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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Backstage Eurovision: gay look to Lazarus, Ivan shocking hologram

“The main thing – not a horse, and a prize” – has long sang Alla Pugacheva, and if looked in the mirror today of evrokonkurs in Stockholm. Ended the first, “the dressing” another rehearsal of “Eurovision” on stage Globe Arena, and approaching the picture of the battle gained if not the final strokes, more clear shape. The participants meanwhile, as soldiers (or generals!) before the decisive battle keep your creative powder dry and overtures a future barrage the battlefield.

“Artillery” includes by tradition as rehearsals, and casual-friendly in appearance, but obviously cautious communication with colleagues-rivals, strained wishes each other “luck”, “flattery” to reporters at press conferences, which, as grooms, closely examine future stallions and mares of evergance, meticulously evaluating the color, shape, mane, looking even into the teeth, as it should be with horses.

The latter circumstance, for example, was a big stress for our Belarusian participant of Ivan – Alexander Ivanov (what tells today in an interview with “ZD” producer artist Victor Drobysh).

Photo: Alexander Fil

In an obligatory ritual of seduction” includes, of course, and different public events such as the mass of night “orgies” in the Euroclub with songs, dances and beer, charitable performances, promoconcert, the national party. However, the efficiency for the final result, often disproportionately spent forces, mass, energy, and therefore such activity loses its gloss and the dynamics of evrogalant past years.

Perhaps only a large openair Celebrating Diversity (“Celebrating diversity”) in Eurovillage (Evroarene) on one of the Central squares of Stockholm exciting, “non-competitive” the expectations of the public and participants. Know exactly what part of “our” there are Swedish backing vocalists, sing along with Lazarus, because they themselves are a professional group with their own repertoire. The crowd rolled, the contestants, evrosvet past and present, but to wait there the Lazarev along with Chuck Philip Kirkorov – is not yet clear. Here, as in the saying – and I want and prickly, and my mother will not allow it…

Sergey Lazarev: “Rainbow flags won’t confuse me”

However, Sergey Lazarev still made a kind of “coming out”, bravely giving an interview to the chief of the Swedish LGBT magazine QX. Could not give, failure would become more likely in a resounding scandal. Therefore, what is called, gritting his teeth… after All, it is necessary to respect the traditions of the master “Garabashi” flats.

The interview was published under the title “Flags of the rainbow won’t confuse me”, which is looped with a question: how to react to the artist if at the time of his rooms, representing Russia, the whole room will start waving the gay flag?

“I’ll be all right,” said Sergei (though, probably, and jumped in the shower) – Many gay fans love Eurovision, so it’s okay”. Concisely, diplomatically, but, apparently, feeling some dissatisfaction with the response of the interviewer, he added: “I am often asked if I feel pressure from European journalists in connection with the fact that I am from Russia. But yet, I don’t feel any pressure. Good and bad people all around the world. I’m a good person, and I know that in Russia a lot of good people, cannot all be measured with one yardstick. Russia is a great country with a rich history and hope for a brighter future,” concluded the artist his idea is already quite bold speculation. Let me explain what Sergei was thinking, most likely, in Russian, spoke to the journal in English, the text came out in Swedish, so the translation here – not even a double and a triple.

“But people in Russia big problems with anti-gay laws?” – pressed journalist. “People often do not know the law – stepping into a minefield, Sergei cautiously choosing every word. We often don’t know the details or not trying to understand them. There are a lot of speculations and rumors, everyone writes what he wants, and often that’s not true, not always facts”.

The Swede, however, did not give up: “so if I kiss my boyfriend in public place, I risk prison or a fine?”. “I don’t know the details of the law,” the 33-year-old Sergei had to “enable” infantile simpleton, but he was quickly found: “But we have gay clubs and gay life in Russia. I played in the big gay clubs, I respect their gay fans, they respect me. The gay audience is fantastic, and I really gayfriendly (gay-friendly) people. However, I appreciate and cherish all my fans”.

