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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Russian intelligence services need to attend to the level of training of employees

On Friday, an employee of Vnesheconombank Eugene Buryakov, accused the US authorities in intelligence work for Russia, pleaded guilty. This should ensure him a speedy return to their homeland as part of the exchange, however, this controversial spy story of the early close. It causes too many issues on the part of extremely poor training of Russian intelligence.

Judicial procedure there were a lot of oddities. Initially meeting in the “spy case” was scheduled for 2 April, but then there were reports that the beets will be delivered to the court March 11 – outside the formal schedule of court hearing, to give grateful evidences.

“This is intelligence method to cheat. You promise a favor for a favor. You are stealing his documents and tell him that he was removed”

In American jurisprudence, the admission of guilt is the main mitigating circumstance that entails a “simplified proceedings”. That is, the parties consent to the imposition of punishment without the involvement of witnesses and jurors. Often this form is used in cases where the prosecution has insufficient evidence, or when there are “special circumstances” under which can mean anything. Because it significantly reduces the process, the case Buryakov managed to “push” the tight schedule of the court of southern Manhattan without a preliminary announcement. In the same way the court avoided and the presence of the press.

According to the FBI, arrested a year ago an employee of VEB Buryakov was working for the SVR under “unofficial cover”, that is, as an individual, did not have diplomatic status. The FBI explained for the gifted that “agents under non-official cover” (English abbreviation NOC – non-official cover) ” not officially supported by their own governments, therefore, are never recognized as intelligence officers, but for all that extremely valuable for the SVR. Amusing detail: not really speak Russian officials the FBI was used in the following documents turnover – Eugeny Buryakov aka “Zhenya”. “Zhenya” for them something like a nickname or code name.

Two other defendants, but in absentia, Igor Sporyshev and Victor Like that – had official diplomatic status, but also, according to the FBI, were the first of their profession members of the RAF. From 23 November 2010 to 21 November 2014, Sporyshev worked as a trade representative of the Russian Federation in new York. That is honestly served the entire four-year term standard business trips without a hitch (even though he claimed privately that his contract is five years). The same served as a simple attaché at the Permanent mission of Russia to the UN. The General Prosecutor’s office of the United States is very offended: nor one nor the other failed to notify her in advance that they are employees of the Russian intelligence. And therefore had no right to provide any assistance Burakovo in his illegal actions.

This “failure to notify” is the only real charge. The standard question in the application form for the visa “do you intend to engage in espionage on U.S. soil?” Evgeny Buryakov gave the answer “no” than, according to the FBI, deliberately misled the American authorities. We are talking about the ancient law of world war II, according to which all employees of foreign government intelligence organizations of nature must once for customs to admit its role, after which they were allowed to live and work in the USA. If you do not recognize – broke the law. All, spy. Effective law, by the way.

Substantial evidence is the FBI consists exclusively of “bases” – the classic method of work. In the summer of 2014 to Burakovo in the Bank a man came who introduced himself as a major American investor, eager to open in Russia for some reason casino, but better – a few. In response Buryakov demonstrated interest in issues far from the professional duties of a Bank clerk. I took it as a hint, used to play mafia FBI agent handed Burakovo “accidentally he caught up right now in case some secret documents of the US government on the details of the development of the sanctions regime against Russia. Beets get them, do not hesitate (exactly the same way in 1954 in Geneva was trying to provoke the father of the author of these lines – nothing in the world is not changed).

The FBI cross-referenced the meeting with Buryakov Sporyshev and Such and found out that every meeting was preceded by a phone call in which people spoke a strange, but logical reasonable phrase. For example, buying each other tickets to a baseball game. Behind the phrase “what to transfer” followed by words like “keys”, “books”, “leaves” or even “umbrella” and “hat” (the one who went in the summer in new York, in hat and with umbrella, I want to look in my eyes). Almost “Slavic Cabinet”. But it is not direct evidence. Special agent Monahan classifies all of the extracted information, the FBI only as “methods of secret conspiracy” (clandestine methods), and no more, but in the us jurisdiction this is the article. That is, the use of words and phrases that seem sympathetic ear of the FBI agent’s strange, is already 10 years in prison.

Far more unpleasant were the results of the FBI’s surveillance Sporyshev and the Like. Beets, in fact, never made a mistake and gave the Bureau no real evidence. But this couple has provided many opportunities for conversations. It is because of contact with them and was also under surveillance Burakova, and later organized “setup”. On the other hand, Sporyshev and Similar conversations were in areas which were traditionally closed for wiretapping. It does not justify them, because if you want to discuss the details of the recruitment of some “students” or clerks of the city hall, it can be done outdoors or in the pub.

Sporyshev and Like tried to recruit residents of new York to gather intelligence, put similar tasks Burakovo and sent its data to the headquarters of the SVR in Moscow. Direct “supervisor” Buryakov was Sporyshev, he handed him a technical task, but the analysis and transfer of results of work of the agent in Yasenevo they already worked together. Sporysheva this staffing level weighed – in private conversations, he lamented the emergency workload. During the day he worked in the official cover – in trade missions, and in the evening had to do with operational activities. In the FBI recorded Sporyshev negotiations complains that it’s not what he expected in intelligence. As a senior (in age and rank) Similar tells him that “this is not a film about James bond” and “helicopter you’re not fly”.

