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Thursday, March 15, 2018

What Putin’s love women of Russia: presentation of the report

What is the phenomenon of “Putin’s majority”? It is possible that the answer to this question will provide the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) in its report, which will be released on Thursday. The report is based on research of the most authoritative sociological services, and the first conclusion lies on the surface: Putin women like. “MK” acquainted with the theses of the report before its presentation and interviewed the head of author’s group of this study Konstantin KOSTIN.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Putin’s majority” is stable, has the potential for further expansion and has a significant impact on politics and public life in Russia, – says the report. – It does not depend on party affiliation. For Putin in the upcoming presidential election plan to vote 96% of the members of “United Russia”, 78% of Communist party supporters, and 76% of supporters of Zhirinovsky”.

This note, when you live a Zhirinovsky! In the ranks “Fair Russia” Putin wants to see the President until 2024 87% of respondents.

But the main thing — not a party, and the gender of fans (or rather, lovers) Putin. 85% of Russian women want to vote for Putin in 2018. Moreover, the number of young women (18 to 24 years) in this poll dramatically exceeds the arithmetic average, as much as 90%.

Interestingly, in Metropolitan areas “angry citizens” – Moscow and St. Petersburg Putin’s supporters became even more than in the whole of provincial Russia — 87% against 82% of the “average hospital”. And wanting to vote for GDP, according to fcsd, the two capitals became even more — 89%.

According to the Foundation, Representatives of the “Putin majority” are engaged primarily in those activities that are associated with actual production, the commercial sector, state and municipal service. They allocate to the incumbent such qualities as his diligence and activity in the interests of Russia, celebrated his willpower and perseverance. Respondents often remember the contribution of Putin in the process of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Women still find it beautiful.

What is so liked Putin our beautiful Princess once angry citizens? This “MK” asked the Chairman of the Board of Forgo Konstantin KOSTIN.

Muscovites and Petersburgers are looking closely at what is happening around. When they didn’t understand where the country is, and then went on peaceful demonstrations. And now they saw the reference to Putin. They trust Putin, and I see that in the crisis our President conducts the country, as the ship between the reefs, ” replied the scientist. – There is another component of Putin’s rating is phenomenal. Our updated country, only a quarter of a century, and Putin 15 years in power. More than half of the entire history of the country! And with Putin in the eyes of more citizens connected comfortable picture of the world in a situation when there are threats. Putin came to power in the midst of the fight against terrorism, and we remember how terrorism has receded. And such victories unite citizens regardless of their party affiliation. It is not only the Russian example. Among the supporters of Roosevelt in a rock for US the years were not only his comrades in the party. The difficult times shape demand for a leader who is able to consolidate the society. You just need to understand what boundless trust can not last forever because it is phenomenal in nature.

– That is Putin’s rating could fall?

– Why? Just in politics, nothing is frozen. A high indicator is stability in motion. If Putin will cope with challenges and threats and to do it so that the population liked it, then all will be well. And if it goes wrong (what I not believe), then his rating can be anything. Now he has enormous support because it was able to conduct vital reforms in our country, which have become part of our worldview. I repeat: Putin is part of comfortable picture of the world for the Russians. And he’s not going to ruin this picture with awkward steps.

Why are women largely approve of Putin than men?

Because women in our country more actively engaged in politics than men. They are carefully watching the political programs and more go to the polls. And women, mothers, need to see for themselves a stable country, which can easily grow up their children.

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