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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Astronomers doubted the existence of Planet X

New theoretical calculations conducted by experts from the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics, showed that the recently discovered ninth planet of the Solar system in reality may not exist. If this assumption is confirmed, it would deprive of meaning the many put forward in recent theories as to the origin of the mysterious Planet X and its effects on other objects in the Solar system.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts analyzed the probability of various scenarios of the emergence of mysterious planets revolving around the Sun, but located at a great distance from it. As it turned out, even if the planet on a similar orbit in the past were there, the likelihood that she would not have been thrown out of the Solar system during its existence, accounts for only about 10 percent.

Scientists have considered more ambitious theory about “Planet X”, implying that this cosmic body in the past was an exoplanet: formed around another star, and only got to orbit the Sun. However, the probability that the planet has been “stolen” by the gravity of the Sun from another star, and that she “traveled” through space alone until you’ve stumbled on the Sun, is no more than two percent. Thus, it is most likely that this planet does not exist, experts say.

That in the Solar system, there might be a ninth planet in the beginning of this year, said astrophysics Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin. Further studies conducted by experts of various universities, showed that such a planet should be about 10 times heavier than Earth and have a 2-4 times greater in diameter than our planet. The circulation period of “Planet X” around the Sun different for astrophysics estimated at 15-20 thousand years. It was assumed that the search for the mysterious space body should be in the constellation Cetus.

Since about the possibility of a ninth planet was first announced, it has already been the subject of many quite fantastic theories. In particular, about a month ago Daniel Witmyer of Louisiana state University made the assumption that “planet X” every 27 million years on Earth sends comets from the Kuiper belt that has already caused the mass extinction on the planet in the past and in the future may threaten humanity. And recently a group of scientists from Spain and the UK went even further and suggested that the ninth planet promotes the destruction of the entire Solar system, its gravity, throwing out of her rather large cosmic body.

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