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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The US generals want to make money on provoking Russia

Despite the very constructive joint work of Russian and American military in Syria, the number of openly Russophobic statements from generals of the United States only increased. It can be assumed that the American military elite are not satisfied with the Syrian peace because they want war. Maybe so. But most of all they want money.

In U.S. history there was not a single military coup. Military leaders in this country did not often become presidents even abounding in military conflicts of the nineteenth century, and the only General to be elected to the highest office in the twentieth century was Dwight Eisenhower. Other presidents, even if participated in the fighting, to the highest ranks was not promoted, and voters generally prefer to vote for “civil”.

“Over the past two years, it is difficult to find someone else, able to match the intensity of Russophobic hysteria from the current commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove”

This military-technical lobby in Congress has always been one of the strongest. When we are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars (in recent years, the annual military expenses amount to about half a trillion dollars, that is, more than 36 trillion rubles at current exchange rate), the business will do everything to ensure that this amount is not reduced, and even better – increased. While corporations don’t even have to pay extra generals for constant PR – they are willing to do it absolutely for free.

About the real extent of the military influence on foreign policy of the country, reliable information not only assumptions of varying degrees of reliability. Judging by the fact that the United States was rarely resist “the continuation of politics by other means” (definition of “war”, the Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz), this effect has always been rather serious. And even humiliating defeat in Vietnam forced Washington to stop the regular incursions into other countries – just became more air operations and proxy wars, proxy wars. In the case of unexpected losses (as in Somalia) troops immediately displayed, but Hollywood is shooting a tearful tape about the “heroes”.

However, to say that the presidency is unable to control the appetites of the generals, it would not be quite fair. Whatever the criticism of Barack Obama, but has virtually launched the flywheel of the invasion of Syria under the familiar cries of the chemical weapons he still managed to stop – after Russia offered a peaceful way to resolve the problem.

The correlation of the military potentials of Russia and Natori that are fighting the Syrian “rebels” (and in fact are terrorists with American weapons – and go prove they took it from “moderate”, received from friends from Turkey or directly from US. How well I remember the “Irangate”, even after in Tehran were seized American hostages (heroic liberation of which so beautifully showed Ben Affleck), and the United States initiated a military and trade embargo of arms shipments to Iran continued. Moreover, under the mediation of Israel, the intention to destroy which has repeatedly stated Iranian policy. Thus earned money went to support the Nicaraguan contras – despite the prohibition of Congress. All members of scandal were, of course, pardoned.

The last year of the reign of any President who are in the status “a lame duck”, is the perfect time for political scams. While the attention of journalists and companies chained to the primaries, in the murky waters of a long election campaign, you can catch a lot of fatty fish. It seems that the increased activity of General Philip Breedlove in the information space – a vivid example of how the military purposefully engaged in lobbying in that time, while politicians not up to them.

Recall that, speaking in Congress, Breedlove said that “Russia is the enemy and represents a long-term threat to the United States.” He also noted that Russia is trying to become a world leader, which limits the possibilities of Washington.

Earlier, on February 25, the General said that US forces in Europe are willing to “fight and defeat” Russia, if necessary, as well as the fact that the Black sea has become a Bastion of Russian power”. In addition, according to Breedlove, Russia threatens US in the Arctic, and in General – it’s time to “stop hugging the Russian bear” to exercise vigilance and firmness.

If similar statements were made by a senior politician, not a military, it would be a serious cause for concern. Generals, in principle, tend to speak in bellicose statements, but Breedlove in the information space became too much – more than other American generals combined. Could not resist not only the defense Ministry, where he noted that “over the past two years, it is difficult to find someone else, able to match the intensity of Russophobic hysteria from the current commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, but Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

In response to accusations of “imprecise bombing” in Syria, and that “Russia and Assad together intentionally make migration in the arms, trying to break the European structures and the European determination” that Rogozin called Breedlove a “specialist in bombing Afghan weddings” and was accused of shifting the problem “from a sick head on healthy”.

Indeed, the United States repeatedly struck at weddings, hospitals, and just civilians – in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries of the world. These facts are confirmed by international observers (who often were also the goals of the U.S. air force). Independent examination about the “inaccurate” Russian strikes in Syria is no reason, and report them, as a rule, organizations like the “Syrian monitoring centre for human rights”, which is, in fact, a personal project of London’s rag trade.

No consequences either for individual military, nor even for the United States as a whole, all these “incorrect” strikes are not called.

Russian media (which is logical) we are closely following the anti-Russian statements of Breedlove, but the “Russian threat” the us military is not limited. For example, the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter directly threatens Beijing:

“China must end the militarization in the South China sea”, or “specific actions will have specific consequences”, – he said at a forum in San Francisco, accusing China in the “sponsorship of cybercrime”. Recall that China, for decades, haggling with several countries of the region regarding the territorial belonging of the Islands in the South China sea, offshore which were found significant reserves of hydrocarbons. In the conflict in varying degrees, involve Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines. The US does not support any particular country, but actively oppose the strongest contenders, i.e. China.

It seems that while politicians and voters are passionate about a gambling game called “primaries”, the military is driving you. Speaking with aggressive statements against Russia, which in the United States fear from the Soviet era, and to the Chinese, who began to fear later, the generals and civilian Pentagon chief Carter, in fact, imitate repeatedly described in the literature and familiar to some personal experience of the situation:

To a lonely passerby runs up to the teenager and begins to insult and bully. Sooner or later the victim of aggression does not stand up and respond – in word or action. Then from around the corner came the GOP stands up in the company and “protection” of a teenager, and in fact – engaged in looting.

Breedlove Carter and provoke Russia and China and on the return the harsh words and response – no country will sit and watch as a hostile military bloc is approaching our borders. And waiting for a response, the military will run to Congress to demand increased funding for protection against “Russian threat” and “China threat”. And the new President, whoever is elected will have no choice but to sign this militarized budget.

“Just business, nothing personal”. Hardly Breedlove or Carter really want to try the strength of Russia and China – colleagues in the nuclear club. A war where will confront a nuclear power, has all chances to become the last person on Earth – and they understand it better than most. But from the constant sabre-rattling even the most seasoned people and peace-loving countries sooner or later can not withstand the nerves. And to keep from being shot in the finals of a loaded and polished in the first act, the gun will no longer be any opportunities.

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