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Monday, February 19, 2018

In vitro for the first time raised the two-week human embryo

A group of American biologists representing the Rockefeller University, for the first time were able to support the embryo in vitro for 13 days, for 4 days exceeding the previously achieved maximum results. Observation of the embryo development during the two weeks allowed us to learn more details about the process of its formation.

photo: pixabay.com

In particular, according to scientists, during the experiment, they were able to observe for the first time, a group of cells that appear on the tenth day of embryonic development, and endangered on the twelfth day. Work on your experiment, the experts were published in the scientific journal Nature.

According to Ali, Brivanlou, one of the authors of the study to date, scientists enough studied the embryonic development of living creatures such as mice, frogs and fish, and the fact that this aspect of animal science knows much more than the people, sometimes it seems strange and paradoxical.

Experts expect that their study will help to answer many questions regarding the development of human embryos and, in particular, to understand some of the reasons why pregnancy sometimes interrupted at an early stage.

Researchers, the record, came to the border, the overcoming of which, in many countries, including the US and the UK, may be deemed inconsistent with ethical standards in the countries of these forbidden experiments with embryos older than two weeks. This limitation is due to the fact that after 14 days in the human embryo begins the process of gastrulation, that is, in a sense, it begins to form a unique living being. For this reason, the experiment was decided to interrupt, although experts admit that technically continue it was possible. In the future, scientists hope the public discussion will be raised about the revision of “regulations 14 days”.

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