Mr. Lazarev also did not rule out his appearance on the gay-pride in Stockholm, “if invited”, he recalled how he participated in 2008 in a similar parade in London and was even on the cover of “their” magazine (but then, in “domianovskoy” of Russia, there were a few other times – approx. AG), and at the end of the interview, badly, it seems, breaking a sweat, admitted: “to be honest, it’s not easy to talk about these things, and I don’t want people thinking that I’m trying to score points with the gay audience.”

Landmark interview of Sergey Lazarev QX.

What would, however, Sergei did not want to, but the gay audience to him in Stockholm eyeing very closely, and, it seems, this interview will add to his vote – to the dismay of the adherents of “spiritual braces” to mother Russia.

Horror wolf and baby tooth

Meanwhile, the press had not slept the night in anticipation of the first rehearsal of another of our messenger – the winner of the show “Main stage” Alexander Ivanov. Under a simple name Ivan and under the supervision of producer Victor Drobysh it is the second part of our “Union state” – Belarus.

Claimed affair with a naked artist and a live wolf experienced Drobysh was kept to the last, arguing with a straight face and an honest opinion, that – Yes, naked artist, as in the video, and a live wolf will be. Ivanov came to the rehearsal wrapped in a black cloak with a hood, leaving no doubt as to nakedness, to hide such an expressive outfit. The journalists were running like cats on fire, fussing, occupying the best seats at the screens in the press center (on the concert platform of the journalists are not yet allowed), anticipating an unheard of revelation in the history of Eurovision.

IVAN — rehearsal blew up “the Eurovision”. Photo: Alexander Fil

And here’s a naked artist sitting sideways to the audience and gently caressing the wolf, appeared in the big screen. With bated breath, waited, when he will rise – will not stay the same the whole room around with this wolf! But what is it? The artist and the wolf suddenly turned into smoke and vanished, and instead of a spectacular hologram at the scene began to ride Ivan live in a white suit. Press center of the startled laughter of frustration and irony – in fact, adults, and seduced like a girl on a first date!

However, during the meet & greet with the press after the rehearsal, the journalists, plenty mocked the “deception” self-deception, unanimously agreed that room Help You Fly, perhaps the most creative in the contest, and Alexander Ivanov, perhaps the best vocalist. “His teachers were Ian Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne!”, – pathetically exclaimed Mr. Drobysh under the consonants of the ward nods. On the question about “cheating” the producer cheerfully explained that even with “Buranovskie Grandmothers” (when they mention nostalgically hall applauded) at the contest in Baku in 2012, he realized the main recipe for success on this show – “surprise, but the ways can be different.” Then all versed in the philosophy of performances, but never found a clear answer. “MK” has tried to understand this by the author of “scandal” – Victor Drobysh.

– As think, whether it managed to shake the audience?

Audience, in fact, was not there, but the rehearsal yet been able to execute his plan by 20 percent. The complexity of the hologram that we created in the light. It is very important to expose it correctly to get the intended trick, and that’s where problems arose. The audience should be a feeling that all the characters live, including when Sasha interacts with a hologram of himself and the wolf in the course rooms.

photo: youtube.com
Conchita Wurst is Dami Im (contestant from Australia).

– And in the final from lightning appears on the scene and the toddler is still in diapers. Now interpret so that it is a wolf turned into a toddler – a sort of mind-bending horror with the werewolf, although the competition takes place not in Amsterdam…

– For me personally – is the hero of the song, that is very Sasha himself in a small, looped retrospective image… But as you can see, the possible interpretations… and the more options the better! Let everyone think whatever he wants.

– And the trick with the black cloak, in which you wrapped the artist… After all, that’s what everybody thought until recently – that there is nothing underneath, and now as he casts, but as the show!

