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Friday, March 23, 2018

Poland covers the failure of the strategy of anti-Russian spy scandal

The Polish-Russian lawyer Stanislav sh. accused of working for Russian intelligence. In the center of this like a spy story – a resounding failure of the project to ensure the gas independence of Poland from Russia with Qatari LNG. One gets the impression that GRU is just trying to shift the blame, whereas the main culprit is the attitude of the Polish authorities.

“Stanislav S. were charged under article 130 of the Criminal code. He faces up to 10 years imprisonment. The indictment sent to the District court in Warsaw”, – said the representative of the Mazovian branch of the Polish Prosecutor’s office Vladimir Burkatzki. A lawyer by the name of Stanislav accused of working for the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces. According to the Polish media, he was detained by the internal security Agency of Poland in October 2014, along with a certain officer of the Polish military establishment, who now face three years in prison.

“Under Catherine the great GRU was not, and the Polish state “from sea to sea” suicides, despite all the efforts of lobbyists such as Prince Czartoryski”

That is, the whole story has been developing for almost a year and a half. Polish counter-intelligence and investigative agencies claim that Stanislav S. (we will stick to such identification) worked for the GRU since 2012 and caused thereby a lot of harm to the Commonwealth. And the severity of the proposed punishment is defined by the fact that he is a citizen of Poland, although it has at the same time and the second – Russian – citizenship. C Polish point of view he is a traitor, and not a foreign spy, which changes the approach of the investigation, and the accused.

It is believed that we are talking about the native of Ukraine Stanislav S. Shipov. This is the son of a Soviet football player, goalkeeper provincial teams of the then still Soviet First League Sergey Shipov, who moved in 1986 in Western Ukraine, not to get under mobilization at CSKA. There in time he remembered his Polish-Galician origin, played in Lviv SKA “Karpaty” and transit through Shakhtar Donetsk immigrated to Poland, where until 2002 was listed in the provincial “Gutnik” and “the Chase”, and then opened a successful school of goalkeepers, which released several local stars, including goalkeeper Radoslaw Maidan. Senior Shipov famous, in addition to the 166 matches in the Highest Polish League, because, as a goalkeeper, scored in 1996 with a goal in the match of the UEFA Cup.

His son Stanislav was working in Warsaw in the law and consulting firm, which, apparently, carried out mainly lobbying functions. Shipov provided legal support of a number of energy projects, and not “paper”, and active. It is often seen in the Sejm (Parliament), where he participated as an expert in the work of relevant committees on the fuel market. While a significant part of the activity of Stanislav had on Ukrainian projects, including facilitating the expansion of Polish companies on the Ukrainian market, not only in the fuel sector. Purely business.

The Polish side is actively developing the participation of Stanislav sh. in support of the long-suffering construction project in świnoujście (former German Swinemunde) terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG). Supposedly Stanislav sh was the main lobbyist of this project, and also participated together with his consulting firm in support of its work. The terminal began to be built on EU subsidies in 2011 in the framework of ridding Poland from dependence on Russian gas. It was assumed that the sole and exclusive supplier of natural gas to the new terminal will become a Qatar company Qatargaz and Polish PGNIG signed in 2009, twenty-year gas supply contract has not yet built the terminal. To complete the construction was planned in the summer of 2014, but it was opened on 12 October 2015. Prime Minister ewa kopacz said that “energy dependence of Poland from Russia is over”. Cost all this ambition to 720 million euros.

The postponement of the opening of the terminal for more than a year was not due to some technical problems. Just a contract between Qatari gas suppliers and Polish host was suddenly changed. “Modified” is diplomatic explanation, but in fact is almost buried, with the Contracting parties was almost in a state of trade war. In the end, has been made a strange compromise: Qatargaz still put a certain amount of promised gas terminal in świnoujście (the money is invested where to go) without the possibility of sale to a third party, and PGNIG sheiks compensates for the difference in price.

The essence, therefore, the disparity between prices. The Polish authorities were pleased to buy Qatar gas is not at the market price, which offers, for example, Russia and “the political” discount, for what, and was built pompous terminal. To build this defiantly brought European companies like Saipem Italian, although in Russia there are enough companies able to execute such a project in smaller amounts and without EU subsidies. For example, there is experience of establishing an oil terminal on the Baltic sea in Kaliningrad, which were not inferior to the European.

Qatar this situation did not suit, the Arabs relied on pure market relations, Polish foreign policy ambitions and “getting rid of Russian gas dependence” is that of concern with respect to pricing and not to the historical fears of the Commonwealth. As a result, the sheikhs insisted on a “take or pay” (i.e., the guaranteed payment for the supplies in full, even if there is no demand), but Warsaw has managed to limit their ability to resell, and now Qatari gas buys only state-owned PGNIG, which, among other things, is famous throughout Europe for amazing bureaucratic system – it is composed of 61 independent company.

