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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The trump means triumph a victory for Clinton in the presidential election in the United States

Art imitates life? This, as we all know, occurs at every step. Life imitating art? This happens much less frequently, but also happens. Life imitates cartoon? Nothing of the kind, perhaps, haven’t happened — until now.

In March 2000, in an episode of famous American animated series “the Simpsons” featured the President of the United States by the name of Donald trump.

photo: AP

16 years ago the creators of “the Simpsons”, apparently, could not imagine a more “fake” candidate for this position than extravagant and boastful billionaire.

But in may 2016, the phrase “President of the United States Donald trump is not a stupid joke. The casino owner had crushed all his rivals in the fight for the right to become a candidate in US presidents from Republican party. After they are eliminated from the race Ted Cruz such opponents in the camp of the Republican party, trump is no more. De-facto he has become the candidate of the leaders of America from one of the two political parties in the country.

So, the creators of “the Simpsons” turned out to be unwitting prophets? In my opinion, did not. It seems to me that trump’s victory over the other Republican contenders, only secondarily is it a personal victory. First and foremost it is a victory of the most influential democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Now the chances of the former Secretary of state and Yeltsin’s wife “friend of bill” to get the American presidency in November of this year has increased dramatically. In the eyes of a significant part of the American society of Donald trump remains unelected buffoon. Consequently, the victory of the candidate, which, despite all its faults, is still considered a serious and substantive politician — Hillary Clinton — is almost inevitable.

Something like this in modern American history has already happened — and not one, but two times. During the presidential race of 1964, the main contender for the post of President of the United States from the Republican party was considered a member of the famous dynasty of the rich Governor of new York Nelson Rockefeller. But the year before these events the Governor has divorced and remarried a divorcee with four children. Advocates of “family values” in the camp of the Republican party reacted to this act of the candidate with undisguised disapproval. And when on the eve of important election activities, the new wife of Nelson Rockefeller gave birth to his child, his fate as a candidate due to strange nature of American public opinion has been resolved.

Suddenly, the party leadership has the lead dark horse is Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater adhered to so right-wing that all the other politicians seemed on the background of practically agents of the Kremlin. For example, Goldwater urged to treat nuclear weapons like any other. He offered to put a tactical nuclear strike on Vietnam. In addition, the known remark of the Republican candidates: “And let’s fucking nuclear weapon on the men’s room of the Kremlin”. Yes, you read that right, Putin was not the first who had the idea to dunk someone in the toilet.

But we digress from the topic. Failing to become the candidate of his party, Harry Goldwater suffered a crushing defeat in November 1964. Eight years later a very similar story — only with the opposite sign — has already happened with the Democratic party. The candidate of the democratic party elite in the election of 1972 was Senator ed Mask. The mask was confident to win in the party elections. But this kind of obscure and non-influential provincial newspaper wrote an insulting article about his wife. Supposedly, Mrs. Mask constantly drink alcohol on an industrial scale and dirty foul language!

Hurt to death, the Senator rushed over to the building and staged a rally in front of him. And you ought to happen: as soon as he started his angry and emotional speech in defense of the spouses, began a snow storm. About what happened next, opinions vary.

The Mask he insisted that his face falling snowflakes, which present the journalists took for the tears. But reporters swore: defending his beloved woman, Senator Mask was crying. The voters felt that people who can not cope with their emotions, can not be President of the United States.

The tip of the Democratic party is suddenly left without a candidate for the presidency. And here to the goal and broke the dark horse — winner by American standards, an extreme leftist Senator George McGovern. For example, McGovern believed that America should immediately withdraw its troops from Vietnam and give, thus, the control of this country to the Communists. Instead, he wanted to just release the American prisoners of war. For the masses of the American population such views were totally unacceptable. Universal and on the us presidential election in November 1972, a resounding victory was won by the Republican candidate, incumbent President Richard Nixon.

Triumph inner-Donald trump gives the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton every chance to win this November, the main prize of American politics. The victory of Hillary over his intra-party rival, Bernie Sanders, is a matter of time. And this fall, the “electoral arithmetic” will be simple.

Yes, Hillary is in America actively dislike. But trump fear. Consider unpredictable poser, which could plunge the country into terrible troubles. When confronted with the actual absence of elections, American voters are likely to vote for the “lesser evil” in the person of Hillary Clinton.

What does this mean for Russia? I am convinced that nothing good. The current leader Barack Obama refers to our country — as, indeed, everything else — indifference. But Hillary Clinton’s Russia evokes really strong emotions, mostly negative.

Like whispering in Moscow’s diplomatic circles, Hillary harbored personal resentment and female on Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov. The details of this resentment is unknown, but during Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state, US relations with our leaders obviously did not happen.

However, even before joining the state Department in 2009 Hillary Clinton referred to the Russian Federation with seeming lack of warmth. Now the owner of such views will almost certainly become mistress of the White house. And to say thank you for this is primarily to Donald Trump and those of Republican voters who supported him. But let’s not speak “GOP” while Hillary doesn’t jump. A few months ago, the transformation of the extravagant Donald trump in the official presidential candidate from the Republican party also seemed to be something insanely fantastic. You never know — suddenly, in the few months remaining before the November American presidential elections, we will face a new amazing surprise?

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