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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Grigory Rasputin

Andrei Yakhontov, the author of the novels “a Textbook of Life for Fools”, “Tutorial for Fools”, “Second heart”, “the Tailor of Time”, plays “the Bed”, “Diamonds”, “And this fool I loved”, memoir volume, “Shadows House of writers”, is finalizing the first part of the trilogy “God’s Treasury”. Impressive multidimensional canvas will span the entire twentieth century. Among the characters — Nicholas II and his wife Alix, Rasputin, Anna Vyrubova, the Deputy of the Duma Purishkevich, Prince Felix, Leo Tolstoy, Leon Trotsky, Dmitri Mendeleev, Konstantin Petrovich Pobedonostsev, Kolchak, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Beria, and ordinary people: Pinchas fialkovsky, beautiful Rebekah, Regent of the assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin Vissarion Balaev and his son Peter… the head of the Proposed works.

photo: Alex geldings

Dead seen every step

In St. Petersburg, at the station, where Vissarion Petrovich arrived from Tsarskoe Selo, he was met by Rasputin. As they walked to the elegant car “Bugatti”, a gleaming Nickel-patches (the driver in leather helmet and a leather jacket warning open before them a door), Grigori smiled, he grimaced, rollicking ernichayu:

— To be honest, Vissa, you deliberately pretended to be slept through! Did not want to go to the Jew-know-it-all. I know what you were going to sleep. But what is more important: you waited for the Emperor and handed Shimon icon. This will have important implications.

Vissarion Petrovich was not going to talk in a mocking manner. Said a few words about the cheeky charioteer, who appeared out of nowhere, the host of ghosts (and tenaciously looked into the face of a visionary, but he didn’t bat an eye), described the bewilderment of the Suite, which was announced midway: in Livadia the Tsar will not go. Grigori listened attentively, he repeated: “Know”, “Know”, “I know.” Only when we are talking about presented to the Regent of the chronometer with double-headed eagle and crown on the cover, ordered:

— Send the watch to his son. In Vienna. No, better to Bern. Or not, in Paris!

Vissarion Balaev was taken aback:

— In what vein? What Paris?

Rasputin remained calm:

— Played in the casino. In bad company. Contact with beauty.

From Vissarion Petrovich was just horror-stricken heart. And Rasputin, as if making fun or really not noticing the state in which the fallen Regent, led the conversation to the side:

— That the sovereign can fit so many pieces, not to be confused. The Emperor rushes like a billiard ball hits, bounces off other balls, trying to push opponents into the pocket… a common practice of any ruler! And the common man. Billiards — the same chess, only on the green baize. Nikolai is essentially a child. He would be all trifles…

Vissarion Buleev, listening to Rasputin, who once was lost: is it possible to take it seriously twists?

Sitting on the front seat beside the driver, the old man quickly looked at Vissarion Petrovich, his expression was continually changing.

— Each dwells in a different ways. The doll is not a doll. Not a funny copy of the forever pregnant women, ready to give birth. It is Spinoza, and Socrates. And Democritus. Say with a clear man, and in fact — with the unknown. Then turning to the driver, shouted: — the Horse at the crossroads! Where the results agree! Head garden! And again, back to the Regent: — Read Gogol? “Viy”, “the lost letter”, “Sorochinskaya fair”? The soul separated from the body-a container! People — coffer, and in this case to various other cases. Want to show someone consist of me?

Rasputin watery began to see double, troitsya, increased tenfold (the driver timidly looked askance and moved away), turned into a flower with multiple petals, in a detailed ladies ‘ fan, then the fan of playing cards, emotivist in the invisible hand (whose?): instead of jacks, kings and Queens card backs and faces were filled with portraits of Nikolai Gogol, Ivan Goncharov, Alexander Radishchev poisoned with a vial of poison in her hand, dead and covered in blood, Pushkin and Lermontov…

Even the enemies that try not to let penetrate and settle in your body. — Elder polyphonic, the chorus interrupting each other trebles and bass (once moved his lips card characters) confirmed: — of the Soul, and with them the enclosed cognition to leave the body-container. What do you think, is prayer, if not post dove flying towards the Lord?

And patted the Regent’s knee:

— Sorry, you do not see… But you will see when the time comes: the air woven from the souls of people and animals. Don’t push, don’t hit accidentally!

Vissarion Petrovich, twirling by a head, tried in vain to behold these souls are outside the window of the car among pedestrians and horse-drawn trams, between the trees of the Park, but no matter how tried, did not distinguish a single.