“In fact, we used the methods of the intelligence activities of the 70-80-ies. It’s not as scary as it sounds to the ear: it’s methods are proven, they work, the same Americans and British still use them in Moscow”

This raises questions more to leadership than these two. Household conversations of members of the RAF to cancel, no one can, but the literal analysis of these texts leads to bad thoughts about the degree of both professional and educational training. For example, they openly discussed the methods by which wanted to recruit and then manipulate a certain clerk of the municipality of new York. “This is intelligence method to cheat,” says one to the other (apparently, Sporyshev Such as the senior Junior; Sporysheva 40 years, and Such only 27). – You promise a favor for a favor. You are stealing his documents and tell him that he was removed”. It seems that the transfer of FBI this text is somewhat sanitized so as not to fall under the category of 18+.

In this case, no one disputes the methods of reconnaissance – in reconnaissance activities against the enemy of such moral constraints cannot be determined. We are talking exclusively about the quality of training employees. Another thing is that the materials of the Monaghan special agent of the present recording, which featured some of the Russian staff that the FBI failed to identify, that still pleases. These people are unable to see anything, not even to identify the voices.

In fact, we used the methods of the intelligence activities of the 70-80-ies. It’s not as scary as it sounds to the ear: it’s methods are proven, they work, the same Americans and British still use them in Moscow. But the fact that their combined critical mass and gave the FBI a tip for Buryakov. If you’re an official staff of the Embassy, representative offices and trade missions that you please conduct yourself as a official staff. No weird words in telephone conversations. Call names and numbers, and not avoid them. If you buy tickets to a baseball game, then go for it, learning the rules. Make friends, and don’t avoid communication. Nobody in new York will not pass each other uninteresting books on the long bench in Central Park, except for drug dealers and spies, but if we are talking about two well-dressed men, we suspect it was the latter. If this combination of parts would not be, I would not have to maneuver between the recognition of partial guilt, and in ten years, according to the law of the 40-ies.

The FBI has recorded dozens of meetings Sporysheva register with Burakova, during which he passed the packages, magazines or pieces of paper. These meetings were in most cases held in the open air, which from the point of view of the FBI reduced the possibilities for external supervision, it’s weird. For example, in Central Park, surrounded by dozens of runners, lovers, skateboarders, homeless people, students and vendors of ice cream, you’re literally covered in surveillance. And the random pizza in a 50-second street at least a suitcase under the table, say – no one can take a picture, not to mention the fact that humanity long ago invented the flash drive and devices of the directed action for a split second and fired a megabit of information towards the building of the Russian representative office of a passing taxi. What was needed is “cambodain” with “scraps of paper” and passphrase at the meeting? It is not clear.

Further is not better. Buryakov rented an apartment in Riverdale on Liebig Avenue, where an elderly couple Feroza and Constancy bakkus. Geographically it is not very far from the houses of the Russian diplomatic mission of Russia to the UN, including from the iconic 22-storey complex – “the box”, better known as the “White house”, which ominously towers over touching a two-storey mansions of the Bronx. Backus (it’s a Swedish surname Constancy, the father of the family was of Persian origin) voluntarily agreed to the request of the FBI to install in your house listening device without special judicial authorization. As they later claimed, for Patriotic reasons.

After the arrest of Buryakov, his wife and two children hastily moved into the house of the Russian mission. Family Bakusou claims that after the departure of the family Buratovich behind the house began to follow. If this is not followed – by the same FBI agents conducted visual and electronic surveillance of Burakova 2012. And found nothing. All the accusation, again, is based on “wiretapping” legal employees of the Russian missions – Sporysheva, and the Like, allowing yourself too much in personal conversations in the premises of the so-called legal residency. Moreover, their conversations, according to the report of Monaghan, were not special, but rather domestic in nature: it has been discussed time travel and obtaining passports for employees of CBP, expressed dissatisfaction with working conditions in new York. These “kitchen conversations” with the agent Monaghan had written to explain to the Prosecutor’s office of Lower Manhattan so she can understand what it all about.

After a couple of days in the house Bakusou arrived colleague Buryakov – employee of VEB Alexander Slepnev, accompanied by unidentified persons. they All had every right to go in the house because the contract Backus could not prevent the guests. Subsequently, the family said that the matter has caused serious damage to the building, as ponadelali holes in the plaster, took with him part of the furniture and even wooden toys 11 year old son Bakusou. Slepnev was looking for “bugs”, which the FBI with the permission of the fair Bakusou stumble in their own home. At the same time they changed the locks on the house in violation of the lease contract, Buryakov and his wife and her lawyer refused to provide copies, in fact commandeered the TV, appliances, furniture, dishes and children toys Buratovich. And furniture, among other things, belonged to the VEB, which has provided her Burakova for rent.

In the end, the nice people sued for Vneshtorgbank, Slepnev and Russian Federation as a whole, demanding compensation of a damage in 500 thousand dollars. VEB sent in response to a ten-page report, which tells how much has Backuse at least for the lease of furniture and why they are wrong in principle. A little calmer, the family filed a new lawsuit, but the FBI and the sum is divisible by a smaller – 50 thousand dollars.

Burakova recognition of one’s guilt will not bring him out from under the basic charges, but will provide an opportunity for exchange. Weird and hidden from the media format of a legal procedure – the first evidence of this. Sentencing will take some time, but not so critical that it became the subject of further negotiation. But because serious publicity the incident should be expected and adequate options on the exchange. It is difficult to imagine that it could be. In the continuation of this story in a negative way, no one is interested, precedents long stay in the prisons of the intelligence community virtually no. For its part, the SVR is traditionally not commented on anything, but this is quite understandable and familiar. Most likely, in the near future the question will be closed, and Evgeny Buryakov back to his family. But from this story for a long time have to draw conclusions.

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