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Friday, March 23, 2018

A poem Mayakovsky “shifted” to the sound

Unlike the composer Edward Artemiev, who turned “Crime and punishment” by Dostoevsky to the Opera, finding its musical form, but not paraphrasing the story, a team of Russian and Italian experimental musicians working on their project, received quite differently with the legacy of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Or rather, not even by heritage: they took the name of the poem “Good!”, rewrote his Latin and did a detailed tribute of the fourteen totally different songs, dedicating it to not only a specific author but also all things Russian futurism.

The Parallels and the idea can be traced. If the work of Mayakovsky – lyric-epic poem, with its many cupolas, describing the portrait of the era, “HOROSHO!” can be called a musical epic poem, where instead of chapters presents the music tracks. Second, unlike the first, does not reproduce the real historical events, and an abstract reality, although it is also, of course, there is the social context and resonance with the surrounding reality. The attempt to establish its “historical and esthetic space just brings artists, who recorded an unusual tribute, to futurists. Like the latter, they see the future in his sound experiments, destroying the “old” music database and creating something completely unlike her. But despite the fact that such thoughts bring together musicians, each with its own field of fantasy and its curious history.

Formation of Ain Soph, composed of several projects, emerged in Rome in 1984 and has become a cult classic. Their name – the Kabbalistic term, the translation of which is “that which is beyond all boundaries”. The formation participants talked about the fact that by founding it, they wanted to find the musical basis for “esoteric research”. Critics witness the creativity of enterprises for many years, said that over the years it has become more mundane, but no less beautiful.” Their relatives Cineteca Meccanica, playing electro-wave, seems to be flirting with mysticism sounds, not meanings, creating atmospheric and mellow sound. Their thing “Guerra d’inverno (L Odio)”, included in this collection recalls the ancient legend that is told through music. Spiral69 not afraid of criticism from colleagues on stage and to add to the dark-wave and post-punk elements even indie-pop. He is an active member of numerous subcultural festivals, which, incidentally, allows him to actively promote their creativity. Venetian team “Teatro Satanico” is a real “devil” in the theater sound, in this case, devilishly handsome. The band exists since 1993 and during his life on the stage created a lot of interesting songs, performances and video works. Another interesting Italian project presented on the album Spectre, but no less interesting and Russian musicians took part in the tribute.

Anenerbe Music Club say that their song “call to search for new meanings, for fearlessness in the face of the meaninglessness of existence”, and despite the fact that this definition may sound somewhat pretentious, the band fully justify it with their multi-level, bright lyrics. Creativity Torch Project, playing the scathing, brutal but thoughtful post-industrial electro-punk – hard combination of straightforward poetry with complex, asymmetrical sound frames. Fancy creative Association Srcy seem to create the parable, not the songs. Its creators claim that “adhere to the traditions of the 19th century, when the service of the society, the state and the highest ideas was the main purpose of the artist, and reject degenerate art of the XX century, instead of praising the culture of antiquity, the middle ages and the great culture of the 19th century.” In this Manifesto sincere confession, and that the invention, each listener may decide for himself, but in the music of the project is clearly felt and charisma, and your own character that distinguishes it from others.

A tribute to “HOROSHO!” reflects the characters of all its participants. Noises are interwoven with the “beaten” irregular rhythms, slow or Vice versa – a sharp, discontinuous and sporadic melodies in the score unexpected sounds. The lyrics of all the songs “is” crazy and colorful parade of images, resembling the characters from the Comedy of masks, not characters from ancient myths, not the people, mutated into strange creatures of the prose of the founder of metaphysical realism writer Yuri Mamleeva. Here comes the Ghost of “Black September” (so named one of the songs Cineteca Meccanica), a figure like the living city, reminiscent of the ugly beast in the song Torch Project “City”, “Antichrist”, walking the earth in the eponymous track from the band “Srcy”, phantom leader of the revolution Lenin. The latter, however, described rather ironic than scary, and the whole musical fear-fear, which caught the participants of the tribute, diluted sometimes harmonious (albeit too bizarre) melodies and things resembling lyrical and majestic ballads. So, for example, turned out the title track of the album “Ascoltate!” from Ain Soph – translated into Italian poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky, “Listen!”, perhaps one of the most romantic and philosophical and graceful among his opuses. Italian text team members put on a smooth waltz-time melody, which is heard as if the sound of the organ mixed with copper plates, tasty guitars and other selected sonic elements.

Italian and Russian texts on the album (the latter will appeal to fans of “meaty”, sometimes deliberately naturalistic, caustic, but not rough symbols) are combined with English (the international language, without further ADO, chose the songs for your project, Spiral69 Italian Ricardo Sabetti). Stylistically the album is not uniform: constantly experimenting with sound, the artists do not limit ourselves to any genre, so it is possible to hear the post-punk motifs and dark-wave, and experimental trip-hop, and even “apocalyptic pop” – as, for example, define their creativity Anenerbe Music Club. In General, any definition, trying to define the boundaries of the musical “poems”, will be conditional, and it is, rather, applicable allusions to the works of other areas of the arts (which is more conceptually justified is selected for a tribute name). The resulting imagery and sound canvas that could become the basis for the playing of a musical performance, the plot of which combined several distinctive stories, or the soundtrack to the film-epic with elements of psychological Thriller, drama and tragicomedy at the same time.

The album is iconic because it has nothing to do with commercial music: it is a dish cooked as a result of successful cultural collaboration between Russian and Italian artists, more likely to appeal to sophisticated palates that have become jaded by all the existing conventional forms. They can deliver tribute any evaluation close them musical scale of values, any will be subjective, and everyone will find in it something of their own.

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