Ha-ha-ha! And there is something to show! I saw in the bath!.. In fact, I was sure (in this reaction). He immediately said put on your coat and come so directly from the room (in the hotel), because it only will think that he’s naked in a raincoat coming to the rehearsal! And in fact, a black cloak needed to at the beginning of the room, Sasha just could not see to get the effect of the unexpected appearance in the hologram. At some point the cloak is thrown off, naked, and the wolf dissolved and a live artist, out of nowhere, already standing on the stage…

– Yes, all in white – like Bender… This set-up for hologram costs a lot of money! Are you sure now that the “naturalistic” perception can be played not only for the audience, but in the broadcast? The first run left a lot of questions…

– On TV screen is not yet adequately read – precisely because it was incorrectly exposed to the light. And when we all tested it, the picture was so natural that I wanted her to touch. If we manage to convey this sense, the viewer is tricked in a good way – and will, I think, pleasant emotions.

Workshop provocation, however…

– Some journalists have bitterly said that Drobysh bred us a few months of a three-PR, bearing in mind that, supposedly, did not put special effort and money. But money is once again be healthy what are the invested – in manufacturing and in the entire campaign. For a hundred (thousand dollars) exceeded! On “the Eurovision” the hologram will be used for the first time, and technically if all goes well, it will be, I’m sure a certain event.

– How was the reaction of the international press after the rehearsal?

– A very positive experience for me. The most enjoyable for us were not even questions, but statements to Sasha as a singer, that his singing was very highly appreciated, and no PR intrigue had not put this professional perception, which showed exactly the Western press. Our journalists, unfortunately, saw only “a three-PR”, and apparently not even realized that he had heard…

– And you yourself are happy as Ivan sang?

The version of the three runs that was posted in the official materials of the competition was perhaps not the best. Very good job backing vocals, we have four Swedes and a Russian girl, I was so confident in them, but on stage they made some magic. Still I liked the fact that the European press is even more appreciated not “naked” hologram, and the image of a child in the finals. I honestly deep down want is a reaction.

Rykka (Switzerland).

– Sasha at the meeting with reporters, looked somewhat anxious and even frightened…

– He was very complexed because of his tooth, why was this stiffness in the facial expressions, the conversation. I even took to the dentist, and the dentist know what he said? It turns out, this little tooth left – milk, still not dropped! Milk, pancake on his lip! 21 years old, 94 metre tall, and baby tooth! He needs to get into the Guinness book of records! A little tooth does not come out great, and now it is impossible to tear out!

– But everything else is great, like you said… we can only hope that the final result will exceed the sad predictions of bookmakers, persistently “degrading” you 35th place, which eliminates even a hint on the exit from the semifinals.

Maybe the song is not quite formatted for competition, I don’t know… Although, in different countries, many radio stations have aired Help You Fly, without any, and push – I can’t influence European radio stations, as you know. I think, after all, very much depends on the final execution – and not only Sachin, and technical execution. If everything will happen and some times there will be this effect of “waw!”, “Oh!” – in our…

– The second type, where the wolf of Delhi?!

– …then, of course, will be all good. I’m sure of it – in the same way as in the confident performance of Sergey Lazarev your room, which, of course, we also sincerely empathize. I really liked his room. He, of course, as the robot one hundred percent will do what is intended. Well done!

– We will wait for the proverbial waw!


Today expect also noticeable interest first rehearsal of Ukraine – Jamal with the sensational song “1944”. Almost ended the first rehearsal of the tour, though, and made some clarity in what and how they will perform and show participants, however, already well-established predictions from this is almost not changed. Uncompromising bookies remains Sergey Lazarev, fan precharter the balance is more inclined to the French ballad, ” J’ai Cherhe performed by Amir, and journalists were very much inspired by Korean Australian DAMI Im with her ballad and brilliant dress in the genre of pop diva Sound Of Silence. For Korean a mountain and Europop Queen Conchita Wurst that makes many people to wonder, “Ulterior motive?”…

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