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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The behavior of officials in social networks will follow

In the state Duma a bill that proposes to require all who want to enter the civil or municipal service, to inform in a resume ‘ of their pages in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The purpose of introducing the new requirements is to provide “transparency” of the official to his superiors in the anti-corruption purposes.

photo: pixabay.com

Changes in the case of the bill will be introduced in the existing laws “On state civil service in the Russian Federation” and “About municipal service in the Russian Federation”. Their essence is to Supplement the list of documents and information that wants to become an official citizen is obliged to submit to the HR Department to include information on placement in information-telecommunication network the Internet of their personal data. At the same time the applicant will sign the consent for the processing of these data a potential employer. In that case, if a citizen officer will be, it will be obliged to annually update information about the public presence on the Internet.

The authors of the initiative are the deputies of the state Duma Vladimir Burmatov (“EP”) and Andrei Lugovoi (LDPR). In conversation with “MK” the first one said: “we are talking about in the summary, along with the fact, whether the applicant owns positions in foreign languages and a personal computer, to specify whether it has blogs in social networks – with the address of the pages”. And so a potential employer may decide it is worth it to browse these pages or not, the Deputy believes. He recalled: and now the service personnel checks the information about the candidate for a particular position on the Internet, but many citizens speak under pseudonyms, anonymous nicknames, making it very difficult to obtain complete information.

No responsibility for the withholding of his turbulent life online, the bill does not offer. Mr. Burmatov considers that this is not required: an indication about the addresses of the pages in social networks, for example, will be the same lie as the message about the knowledge of foreign languages in the absence of this ownership, and the human resource Department, upon learning of the deception, “is entitled to draw conclusions and make a decision.

In the explanatory note to the bill States that these measures will “improve the efficiency of prevention of corruption offenses, “weed” candidates, extra-curricular activities and classes which may lead to conflict of interest.” Mr. Lugovoi said that innovations will allow to reveal those who wish to be an officer, but makes critical comments about the government and politics of the state. And Mr. Burmatov called the main task of the prevention of corruption and compliance with ethical standards officials: “to avoid this, that a man came to some position, and then POPs up a photo on the Internet, where he’s drunk and not quite dressed,” and to exclude the appointment associated with the allocation of budget funds to certain companies of the citizen, “in the pages of whose social networks have information about how he celebrates the holidays together with the leadership of these companies.”

The bill is based on the requirements of international anti-corruption standards, say the authors. According to them, similar provisions already exist in many countries of Europe and in the United States. In the explanatory Memorandum there is a reference to the UN Convention against corruption, which recommends States parties “to establish measures and systems requiring public officials to make declarations to appropriate authorities regarding on outside activities and occupations, which may constitute a conflict of interest in relation to their functions as public officials”.

The prospects of this initiative are not yet clear: on consideration in profile Committee on the Federal device and questions of local self-government it has not yet arrived.

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