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Monday, March 19, 2018

For protection from NATO require larger connections

Russia will deploy three new infantry divisions for protection from NATO. Divisions will be formed by December in Smolensk, Voronezh and Rostov regions. Responses by the Alliance about “defensive and proportional measures” are surprising, given the numerical imbalance of military capabilities of NATO and Russia.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: the strengthening of NATO in the East is “a proportionate response to Russia’s actions”. So the NATO Secretary General responded to reports that Russia intends to deploy three new divisions on its borders – in turn, in response to the increasing NATO military presence. “I’ve seen these reports and would like to answer in a broad context. In recent years, Russia has tripled its military budget and has demonstrated a willingness to use military force to change borders in Europe for the first time since the end of the cold war”, – said the Secretary General of the Alliance.

“Western theater of military operations by its physical and geographical conditions requires a larger military formations”

According to TASS, while Stoltenberg “forgot” to mention that, despite the increase in Russia’s spending on defense, the total defense budget exceeds NATO today, the Russian defense budget is 10 times. NATO Secretary General also forgot to specify that the first forceful change of borders in Europe happened in Yugoslavia after the NATO bombing in 1999.

“All we are doing is defensive and proportional measures which are entirely within our international obligations, – says Stoltenberg. – We send Russia a signal that we are United, we are together and intend to ensure the security of all countries of the Alliance in the East of NATO”. He also reminded that the decision about additional expansion on the Eastern borders of the Alliance on a rotational basis additional four multinational NATO battalions will be fixed by the decision of the Alliance summit to be held in Warsaw on 8-9 July.

Before the start of winter training

We will remind, earlier on Wednesday, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced: the Ministry of defense to counter the build-up of NATO forces near Russia’s borders will create two new divisions in the Western military district and one in the South.

The correlation of the military potentials of Russia and Ntopage “Interfax” with reference to an informed source said that the said division should be formed by December 1 of this year – the beginning of the winter training period in the Armed forces. According to the source, we are talking about three new infantry divisions. Presumably, they will be deployed in Yelnya (Smolensk oblast), Voronezh and Rostov regions. Previously, in early April, a source in the General staff also announced that two motorized rifle division, which will be the basis of the 20-th army, will be created before year end in the Smolensk and Voronezh regions. On March 24, a source in the headquarters of the southern military district informed that till the end of the year in the Rostov region will be the infantry division numbering about 10 thousand people.

According to Sergei Shoigu at the selector meeting in the Ministry of defense, now is the arrangement locations of the new joints. “I have given instructions to apply during the construction of the most advanced construction solutions, – said Shoigu Talking about modular designs. The technology of mass production and delivery of modules allows you to erect a building within three, maximum four weeks.” The Minister said that if necessary the building can be quickly disassembled and moved to a new location. At this same operational way is getting better all system components, including the boiler.

That Russia is forced to respond to the growing military potential of NATO in Europe, including in the vicinity of Russian borders, defense Minister recalled recently, on March 25.

In January, Shoigu reported that in the West it is planned to establish three new divisions. On the establishment of the 1st Panzer army in the Western military district was officially announced in February. The commander of the new compound was assigned major General Alexander chaiko. The army is armed with tanks T-72B3 and T-80, infantry combat vehicles BMP-3. A source in the General staff reported that the new Association will be the new generation of armored vehicles – tanks on the platform “Armata” combat vehicles and “Kurganets”.

“Well thought out step”

“This is a long planned and well thought out step – said in comments the newspaper VIEW chief editor of “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, a reserve Colonel Victor murakhovski. – It is planned to strengthen the Western and southern military districts. This is done because NATO is reinforcing its military forces on our borders, in Poland and the Baltic States. Moreover, the Alliance deploys the appropriate military infrastructure, and places significant forces, including heavy weapons”.

Murakhovski indicates that already announced the approximate composition of the divisions stationed in the southern direction, and two placed on the West. “Each division will consist of six regiments. Besides, formed the First guards tank army, composed of the new division,” – said the source.

“Western theater of military operations by its physical and geographical conditions requires a larger military formations. Division of the larger and more powerful teams. They can operate on a large scale and with greater depth. That is why the decision was made to go on divisions instead of brigades,” – says military expert.

If the average strength of the brigade can be 6-8 thousand people, the number of divisions – 12-24 thousand people.

“Free to place as we see necessary”

Creating three new divisions, Russia does not violate any international obligations, he explained in comments to “Interfax” the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov. “Their participation in the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe (CFE), we stopped, and to place their armed forces on the territory of the Russian Federation, we are free as we believe it is necessary – what division and in what quantity we have,” explained the Senator.

Recall that the CFE Treaty, signed in Paris in 1990, 16 States parties to NATO and the six countries of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, was designed to control the amount of weapons – tanks, military aircraft, heavy artillery on the territory between the Atlantic and the Ural mountains. In this territory both groups of States parties to the Treaty (the NATO countries and the Warsaw Pact) were allowed to have an equal number of conventional weapons and military equipment whose total number should not exceed 40 thousand, 60 thousand armored combat vehicles, 13,6 thousand combat aircraft and 4 thousand attack helicopters. Restrictions had been imposed on other types of conventional weapons, including infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

CFE was introduced and so-called restrictions on the flanks – for the Soviet army and the armies of police countries were Bulgaria, Romania, Transcaucasia, Leningrad, North Caucasus, Odessa military district; and for NATO, Greece, Iceland, Norway and Turkey. On the flanks each side was allowed to post $ 4.7 million of tanks, 5.9 thousand 6 thousand armored vehicles and artillery systems.

“A new architecture of control will be difficult to create”

The Russian side stated that, “unfortunately, NATO countries have actually preferred to circumvent the provisions of the CFE Treaty due to the expansion of the Alliance, under false pretenses of preventing the entry into force of the agreement on adaptation”.

As noted by the newspaper VIEW, from the point of view of the General staff, outdated Treaty on conventional armed forces allows NATO virtually without any restrictions to implement the promotion strategy of the Alliance to the East, to carry out the reconfiguration of the American military presence in Europe, as well as constant monitoring of the composition and the state of the Russian armed forces group in the Euro zone.

In April 2007 Moscow announced a possible moratorium on Russia’s implementation of the terms of the CFE Treaty in connection with the American plans to deploy missile defense facilities in the Czech Republic and Poland, and also due to the fact that some NATO members did not join the Treaty, and others have not ratified it and did not fulfill its terms. July 13 the same year, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree suspending Russia of the contract. In March 2015 the Director of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control of the foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov said that Russia does not intend to renew its participation in the meetings of the Joint consultative group (JCG) of the CFE Treaty.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, commenting on the results of the recent April 20 meeting of the Council Russia – NATO said that “old patterns of control arms has outlived its time”. “Mechanisms sometimes used by unscrupulous partners”, – stated the Minister and expressed the opinion that “the new architecture of conventional arms control will be difficult to create in conditions of acute lack of confidence in Europe”.

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