The old man is amused.

— What? Not given to lose the blindfold? Love to play hide and seek? And I take counsel with the dead, get attention. Dead seen every step. They, if they potrafili, a lot can open.

Scary and mysteriously expressed himself Grigory Efimovich. Talking about overthrowing the government of Egyptian mummies, on the night motioned descending in the dark from the pedestals of monuments (only for the visibility and deception motionless, gazing down on the citizens during the day), that the Emperor, unable to make friends with living in the Palace ghosts, belatedly deferential to them, but they shunned him.

The zigzags of the reasoning of the old man seemed to be rambling, incoherent, in any gate not climbing: nonsense were strung on nonsense, irrationality piled on irrationality, cascades of mind-blowing, rocking parables fell upon the Regent, who, trying to comprehend crackers, streamers, running Rasputin, kept a doomed artificial equanimity. Vissarion Beleev believed and did not believe what he heard. Great happiness — to be involved in the fate of a miracle worker! But I had to mute the discontent of myself and my own narrow-mindedness.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Yes, Rasputin is one of the few who is allowed and imputed molding hotchpotch of preconditions and effects of the solid frame is needed. Speaketh the truth, it is for him as natural as to breathe, he is her tireless and vigilant otstaival and Herald. Without difficulty in advance (on top of blind crush myopic opinions) discovers the springs of what is happening and anticipate what will cause discord among the people and incidents verhoglyadov. Under the supervision of Grigory Efimovich and Vissarion Petrovich won a private tugodumstvo fill the gaps nedopustit and, based on my personal not too long experience, and drawing on a huge, imposing Russia’s past, is inclined to the need to recognize: the fate of the people and a predefined powers, there is the girth, which pushes, involves the state and individuals to the divinely appointed goal.

But at least three times tell yourself to be on a par with Rasputin, and will not work! Passed The Admiralty. Vissarion Petrovich, looking at the gilded needle spire, when she could not nail to the line of the horizon namasasu from the North a black cloud, listen to the incredible:

— No one knows the secret of attachment to me, of the Emperor. And it is simple: you will be assigned to Nicholas Alexandrovich, of course, if their souls are free and anyone on requested, of Napoleon, Spinoza, Pontius Pilate, Herod. According to the request of the petitioner.

— Do you suppose this possible? And it is permissible? — again painful tknuvshis in the scantiness of their knowledge, Vissarion asked Petrovich.

— If you know the path to the Treasury of the Lord and know how to get out the exhibits, there are no barriers. You probably noticed my resemblance to Ivan the Terrible. I am his descendant.

Citing Vissarion Petrovich confused by the story about her Royal lineage and regaining the usual appearance — the outlines of the portraits on the inner side of the card is aligned, the petals of the flower are crowded, developed, gathered the cards in the deck — the old man continued:

In the beginning I was John the Baptist. Dipped Christ in the baptistery of the Jordan. Then I cut off the head. — From under lowered century sideways, the elder looked at the Regent. — Scars on the neck has not healed until now. I and now — the forerunner, looking forward to the Second Coming.

Vissarion Petrovich glared at the open gate red silk shirts of the new the Baptist, but no trace of the cut-off head was found.

— The kings, the kings, their wives all participate in the cycle of souls. The path of the idols, not just once ruled and continue to rule the world… are Inseparable, all-in-one bracelet on many levels: Tamerlane, Caesar, Peter the Great… Cohort of converters. Hard workers! The rich vestments and crowns are optional, many among us those who does not possess noble birth. Appear in forms required of the Lord. Spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, dying again and harnessed in the drive belt, pulling him empty of humanity.

The Regent listened, afraid to move. It was something to fall into immobility. If show (not from the noun “demon” was a verb?), naked, as in engineering the factory, the mechanism of the universe, one is forced to be turned to stone!

From the pocket wide as Zaporozhian trousers, pants Grigori learned a Morocco case, from the case — gleaming piece of metal.

— Made of Stardust. She is our flesh and blood. The universe originated in the big Bang, all that dust was a pillar. — Rasputin took his beard in his fist. — I’m not a Holy man, and junk man. Keep a bunch of pristine stuff: Adam’s rib, a piece of the cross of Calvary, rooster feather, who cried three times when Apostle Peter denied the master.

