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Friday, March 16, 2018

In the United States was allowed to return to life the dead

National institutes of health, USA and India recognized acceptable from an ethical point of view one of the scheduled American biotech companies experiments on the “resurrection” of patients who experienced clinical death and being in a coma. In the near future, experts will try to return to life twenty of these patients in terms of medical documents are already dead.

photo: pixabay.com

Clinical cause of death of each patient, to resurrect which will try the doctors, was traumatic brain injury. They are now connected to artificial life support and so they came to themselves, it is necessary to recover the significant fragments of their Central nervous system. In order to find out whether this is possible, the experts will be injected into the brain of the patients stem cells and cocktails of peptides, as well as use the technology of laser stimulation, which has previously allowed withdrawal of patients from a coma, but also resort to many other forms of therapy.

During the experiments, the experts will follow, whether recovering patients. In particular, researchers will be interested in the upper section of the spinal cord — lower part of brain stem responsible for such important processes as independent breathing and heartbeat.

From a medical point of view, one is considered dead from the moment when it stops functioning brain stem. However, even after this body of people is able to distill the blood, digest food, excrete waste and even to grow or to bear a child. However, despite all this, the natural mechanisms that allow the brain stem to fully regenerate, does not exist. However, the researchers gives hope is the fact that able to like other living creatures, including amphibians and some fish, and then the idea is to artificially start this process in humans is not devoid of meaning.

Experts say that the policies they study is the first of its kind, and, if successful, can bring medicine to a new level. The first results of their work, scientists hope to observe in two or three months after the start of the experiment.

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