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Monday, March 12, 2018

Seniors are asked to “continue the Banquet”: will there be a second wave of pension indexation

The closer to the election, the harder the puzzles before the authorities. It is clear that you need to win over voters, to turn to him before. And the main to date the voter — His Majesty the pensioner, who did not get to their money benefits compensation for inflation. Recall that the first “tranche”, 4%, Russian pensioners received in February and April of this year. Paternal care of the state has touched not only those who do not work and, therefore, barely making ends meet. And now they are waiting for the continuation of the Banquet, because the average prices in the country last year jumped by 12%. “Where is the money?!”

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the government staff on this subject discussed several options. To index the elderly second time in 2016, is also 4% and they’ve had enough. This view defends the Federal Ministry of Finance.

A social unit headed by Olga Golodets believes that it would be fair to index for inflation, which in 2015 according to Rosstat amounted to 12.9%. And that money, say, to this noble cause is — if not in the budget, the presidential reserve.

The chamber claims to offer not to index, but to pay retirees a one-time payment.

The situation for modern Russia is that abnormal. For the previous “fat” to the economy years the elderly have become accustomed that remembers the Motherland and the Motherland knows about them, at the very least, indexed to their cash benefits. In 2013, by 10.12 %, in 2014 by 8.31%, in 2015 — by 11.4 %. Not so hot, because the products and commodities rose in price more than the average level of inflation. But on molochishko enough.

However, last year the authorities, it became clear that the bench ended, pensioners, students and the public sector have to tighten their belts. Money not in the budget.

All three options mean that the choice of one of them, very reasonable, will take place after the first half of the year, when economists “inciting grandmother” and it will become clear, what can the Federal Treasury. However, without a notorious summing up the first half of the year it is clear that elderly people in any case will have to support. After all, ahead of the elections to the state Duma, and without their turnout and votes the results of the expression can be a failure.

However, there is another option that is not discussed, but implied. Namely, nothing at all additional not to index pensions. Because at the end of last year, it was announced that indexation of pensions in 2016 will be a single and will be 4 %. She has already successfully completed.

To comment on the situation, we asked well-known Russian economist, doctor of economic Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of world economy and international relations (IMEMO), Yevgeny Gontmakher:

– Guess about the pensioners, after all, don’t forget, some guys they just settle. What, knows, probably, only the Ministry of Finance. But the cheapest in this case, the variant, and therefore the most realistic — lump sum payment of, say, 1000. It turns out that respecting elderly, and not too expensive for the budget. Do not rule out that such an initiative at the right time will even make the party in power to show his closeness to the people. After all, if you re-index pensions by the same 4 %, it will give increase of basic part of pension, you have to pay monthly. And a thousand paid and forgotten.

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