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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Anatoly Vyborny: “the development of the country should be based on three pillars — justice, security, law

Anatoly Vyborny, a State Duma Deputy, member of faction “United Russia” and the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, told our magazine about how he served in the far East, about his legislative initiatives, methods of confrontation, corruption and law-making plans.

— Anatoly Borisovich, you have a very rich work history. For many years, you defend the interests of citizens and the state in a particular area. You have gone from the investigator to the military Prosecutor, then became more involved in anti-corruption activities, right?

I think the job for the state is my calling. And it’s not just my opinion. I will not cheat, it was not easy. In the far East it was hard no longer me and wife. The child is small, the climate is harsh, bitter cold in the winter and wind, in summer, the unbearable heat and high humidity. For me, the difficult times have come, when I joined the military Prosecutor’s office. It was 1991, the state was bursting at the seams… However, even in such conditions it was necessary to act according to the law and defend the interests of citizens and the state. In 2010, I was appointed Deputy head of the Department of prevention and counteraction of corruption of Management of the President of Russia on issues of state service and personnel. In the Department we worked to create effective anti-corruption mechanisms, to ensure that Russia became unprofitable to illegally enrich themselves, it is dangerous to engage in corrupt communication, it is impossible to make a career in a dishonest way. These mechanisms work and today: the increase in the civil service is impossible without passage of the certification Commission; if a conflict of interest employees dismissed in connection with loss of trust, then they actually can’t hold public office; income and expenses of civil servants are transparent and tightly controlled.

— You participate in the primaries of the party “United Russia” before the elections to the State Duma. Do you think the procedure of primaries is really necessary?

— The primaries of the party “United Russia” is a tool, which makes elections open and honest. Today, the citizens themselves choose the candidates and determine whom to go on elections to the state Duma. However, the primaries are not only the most worthy selection, but also a mechanism to identify and address the real issues of concern to Muscovites. United Russia — the only party in the country, which has claimed responsibility and for several years held a preliminary vote.

— You are considered one of the most effective parliamentarians, would you agree with that?

— In my legislative portfolio 144 of the bill. If we talk about the efficiency of my work, the facts are: from the 101 brought me together with colleagues-deputies of the draft law adopted today by the state Duma and have become Federal laws 98. I think this is a good result. Most bills aimed at improving the effectiveness of anti-corruption mechanisms, improvement of judicial system and increase of level of safety of life and labor of our citizens. I’m going to continue to improve the laws to be effective.

— You have developed the “law on national teams”. Some will be innovations, regarding the combatants?

— Yes, the expert community of Moscow is already actively discussing the idea to equate an attack on a combatant to attack a police officer. In addition, I think active people who are ready to personally protect your yard and the city, should be encouraged, where encouragement needs to be prescribed by law. Moreover, combatants must be able to obtain preferences for admission to higher educational institutions of law enforcement focus. However, citizens are actively working in the field of assistance to law enforcement, it would be possible to award special distinctive signs.

— Soon the whole country will celebrate Victory Day, will be held the action “Immortal regiment”. Please tell me how you feel about it?

Is a positive example of how good can be realized by the public initiative. The popularity of the action suggests that we remember our history and are proud of it, proud of the heroism of fathers and grandfathers who against all odds survived, did not break, were the people and defended our country for us — their descendants. Portraits are also those who survived the war and remembers all the hardships of the time. But even more happily, in the procession attended by the youth, children — hence, the link between generations is not broken, so we remember our roots.

— What other measures to improve security do you plan to implement?

It is extremely important to ensure transportation safety. For example, to toughen the penalties aviakerosene, and to introduce them as additional administrative penalties suspension by the court from flying for a certain period. It is also necessary to clarify the issue of spending transport tax — collected money should go strictly to the maintenance of our roads. In addition, it is time to stop vicious practice of “withdrawal” of drivers who have committed in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, traffic accidents resulting in human death or causing of heavy harm to health of the victim in the accident, from just punishment. For such offenders the court should not appoint conditional punishment.

— How do you see the further development of our society? Tell me about it in a nutshell.

— I think that the future sustainable development of the country should be based on three pillars: justice, security, law. Justice, in my understanding, is that any decision power must not only be lawful but also fair. Each of us has the right to decent living conditions. While respect should be given to labor, not money. If we talk about security, it should be comprehensive, i.e. cover all areas: everyday life, work, recreation, habitat. The third component is the law. It needs to be the same for everyone. The elected should not be. The principle of inevitability of punishment should work like a clock. Then we will live in a fair government, safe society, and the same laws for all. And then in Russia to live honestly will be profitable, and prestigious.

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