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Monday, March 19, 2018

Whether will remove the film “an Apple without a peel”

Authorized representatives of the party “Yabloko” discussed with Alexey Navalny the possibility of participation of his associates in the election of deputies of the state Duma from the party, said, citing its well-informed source in the “Apple”, the Agency “Interfax”. According to the Agency the talks began more than a month ago. It is like on the Federal list and single-member districts. So far, the information has no official confirmation. The press service of the Yabloko claim that none of the leadership of the party is not currently negotiating with a Bulk. However, do not exclude that “to meet could one of the members of the contact group: Lev Shlosberg, Sergei Mitrokhin, Sergey Ivanenko,” which “are in talks with other politicians and public figures”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

One illustration may serve the fact that each Navalny Dmitry Gudkov has already declared his nomination from the “Apple” on one of Moscow’s districts. However, as is often the case with liberals, it all started with a scandal: initially the party had a candidate with good starting positions – Irina Kupcina with great political experience, but more importantly, living within the County and for many years advocating for its residents. But here comes Dmitry Gudkov, and political analyst because of the “Yabloko” Leo Schlossberg situation is changing rapidly.

It is credible believes this information and the leader of the movement “Green alternative” Oleg Mitvol. “After the scandal in the Parnassus and the collapse of the democratic coalition is attempting to place candidates from the party of Navalny in “Apple”, – said Mitvol in an interview with National news service. In turn, the leadership of the party and its informal leader, Grigory Yavlinsky, – make a move tonight, according to Mitvol, a desperate effort to increase the popularity of “Apple”, being afraid to remain without government funding: for fiscal “benefits” of the party need to gain in the upcoming elections not less than three percent of the vote. “Why Yavlinsky is ready to negotiate even with the devil, or the devil himself,” – said the leader of the “Green alternatives”. For reference: according to the latest opinion polls, the party’s rating is about one percent.

However, according to the politician, the emerging Alliance promises “Apple” anything good: “given the fact that today the “Apple” torn by internal conflicts, the arrival of the Bulk of people can lead to the fact that Yavlinsky in a few months will simply lose the party. What has not been done Parnas, will happen here.”

Recall that Navalny headed by the unregistered “Progress Party” announced on April 28 about the exit from the Democratic coalition. Example Napalkova followed and the party “Democratic choice”. Navalny and his supporters explained his step disagreement with the “decision on the introduction of special exemptions-privileges for the leader of PARNAS and grant him first place in the list of primaries without” that “was a mistake”. It is noteworthy, however, that to realize the fallacy of this decision, navalesi came not at once: it was made a few months ago. What was the “moment of truth” is not difficult to guess. The revolt against the undeserved privileges of Mikhail Kasyanov broke out after the last hero became sexually-political scandal.

To customers and Directors of the film “Kasyanov day,” demonstrating “the naked truth” about the person, like the leader of Parnas, you can make a lot of claims. To say that the moral side of this kind of “teleradioveshanie”, doubtful – means to say nothing. But what is their no, you cannot accuse it of inefficiency. The shells landed in the top ten. Moreover, it is possible that the effect is even more significant than expected by the initial plan: the pieces of the democratic coalition are beginning to scatter and hit other representatives of the opposition camp. And one of the first victims of the large dispersion may become “Apple”. Well, unless, of course, not afraid to tempt fate and associate it with Bulk. I think that exposing the film under the conditional name “the Apple without a peel” will not be in this case to wait long.

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