Vissarion Petrovich listened. Rasputin threw Kweli strand from his forehead and announced (this time that was asking):

— Articulate as a poet… Because I now Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov, singer of the peasantry, sometimes he infused into me for half an hour, and sometimes an hour, and I many times was it played in his guise, read poems, wrote the poem “the Knight for a day” (just about his relocation to his body) and “Who lives well in Russia”. Great men are interchangeable. This is the secret of their immortality. Otherwise, under the yoke of the poseur-Nero and cripples-kaligul humanity will remain without pastors of the spirit, but no, he needs and Leo Tolstoy, and Dante… Nekrasov and Dostoevsky reproached certincation, and how many inveterate gamblers can boast of anything except the preferans whist? For significant quantities of harmful addictions — the anchor holding them on the ground or flew off in the sky. I cut in snap, to please Nekrasov: in that light it does not hurt that will spread to the “fool”. Will visit there and find out? Up there… — and again a punch in the cabin ceiling… card gambling Oh so lacking. Nekrasov blame: took the wife of a friend. Well, in favor of Nikolai Alekseevich I’m eager for the weaker sex. He takes me by the lapels and shakes, if you do not give him the joy of communication with the ladies. I’m over them at such times have no power… — Rasputin hesitated, perhaps deciding whether to increase the shock clearly shown thrice crossed himself Vissarion Petrovich. — Also, I am a descendant of the Decembrist Yakushkin, he was exiled to Siberia, lived in the home of my ancestors, and then sin happened with my grandmother, the wife of my grandfather… Nason is Now in Vogue poet Nadson, he’s my almost brother, his name is also made on behalf of my grandfather.

The Regent could not recover. Well and recognition! Do tell about this? Yes, even in passing? Yes, even with a smile! But Rasputin alien equivocation and mannerisms…

— Every moment is sparkling in its own way. Even during the day time is a different price. Night of lovemaking does not compare with staying idle in a government presence, may head a thousand times gratitude for your work.

A dead man

Behind “Bugatti” went relentlessly powerful “Russo-Balt” full of armed guards, it is by order of the king everywhere accompanied the old man. The abundance of parasites hanging on the tail” annoyed Grigory Efimovich.

— Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich spies-parasites are not saved, not overshadowed! And we had, sped behind him… Maybe, would-be guards and even deliberately pushed him under the bomb. Come to me then the great Prince. On the fortieth day. All dispersed… Head no, bones shattered. As for stuffing in the meat row. It was collected around the Kremlin court. One hand already on the roof of the guardhouse flew! It is necessary — to blow up the Kremlin!

Rasputin talked about the incident calmly and steadily, as if was talking about shopping in a grocery or butcher shop. The Regent listened to him with superstitious terror.

— We are actually going somewhere? — he inquired. — I would be in Moscow soon. — Deepening confusion possessed him. What Rasputin said about the son Petrusha? What Paris said?

But to kill Rasputin is not allowed. The old man frowned with displeasure.

Soon someone will invent its own Rubik cube. This toy will reflect the diversity of human nature, harmonious of the great variety of cells. Good-natured large doll had its day, comes the era of protruding corners of contradictions: evaporate streamlined double-headed eagles of the Kremlin towers and give way tearing the sky pentagrams, perish, canvas dome, disasters will stoporders peaked Kirch and bent at the right angle elbows swastikas!

The eyes of Rasputin (he turned to the Vissarion Petrovich and brought pupils from the bridge of the nose) became dull, steel colored (one gray, the other — Karim), while the globe rotates. On top of the blood vessels (or Vissarion Petrovich imagined?) on the proteins stood out the outlines of the continents. Not allowing the Regent to recover, the old man jumped with a brick, yet not oberlender towers — St. Petersburg perpendicular avenues and intermediate without equivocation declared:

— It is necessary to visit Konstantin Petrovich Pobedonostsev.

— At the cemetery? — said the Regent.

Let’s go to his home…

And called the driver a familiar address to the Regent. The car turned abruptly.

In Moscow, the Regent was often at Konstantin Petrovich, at his home near Cook, in Bread lane. Come to St Petersburg, will certainly pay a visit to the Ober-public Prosecutor, therefore, easily learned way.

Passed the Anichkov bridge, turned at the Foundry.

Forsaken masters lifeless mansion oppressed by the dark dusty Windows. Neglected garden rustled rusty foliage. The porch was covered with fluffy snow, to the door ran a chain of traces…

Vissarion Petrovich closed his eyes and shook off — again in recent days visited! — obsession. Snow? But before the winter is far! But the roof was wrapped with a white tippet, on the eaves the frost, and the drainage pipes hanging spikes of icicles…

They climbed the slippery porch.

