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Sunday, March 18, 2018

King stories

The first time I saw Andrew yakhontova in the house Pavel Gusev, famous for its hospitality and fun. The owner invited me — a young journalist — to celebrate the New year and kept winningly relaxed, on equal terms, as his close friend Andrei Yakhontov. The story of Andrew yakhontova “Catchers trolley” I was reading in the popular journal “Yunost”, and “the Club “12 chairs”, which he led in the “Literary Gazette,” was an instant success library.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Andrei Yakhontov

The magical night ended with a football on the ice of the Patriarch’s ponds, where we, as boys, enjoyed every goal scored. The game ended with the dawn, and emerged in New year friendship of Andrew Yahontovy continues, fortunately, to this day.

Then I, of course, and had no idea that the mother of Andrew — LII-it — to discover the world of House of writers. This is a really special world. But the tour guide was Andrew, who amassed an enormous collection associated with this old mansion stories. Listen to them endlessly.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Peter Spector

Remember, we’re sitting with Andrei Nikolaevich in the CDL, in the Oak hall for a glass of tea. And Andrew said:

— You know, Peter, we’re just at the table where we dined Sergei Mikhalkov. And at the next table walked company headed by Yevgeny Yevtushenko — in a good mood already. And Yevtushenko threw Mikhalkov: “Gymnic”. And the author of “Uncle Stepa” in response calmly: “g-G-Gymnic-g-g-gimnick, and to listen standing.”

Another time in a bright room with a Cup of coffee Yakhontov drew my attention: it was here often overstay composer and master of the drawing Nikita Bogoslovsky.

— I’ll tell you, Peter, one of his most famous jokes. To him without warning began to come to dinner his housemate in Kotelniki writer Vitaly Gubarev is the author of the famous children’s book “the Kingdom of crooked mirrors”. Their sudden intrusion Gubarev violated the plans of Nikita Vladimirovich. Tape recorders had just appeared. Theological specifically went to his friend the speaker Levitan and recorded the text he composed on awarding the Stalin prizes in literature. When Gubarev once again descended, made a Theological view that includes the receiver, and sounded a tape recording with a list of real awarded. Gubarev measurement, as was also deservedly nominated for the award. And in the final thunderous roar of Levitan’s voice has sounded: “Writer Vitaly Gubarev for a play about Pavlik Morozov — a damn”. (The word was used, of course, stronger.) More to Theological Gubarev not come to visit.

With a glass of fizzy lemonade in the Fireplace room, Andrew began to think about two great writers-satirists — Boris Laskin and Hughes Aleshkovsky:

— Desperate Aleshkovsky, a classic foul-mouthed, and Laskin was a man of strict rules. As-that they with their companies was at the next table. Aleshkovsky with gusto told some story spiced with funny offensive. Laskin said: “Friends, we have a lot of creative work, tired, I came to your writing Home to rest, why I should listen to?” Hughes immediately responded, “you’re such Figley wrote that so tired?” (Of course, instead of “figli” from Aleshkovsky did not “Miglena”.)

It may seem easy to be the king stories, being on friendly terms with Andrey Voznesensky and Yevgeny Morgunov, Chingiz Aitmatov and Rasul Gamzatov, Vladimir Maslachenko and fatyushinym Alexander, brothers Weiner and Zinoviy Vysokovskiy…, alas, no longer.

But actually you have to be able to hear and evaluate, to choose the most significant of “verbal ore” and buenaga chatter. And the collection of these pearls is ongoing. Ongoing friendship with Nicholas karachentsovym, Andrei Dementiev, Boris Gromov, Renat Akchurin, Alexander Yakushev, Evgeny rein, Andrey Sokolov, Sergey Bezrukov, Rafael Kleiner, Igor Kochanowski, Vyacheslav Malezhik, Valentin Smirnitsky, Boris Nodenum…

Folklore was the parable about how in the square of Milan station at night, two young half-starved Soviet journalist sent from Moscow to Italy, Pavel Gusev and Andrei Yakhontov, spending all the money on museums, and bought with the last pennies of the banana, broke it, like bread, and like the young Herzen and Ogarev on the Sparrow hills, swore eternal friendship.

Andrei Yakhontov was born on 5 may. On the one hand, is the former Soviet press Day (so the path yakhontova since childhood has been predetermined), on the other — the eve of Victory Day. One of the poignant pieces of Andrew yakhontova’s called “drinking for 9 May”.

I just recently learned that my favorite childhood film “Son of the regiment” one of the main roles played Andrei’s father, unfortunately, died very early in the life of a great actor Nicholas Yakhontov. This is another thread which links Andrew and me, who grew up in a family of soldiers, who went through the war.

Readers of “MK” has long been used in traditional column on Saturday, Andrew yakhontova “a Collector of life,” a wise, ironic reflections-memories of the columnist invariably accompanied by a colorful snapshot of Valeria Plotnikova (this photo, of course, and is now present on the runway).

Reveal a little secret: Andrei yahontov hats not wearing — it’s a trick, more precisely, the delicate imagination of the photographer.

But I do know: before the talent my friend, writer and playwright Andrei yakhontova, I’ve always wanted to make a hat without fantasies.

It is a pity that I have these hats too, never worn.

The team of “MK” congratulates Andrey yakhontova, wished him new creative achievements, longevity and good mood.

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