Eventually the Polish state mandatory picks in Swinoujscie the amount of gas that will bring Qatari gas tankers specifically constructed for this case (their price is also have to fight off), and according to the official at the time the market price without any discounts. Arab blackmail was to offer to sell gas on the domestic Polish market of independent companies that Warsaw refused to go, and now the state company is forced to bear planned losses associated solely with the ambition of the authorities. You can not retreat, because this is a project of the foreign policy, and to admit their own mistake is unrealistic due to the fact that we are talking about Poland, where the error is not recognized, even economically, especially if they are involved in the honor and Russophobia.

Lawyer consulting firm Stanislav sh it all alone crank could not. Even in company with his like and with regard to lobbying in the Saeima. The failure of an ambitious project in Swinoujscie is not associated with the activities of the mysterious “agents of GRU”, and with the historical ambitions of the Polish state, which confuses the economy and medieval history. This is not to mention the fact that the competence of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation economic issues have never entered. Scientific and technical – Yes, but economic never. I understand why in Poland with childish fascination circulate three Russian letters of the GRU, the KGB, as before, is even older – NKGB, where one letter more. But it is not productive and not practical.

Characteristic of the understanding and history of the second arrested person – the Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of national defence of Poland (in Poland, as in Lithuania, the traditional, historical names for military and intelligence systems, because MO in Poland – the Ministry of national defence, and in Lithuania – Ministry of national defence) Zbigniew St., served in management education and defensive help, and there engaged in a “culture”. In General, the political leader level above the average. Moreover, according to preliminary information, he was detained in the framework of the overall police operation to combat drug trafficking. But almost immediately, members of the military gendarmerie and internal security Agency began to claim that it is “unusual” (niebanalny) officer, because he allegedly had access to state secrets through military computer systems.

Military police and investigative agencies to confidently associate Zbigniew. and Stanislav sh, although what relation to each other can have the organizer of cultural events for young people of military age in Warsaw corporate lawyer and energy of mystery. Zbigniew Th. – a large, physically strong but no longer a young man whose military career ended at the boy scout celebrations, so, in fact, has not begun. Perhaps he really had access to the internal computer system of the Ministry of defence, as tens of thousands of others, but again – what does Swinoujscie? But if he still niebanalny officer, it is not normal if it is a setup that is so typical of us intelligence systems, especially that of Polish in its current form is a weak, undeveloped copy of the CIA?

Counterintelligence claims that Stanislaw and Zbigniew W. Th. “were recruited by one person”, which is not called and the court cases does not appear. If we were talking about staff employee of the Russian intelligence system, with such scandalous circumstances, his name would prefer to call it. And if this man had diplomatic cover, he has already left Poland. But if we are talking about the desire to blame the failure of the project of gas terminal in świnoujście and “getting rid of gas dependence” on the mysterious intelligence service, then call nobody should. People tend to believe in the omnipotence of intelligence, and the intelligence (in all countries and at all times) deliberately supports this myth.

There is, however, a caveat, not too clear in the home, but really complicates the work of the intelligence systems. This is a special order. A recent story in new York – proof. American and Russian media actively circulate the part of the wiretaps revealed employees of the Russian intelligence service, where they complain to each other on the need in addition to the “classic intelligence” to implement “applications” of the relevant economic departments. People who are not versed in the mechanics of the process immediately began talking about the degradation of the Russian intelligence service set out in the conditions, when it should ensure the economic interests of almost private companies.

Meanwhile, this is a worldwide practice. For example, in British intelligence’s reports, which are sent not so much the “main consumers” – the government, how many large companies, the successful activity of which is equivalent to UK national security. These reports are made in a special way and labeled, and referred to the “constituent companies” have official access to intelligence information, and may even form. In the USSR, with its planned public economy critical functions were performed by the State Committee on science and technology (SCST), which has formed the scientific and economic applications. For example, the father of the author of these lines participated regularly in writing applications SCST on the economy of Western Europe, which were then sent to the residency, primarily in Paris and Stockholm.

Then and now the economy is part of not only the state but also the public security system. And expect from intelligence agencies that they focus exclusively on the search, for example, new forms of weapons, it would be strange. But in this particular case we seem to be still dealing with the desire of the Polish authorities to blame their own mistakes on external forces. Of course, the lobbyist Stanislav sh something lobbied in the Parliament, and in Mazovian Voivodeship and in świnoujście, but the project was ruined solely by virtue of the features of Polish national character. In reality, GRU – a much less destructive force for Poland than its own historical past and the mentality (that is, if the GRU in this story is not just a set of Cyrillic letters). Under Catherine the great GRU was not, and the Polish state “from sea to sea” suicides, despite all the efforts of lobbyists such as Prince Czartoryski. A suicidal contract for the świnoujście – is not the success of the Russian intelligence. His head had to think, but not as usual – “generostiy”.

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