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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wife of Victor bout called “courageous” judge, recognizing his sentence inadequate

Excessive and inappropriate name your own sentence to Russian Victor bout, the now former judge of the U.S. Federal court Shira scheindlin (remember, Booth was convicted of terrorism in 2012 and received 25 years in prison). Act American judges we commented on Victor’s wife Alla Bout. According to Alla, statements Sheindlin can be used as an argument when discussing the exchange of Victor bout.

photo: AP

Viktor Bout

Ex-servant of the American Themis acknowledged that Booth is not a terrorist and not a murderer, a businessman, who was involved in the ugly history with the sale of weapons.

An interview I had with Shira Sheindlin was printed in the newspaper “new York times” and has caused much controversy among legal experts. Ex-judge confessed she was aware that Booth at the time of arrest was not engaged in arms trafficking and terrorism had no relationships. “He’s not the fighter of “al-Qaeda”, who wanted to blow up people in the supermarket”, she said. American judges are rarely at the center of scandals, and this case some call it scandalous. What will be the consequences of revelation of Shira?

– It is unlikely this will significantly affect the fate of Victor, says his wife Alla Bout. – But the Russian foreign Ministry, leading some negotiations (for example, exchange), will be able to bring her words as an argument. In addition, these statements, our lawyers will use at the appeal hearing.

Is an appeal on the verdict?

– No, the refusal of the Federal court to review the case on again opened circumstances. We conducted our own investigation, and we had very serious arguments: the so-called partner of Victor a British citizen Andrew Smulian was recruited for 1.5 years before the operation. Because the very wording of “conspiracy” should be declared illegal. Could not the same Victor to come to terms with myself because all the other members, as has been officially established, the Federal paid agents. The appeal will be exhausted after 1.5 months. And if it is satisfied, then the sentence itself will reconsider and there is already recognition of the former judge Shira can play an important role.

– Because she has a good reputation?

– The judges listen to the opinion of colleagues, especially as the Shire is very well respected and independent judge. I’m really glad she found the courage after retirement, when she was not burdened by any obligations, to comment on the case. She acknowledged that the case of Victor was one of the most important in her judicial career.

– You were on the court during the sentencing, what is she to you then impressed?

– I remember it perfectly. It was clear that she was skeptical about all this business. From her mouth sounded this sentence: “If Victor provoked on that trip, then it is unlikely he would have something to do.” He was not even accused in the conspiracy, and the intention of the conspiracy. It is not known what would have happened afterwards, if he is not arrested whether he’d made a deal or it could be a financial game (his goal was to sell the aircraft)?

– Still, she gave 25 years!

– When I walked out of the courtroom after the verdict, I wasn’t myself. It’s hard to describe my psychological state. But I didn’t have anger or resentment specifically on the judge. I understand that it is limited to the law. She is a human system and could not otherwise (25 years is the minimum according to that article, in which Victor was charged). And the view that she expressed in an interview with now, she already had. She openly says that Victor is a businessman, not a terrorist. But it is still a US citizen and could not tell the main thing: all this is revenge of special services Victor for what he pulled off some special operations and at the same time he successfully conducted an operation to liberate the Russians from Kandahar.

– Ministry of foreign Affairs informs you that the negotiations about the exchange, the Victor is in full swing?

– No, and generally no official information I have. On this topic we often speculate media. I would not want to fall into unreasonable expectations. I think that the exchange is unlikely. It will be possible if only the United States itself will see this as some sort of benefit (and here it clearly is not about the fate of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko).

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