In total there are about 3.5 thousand people.

Staff are asked to leave Shalimova to work in the enterprise, though not in the position of CEO because “he is leading the company in a difficult 90-e years, not only prevented its collapse, the loss of scientific and technical capacity, but also further multiplied the possibility of unification.”

In a letter to employees, in particular, said that “under the direct leadership of the CEO developed and implemented control systems for ballistic missiles “Sineva”, “Mace”, carrier “Soyuz-2” and there are promising developments.

Tarnished image of the enterprise, according to employees, could raise trip on NGOs, President Putin. “To form opinions about our company and the appropriate action we invite you to visit with working visit”, – said in the letter.

On Friday morning Shalimov should go to Moscow for the latest report.

And there is already a reaction to the situation from the Kremlin. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the resignation Shalimov, said the head of state adopted a resolution on incomplete official correspondence of the head of NPO Avtomatiki still at the cosmodrome East. And other decisions (resignation – approx. OPINION) do not require the consent of the President, they are accepted within the industry.

Reprimanded for another

Now in NPO automatics continues the work of the special Commission on investigation of reasons of the postponement of the first launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a from Baikonur East.

By the way, in addition to the warned Shalimov got reprimanded the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov and profile Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin. But with them the situation is somewhat different.

“They are the reprimand was announced for it (transfer of the first start on day one – approx. OPINION). But for the fact that the decree of the President about creation of the cosmodrome was signed in 2007, and the first launch was scheduled for 2015. But eight years the leaders of industry are not enough, and the first launch took place only eight years and a few months. Of course, if the start was delayed for several years, would have been made quite different conclusions. But when has not held a bit, only four months, performed work at 96% and not 100% accurate, it can and should chide”, – says Jonas.

According to him, all these disciplinary sanctions are designed to show that “the instructions of the President to perform” and responsible leaders should resign if something was done wrong, “instead of waiting for a succession of high-profile accidents”.

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