Emerged on the threshold of a bald Valet in a shabby livery, bent with age, as nails bad blow of the hammer was invited arrived inside. The rooms desolation reigned. When passed by the Cabinet of Konstantin Petrovich, pulled stringy odor of mustiness, which is characteristic for clogged areas. In the fireplace room stood a large oval table, the Regent remembered: the table was dressed in uniform, Konstantin Petrovich. After the funeral, the widow of the Procurator left the home, returned to Moscow. Nobody dared to move into the house, now it became clear why: the chief Prosecutor has continued to host here.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Ober-Procurator of the Holy Synod Konstantin Pobedonostsev.

Was waiting for an audience in the living room, in armchairs covered with white canvas covers.

When the servant came and reported:

— Konstantin Petrovich arrived-with…

Through the open casements appeared a translucent, watery, but kept the familiar shape silhouette: straight back, sliding gait, harsh features, refined manners… White gypsum face.

The chief Prosecutor, shuffling, closer, with a nod greeted the guests. The uniform sat on him perfectly, not faded, rotted. For Konstantin Petrovich trotted seen a Regent on the oatmeal box, Malyuta Skuratov in istriana coat and leaned on a cane which was long to him, in the other hand little man was carrying a brown leather briefcase Procurator.

Dropping to the chair, Ghost Pobedonostsev smiled Vissarion Petrovich. A glance at the old man, several times repeated, as if fearing to forget who is in front of him:

— Rasputin. Rasputin. Rasputin. And asked: — How he was getting on the plan of salvation of the Emperor? — Extracted from the portfolio of half-rotted, disintegrated in his fingers of the paper.

— Moving said Rasputin. To go into detail did not, and turned to the Ghost with the request: — Konstantin Petrovich, is it possible to send invitation to Alexander to Pushkin Sergeyevich? My calls, he ignores. Without Pushkin not to remove the curse of the Romanov dynasty.

— Not going to beg him! — cut Pobedonostsev. — He expired in the earthly life was extremely stubborn, and now has not changed.

The Regent glanced at the Procurator, the old man and tried not to slide with shrouded seat. Dead spoke with the living! Could this be? His semiconscious weakness was not lost on the owner of the mansion. The chief Procurator stared at the Regent.

— What with you, my dear Vissarion Petrovich? You badly? Or have ceased to believe in the immortality of the soul?

— No… why… ” murmured the Regent. And forced himself to straighten up in the chair. Seemed: hair standing on end pull it up.

— No doubt! — strictly shouted George. — The soul can take any form…

Prince Yusupov

In the evening Rasputin was taken to the Pea Regent (can you think of a more earthy and sabatulina the name?). On duty at the entrance of the guards reported: Gregory Yefimovich lots of visitors (list compiled), but missed (he waits at the top) only of Prince Yusupov.

— Fools, woodpeckers, — Rasputin spat, heaving the stairs. — Do not guard it, and convey my every move. Ministers and the Duma. But I’m smarter. We need people sneak through the back door.

Vissarion Beleev wasn’t going to stay at the elder, but Rasputin convinced the Regent to come into the apartment:

— I have to meet. With this Prince. Handsome. Useless, empty… beyond their own powdered nose does not see. Is preparing an attack on me. Wants to become famous. Heard of Herostratus? Burned the temple to write his name in the history of the Yusupov… is… Married to the niece of the Emperor. A husband can not be. His wife a very fine woman, and he’s not planinitsa. Pays any attention to the ladies. Cure him from love of me, myself can’t help myself. He has one option: to kill himself or me. Themselves would not dare. So, me. Says to his friends: let’s save Russia. By birth he is the king: granddaughter Kutuzov-Smolensky gave birth to an illegitimate son from Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm the Fourth. The boy’s name was Felix Nikolaevich Elston. He is the ancestor of this Felix, who’s waiting upstairs right now. Felix says: I don’t rightly wormed his way into high society, he is for the purity of the blue blood. But you know: neither poison nor impossible to shoot me. Until you comply is mandated from above, the bullets will bounce, the poison won’t work…

From the hallway the creaky floorboards (and looking at the ladies small watch adorning his fragile wrist) to it ran miniature, restlessly-moving pomaded blond hair.

