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Thursday, February 22, 2018

“Far Eastern hectares” will help the geopolitical pivot of Russia

Less than a month left until the start of the program “far Eastern hectare”. The main point of free distribution of land is not in increasing the volume of agricultural production in the East of the country, and to learn and the most important settlement of the region. Russia has deployed to the far East – which in the XXI century should become a real sovereign the second wing of the eagle.

At the meeting of Vladimir Putin with officials responsible for development of the Far East – Vice-Premier Yury Trutnev and the Minister Galushko – among other topics was discussed and the programme of free allocation of hectares of land for everyone to farm to the citizens of Russia.

“Success or failure “of the far Eastern acres” show the community the seriousness of the authorities”

The program starts in a pilot regime on 1 June, autumn will apply to all of the far East, and in the following February – and all citizens of Russia. Already tested and special information system for selection of land: the site nadalnews.of the Russian Federation. Everyone can get a hectare of land, which in five years will be decorated in the property, provided that by that time the plot will be mastered.

The President noted that it is necessary to ensure that the plots were allotted in those places where there is at least some infrastructure. But Galushko said that the law provides the rule according to which in the case of concentration in one place more than 20 areas the regional authorities will assist in the provision of infrastructure. And told that people will offer to cooperate for 200-300 people to raise the infrastructure.

Of course, without roads and clear prospects of gasification and electrification even free hectares useless. So in the vast array of lands of the Far East have to select the places much easier to hold the infrastructure. And the role of the Federal and local authorities in the successful launch of “far Eastern hectare” is huge – because if in the first months it will spin, it would undermine the public interest in the program.

Therefore, the attention of Moscow and the responsibility of officials at all levels for the programme should be the same as in the construction of the Vostochny space centre – in fact its significance for the country no less. We are talking about Russia’s pivot to the East – not only economic, demographic, geopolitical, but also the strategic choice of development path of the country.

Now interest in the “free acres” large – indeed, of all items of the programme of development of the Far East is the most important. Important in the first place so that the success or failure of its implementation will show the community the seriousness of the authorities. It’s not about agriculture and not about the settling of the Far East – it’s about the ability of the authorities to build a strong and self-sufficient Russia.

To turn to the far East, Putin announced in pre-election articles of the turn of 2011-2012 – and the ensuing two years later, the conflict with the West over Ukraine only underlined the correctness of the choice of the Eastern path for Russia. Our majestic eagle of two heads looking to the East is becoming the main.

Many doubts and ernichane about the program is clear – although according to surveys, every fifth inhabitant of the country (and among people up to 34 years and 30 per cent) would think about moving to the far East in the case of the provision of free land, in reality, to expect a massive flow of immigrants in the early years is not necessary.

The problem is not the availability of land under the programme, allocated 140 million hectares, that is theoretically enough for every Russian citizen. And not even in the climate that not everywhere in the region as severe, as in Chukotka and Yakutia. The main problem – the roads and the infrastructure. Need clear program of gasification and electrification (and the Federal-regional programme) given under the development of land for it to build grandiose plans meaningless.

And we need a fair allocation of the land because under the law of the land can stand no closer than 10 kilometers from towns with a population of 50-300 thousand people (and 20 km for cities with more than 300 thousand inhabitants – but there are in the region of all three). Such a small distance facilitates the solution of infrastructure problems, because to pull the electricity and gas for 10-30 km is not something that for 100-200. There are a lot of abandoned land, for example former suburban areas around Vladivostok.

The argument that the hectare is not enough for keeping adequate farm, is not quite correct – we are talking about hectares per person. That is, a full family with three children – and these families and should be the basis of the new development in the region – can get five acres that is not so little. In addition, the development, of course, should go to cooperative methods, that is, the creation of entire settlements for the displaced that facilitates the solution of many problems.

In General, when implementing the “far Eastern hectare” should seriously take into account the experience of all previous state programs for the development of the Eastern lands – from Stolypin’s program of resettlement of peasants a hundred years ago to virgin plans 50-ies. Which tells not only about the critical role of the state in organizing the conditions for arrangement on a new place, but that without cooperation between the resettlers nothing happens.

Despite the fact that the land will be taken and the far East, the main emphasis still is to move people from European Russia. Now in the far East, occupying 36 percent of the country, has six million people. One person per square kilometer – even if you subtract the tundra, taiga and permafrost, will still be negligible. Post-Soviet years the far East has lost almost a quarter of the population – as much as now, lived there in the early 70-ies. In the development of the region during the Soviet years have invested a lot of money – now there are simply no funds, but still it is the development of the Far East is a national priority for the entire country. There are several reasons.

Firstly, the far East is a huge source of economic growth for the whole country. Its development began only half a century ago, and on a significant scale only in 50-ies of the last century – but all, from Nicholas II to Leonid Brezhnev, realized the region’s importance for the country. In this rich region can and should live at least 20-30 million people, but you need to feel full-fledged citizens of Russia.

There needs to be work that needs to be infrastructure in the broadest sense – from roads and pipelines to kindergartens and theatres. It is clear that it must be created with the help of the current inhabitants – but with a massive attraction to the region those who will help build it, you need to ask to leave them there permanently. This is a large investment, but they pay off handsomely for Russia.

Because, secondly, the Pacific region becomes the center of world trade, economy and politics in the twenty-first century. Russia is a Pacific power in the same extent as the US, China, Japan or Australia. And our interest is in becoming a Pacific power, not nominally, but really – strengthening, developing, transforming their own far Eastern territories and increasing its influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

One cannot exist without the other – weak, underdeveloped, sparsely populated Far East we don’t take a strong position in the Asia Pacific region. And not playing a significant and serious role in the Asia Pacific region, we will not hold the place of one of the key centers of the new multipolar world. Russia simply has no alternative to development of the Far East, and his arrangement is the main national project of the coming decades.

And thirdly, the far East is just a very beautiful part of our country. It’s a shame that so few people can see it.

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