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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Thai girl showed men how to calculate a silicone breast with lanterns

The video clearly shows that silicone breast can be distinguished from the natural by using two smartphones or lanterns, presented Thai model Wichuda CHACOM.

In the video, published on the social network Facebook, the girl switches off the lights and puts a flashlight, included two smartphones, to her breast. The result is placed in them, the silicone starts to “light up”. The video has already attracted more than five million views

The subject of silicone implants in recent years has been devoted not only to debate on a purely domestic level, but also at least five thousand different scientific works. One W of these studies, presented last year by experts from brown University, showed that data to confirm the harm of silicone implants for health today is not enough, however, the statistics show that the holders of such insertions are more likely to experience problems with self-esteem and be more prone to suicide. Other scientists from Lund University in Sweden, found that women seeking to preserve ample Breasts without surgery, you should not abuse coffee.

Last year, the Japanese experts said that in the foreseeable future, people can receive a full silicone entity that is able to duplicate the sample with desirable traits, right down to the pores on the skin and blood vessels.

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