— Hello, little, greeted his elder. — Here, meet my old friend Vissarion Petrovich. And you, Vissa, let me introduce my future murderer, ” he added.

Felix smiled politely.

— Treat jokes of Grigory Efimovich patiently, and to Grigory Efimovich, with great respect.

Rasputin’s daughter Barbara brought tea and cakes. Rasputin sweets didn’t like but pretended to be in front of the Yusupov a sweet tooth, pretended that chews eclairs, and the unnoticed to the blond sent them in tubs with figs.

Prince Felix Yusupov.

Poverties half an hour, Felix took his leave.

Rasputin after his departure, began to chat with the budgies. Releasing them from the cage, the feathers adorning the bird spray. Reasonable Pichugov lined up to take a shower.

— Love of the common people. Like you, Vissa, as Anya Vyrubova… But this Prince… — Rasputin peel back the corner of a curtain on the window and looked down, drumming her fingers on the windowsill. — It waits until I get out. Maybe today and shoot me. Ugh!

From Barbara’s eyes were wet:

— My dad want to kill, he protects, is in bed with whom is unclear.

Close to midnight a phone call Anna Vyrubova and asked the elder to come to Tsarskoe Selo — Alyosha again became ill. Rasputin zasobiralis.

— Can’t stop the bleeding… Here it is, payback. For released from other blood…

Out on the street. At the entrance is still hanging around a reporter. He approached the elder:

— Teach, Grigori, and the ability to conjure. Give the recipe to our readers.

Rasputin agreed:

— Very simple. It is necessary to repeat three times: “Holy cow, kocherigin hedgehog” — and fulfilled. And from the evil eye this spell is good, and bewitch them. If someone at you askance look, say: “Holy cow!”

The old man moved to the car. The reporter trotted after him.

— The society is concerned: in a complex knot of interwoven relations of the Empress and Rasputin. You sympathize with the wife of the sovereign, and she you.

Rasputin shook the quill-driver with his fist and sat in the car. Suggested Vissarion Petrovich:

— Will get you up to Winter?

Vissarion Petrovich refused.

Freylinsky corridor

On the threshold of the Palace unscrupulous elementstogo quill-driver has replaced ardent, bleak, overwhelming the head of the Royal protection Spiridovich — he remained in the same unchanged Karakul fur hat, although were in the room, on his side hung a sword, but there was no one who had chopped. Spiridovich made smooth tone Protocol:

— Where went the Emperor in the hour of the night? You accompanied him. With whom he met? You do not want to be Frank on the train. But now, I hope you do? Where were you today, where you drove Rasputin?

It became clear that the rumour about the monarch, who was in was full of old books the house and the apricot garden of the sage Shimon, gained strength and circulates through Winter — like water for cast iron radiators.

Vissarion Bulaev said:

— Postpone the conversation until morning…

Leaving the Palace to go to Moscow railway station (Rasputin sent a car), the Regent was faced with the best man in the world after walking Eugene: Ivanovo, she was in a pale pink dress and chirped, finally happy because I got an apartment in the Alexander Palace, near the sovereign, and in the Winter, in the corridor of the maids of honor, her haunted ghosts.

Evgenia Kazimirovna said: in the long room to her friend Alexandra Osipovna Rosset, as before, visited by Pushkin, and in the next room lives a spirit of Pushkin’s wife aunt Catherine Ivanovna Zagryazhskaya, she was a lady-in-waiting more than twenty years at the former Empress… To honor Varvara Alexandrovna Nelidovoj zahazhivaet Nicholas I, and to Anna Tyutchev — her husband, the writer Aksakov. The lady-in-waiting of Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukova often Alexander II. But especially close friends Evgenia Kazimirovna with Catherine Karachaevo — this young beautiful orphan young Alexander fell in love First, and when it became clear that she would become the mother of his child, she was married for aide-de-camp Vasily Isakov. “Kings can do everything,” complained Eugenia: in tears, this beautiful girl. — And what was I? Husband I didn’t love, and he could not fall in love with me. My son hated — as a living reminder of my sin. About the kings son was not forgotten, made to major General. My husband, of course, was jealous, he was promoted to high rank…”.

— Pushkin to talk to? — searchingly at the Eugene: looking, asked the Regent. It was important that he learned from her story.

She replied in the affirmative.

Vissarion Petrovich excited. It is urgent to tell Rasputin that Pushkin can be seen in the halls of the Winter Palace!

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