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Friday, March 16, 2018

Russia declared a new condition for the issuance of Savchenko to Ukraine

Hope Savchenko continues to set the pace talks about his return to Ukraine. When it seemed that the agreement for the release already achieved at the highest level, Ukrainian suddenly refused to complete a questionnaire on extradition. Meanwhile, the Federal penitentiary service of Russia made it a condition of the issuance Savchenko guarantee the execution of the sentence on the Ukrainian side.

photo: youtube.com

Nadezhda Savchenko

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the procedure of extradition of Savchenko. Judging by the documents that are offered for signing a Ukrainian, its return should take place in the framework of the Convention on extradition of prisoners was signed in 1983. And all anything, but for this “spotter” needs to plead guilty, she does not want to accept.

This Wednesday, it published a letter Savchenko, in which she stated that she refused to fill out documents that needed to be told why she came to Russia, I asked if she Russian citizenship and so on. Ukrainian woman continues to insist that the Russian security services abducted her from Lugansk to Russia, where he was tried for murder in which she is in no way involved.

At the same time, the lawyer Ukrainka Nikolai Polozov says that his client signed all the papers, though, and changed some of the wording. Moreover, FSIN reported that they began collecting documents on Savchenko. However, before the paper gets to court for extradition decisions, Ukraine needs to ensure the execution of the sentence of the Russian court on its territory. Lawyer Polozov said that Kiev is not obliged to execute the sentence, as it can just Amnesty his Deputy and a member of the PACE delegation.

It should be noted that the procedure of return to their homeland Savchenko may take from six months to a year, but Ukrainian is not willing to wait that long. She and her lawyers hoped that it will release either in the second half of may or in the summer. If the process drags on, it will again go on hunger strike.

The lawyer Savchenko Ilya NOVIKOV told the “MK” the implications of Savchenko refusal to admit his guilt on the extradition process:

— We are talking about political arrangements, and all that relates to the registration of securities, is the embodiment exclusively on paper, as agreed policy. Now officials of the Ministry of justice will have to figure out how to make documents, this won’t come to a halt. If the result of the reluctance of Savchenko to plead guilty, the court will deny her extradition, it would mean that this command was given to him in Moscow. No Russian judge would be on their own to sabotage the agreement between Putin and Poroshenko.

— Why did Moscow first 2 years to keep Savchenko in prison and then just let her go free?

— Now everyone understands that Moscow did not need it. But the Russian authorities are very stubborn, in particular, the chiefs do not like to admit the mistakes of their subordinates. First, Bastrykin fit for the investigator Romanov, then Putin fit for Bastrykin… If not that, then the persecution Savchenko should have ended before it began. And now everyone is thinking how to extricate himself.

— It turns out that Savchenko adds fuel to the fire when you do not want to admit his guilt and urges Moscow with his extradition?

— Why should she now have to abandon those principles for which she just spent two years in a Russian prison?

— Ukraine will make any sort of a guarantee of punishment Savchenko?

— All documents will be executed. All can be broken only in case if the Russian side decides to take it back. But I think it will not happen and all that we are discussing will not affect the real time of the liberation Savchenko. I still believe that it can release in the second half of may.

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